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Official Pennant Chase Change Log

This is a new feature starting late February 2021. I am going to attempt to update this log with any important changes to the site on an ongoing basis.

12/5/2023 - Baseball Player Card split stats now show OBP, SLG and OPS (note, if currently in-season, wait for your NEXT season before analyzing these stats since they just started tracking). Baseball sim engine addressed a couple minor issues: PR wasn't being considered if there was a runner on base in front of you. PH wasn't being considered if the next batter hit from the opposite side of the plate as the pitcher. (This has largely been maintained, but now has exceptions.)

12/3/2023 - Added Rookies and Sophomores to the Historical Stats drop-down. This will help commissioners who archive stats but then want to look back and award a Rookie of the Year. Also, added fields to Automated Post Season tasks so commissioners could label their own championship trophies.

12/2/2023 - New baseball manager features, including individual PR and individual pull-by-ER for SPs.

11/30/2023 - Launched Automatic Days Off and Automatic Playoff Builder in the Commish Tools. Be sure to check the videos on these features.

10/3/2023 - Milestones now show on baseball player cards and Stat Leaders page.

7/28/2023 - Commissioners can now import best players by franchise on the "Import Player or Team" page. Also, Retire Players page has been improved, splitting up random and controlled options, and making it an all-inclusive option which will offer more control and flexibility.

6/25/2023 - Added bold to stats in baseball that are elite on the Edit Lineup page for easier lineup setting. In Basketball, going to be reducing bloated team FTAs as team totals can get a bit unrealistic at times. Players who get to the line will still have their value, as FTA is a factor in shot shares and OWS. Also new is that players who are over their shots per game will get to the line less easily. In Football, fixed a small bug that was preventing OL from showing on the Assign Free Agent page in Commish Tools.

5/17/2023 - On import full season, you can now choose to import dupes if players are retired. This will also work when you import a full team. Some custom leagues wanted to be able to retire a player and import a new instance of the same player. Also, added the ability to turn off the AI manager comments for custom leagues under League Settings. In football, modified training so scrubs are less likely to appear as options.

3/5/2023 - Cleaned up some football issues, most apply to custom leagues (when a team doesn't have a QB, player was passing to himself, when team doesn't have a kicker, odd punts could happen). Fixed some football history issues. Adjusted the logic for defensive ranks vs run and pass for custom defenses to better reflect the actual roster. Fixed stat compilation issue on team safeties. Fixed some progression issues in football.

1/17/2023 - College OT in Football was pretty messed up - fixed the college OT logic. Also, slowing the game down for football where league end year is before 1990, should see a slower game with fewer passes.

12/29/2022 - Among lots of small fixes for football, made a tweak to reduce what seems to be a high number of punt TD returns. Also, fixed football and basketball playoff standings so that division leaders are ranked first (this applies only to Custom Leagues since Auto Leagues only have one division in basketball and football).

12/23/2022 - Post Pick Rules added to all sports. This allows for people to rank for multiple rounds and delete ranks at positions inbetween automatically... helpful when people have to miss a round or two.

9/20/2022 - Training is now available in basketball. This feature can be activated for any custom league. For auto leagues, this will start only when NEW seasons begin, after the first games. Five random training options are generated after each game. Also, basketball live draft room will default to PG instead of all players to improve initial load of the draft room. Lastly, the long awaited hyperlinks to player cards have been added to the Supplemental Draft results page!

6/29/2022 - Added digital confetti to the My League List page when you do something cool like make the playoffs, win an award or win a title. Custom leagues can also send confetti via the Award Trophy page. Also, made some improvements to sub logic, mainly for the start of the game when multiple players are injured or unavailable. DH will now sub last, and the CPU will also swap positions after the subs are made when it makes sense.

5/16/2022 - Basketball branded version of the PC app is available in the iOS Store if you search for "Basketball Sim Leagues". (Android coming, and baseball will be moving to this format.)

5/15/2022 - Double Stats is now an option in Basketball Leagues. Also, improved the "Simple Edit Lineup" page so you can see who is already in a slot while selecting a player.

4/27/2022 - Team Splits is now viewable under Team Totals in Baseball. Also, on fire icon added to Box Scores.

4/8/2022 - Donors now see fewer ads and there is an option to donate as "ad free" - for 2x normal donation ($2 per week) you will see zero ads, for those who really don't want them.

4/7/2022 - Made a couple quick adds requested by commissioners. 1) Added quick link to Re-Import a player for commissioners on player's menu. 2) Added Retired Players option on the Import from League tool.

3/27/2022 - Created a simple version of Edit Lineup for Basketball. (One of the annoying things about the complex version is you have to set inactive players first before you can use them anywhere.) Also, fixed compiled assists in baseball during infield outs at the plate (thanks user htennis for the note).

3/8/2022 - Open Custom League draft rooms have been added to the alert at the top of My League List.

3/7/2022 - Added a message alert when you're on deck in the live draft room. Added a message alert to commissioners when the regular season ends so they know to build playoffs. Fixed a couple bugs in basketball tools: editing a retired player to a team will now unretire the player, importing teams across leagues will copy over player potential.

3/6/2022 - Player Scramble was launched.

1/30/2022 - Did some work to allow for bots in Hoops Playground for leagues that are close to filling but have sat idle. Also, reformatted Edit Strategy page in baseball to make the page more organized.

12/27/2021 - Fixed an issue with defensive replacement logic in baseball. Sometimes dWAR was not being compared correctly, resulting in the DR not entering the game. Also fixed an issue in the basketball sim engine that was sometimes causing sims to stop working completely.

11/16/2021 - Bench SPs will no longer be penalized as if they were in the rotation. The 2021 leagues have exposed a problem in the logic where SPs could come in and throw very few pitches and need at least two days off, and this was wrecking bullpens. This has been fixed.

11/14/2021 - You can now SAVE draft ranks for Auto League Daily Draft leagues for import into future leagues! This works for all sports. This should be a game changer for those who do a lot of DD leagues, as you won't have to set your initial ranks all over again each time you join a new league.

10/28/2021 - Improved control of Real Progression. For leagues that do real progression, it is sometimes a confusing experience, made more confusing by the fact that some leagues are always moving up one year at a time, and some leagues use players from a mix of years and want to move everyone up one year. You now can control which year everyone gets moved to OR you can choose to move all players up one year regardless of which year they are currently on.

9/6/2021 - Improved bot team management - made sure after the supplemental drafts, bot teams will auto promote any strong players from minors and re-set lineups. They will also pick up an extra catcher if needed. Also, the "CPU Quick Set Lineup" link will now show a prompt (since some people have clicked it by accident) and it will offer the option to auto promote players as well as set lineups. Auto promote is also now a feature on the Manage Farm System page.

8/25/2021 - Fixed the issue when players swapped position, their dwar was not dropped to zero if they were out position. In Basketball, added trophies to player cards.

8/8/2021 - In Baseball, team page will now alert when you have either a hitter OR a pitcher available for slump buster, but you don't have someone in that role.

7/15/2021 - In Basketball, added B1, B2, B3 which allows for bench priority. This helps the CPU when auto-creating waves. It will also apply during foul subs in game.

7/13/2021 1) You can now archive your waves in the basketball game so that you can restore them in the case you have to mess around with your waves at any point due to injuries. 2) In both baseball and basketball, added a link to player cards for Commissioners only to quickly delete a player's contract. Commissioners in the past have asked for this.

7/1/2021 - 1) Made a tweak so tired on-fire pitchers shouldn't remain dominant for many innings. 2) Added an opt-out of the internal injury emails on your Update Account page. 3) Added a new page for users needing a username change - note, please only request username changes if you are in dire need.

6/6/2021 - Import Full Season of Players
An oft asked-for feature from commissioners is to be able to import all players from a single season with one click. This feature is now available on the Import Historic Players page of commissioner tools.

4/1 - 4/23 - Minor fixes and lots of bball work
I have not updated this in a while, but there have been some minor fixes, while most of my spare time has gone to finishing the basketball version. I've gotten a lot of great suggestions and I plan to circle back to some of those soon.

3/30/2021 - Retire based on low stats, double player stats by position
A few recent requests by users have been added to Commish Tools. You can now retire players based on low ABs or IPs. Also, under Bulk Updates, the double stats options can be done by groups of players (hitters, SPs, RPs). Other minor bug fixes also patched.

3/16/2021 - Added day to team results on desktop view; other minor site performance fixes
Team results table now has the day next to the date to more easily see when you had a day off.

3/5/2021 - Fixed dRank sort on Free Agents and added an alert if you try to send a league message with no name selected
Previously, when you did not select a name when sending a league message, the message went to the public league board. Now, it will force you to pick everyone or a specific name.

3/3/2021 - Logos have been migrated to a new server
Our server that hosts logos has to be retired at the end of the month, so I needed to migrate all logos and league banners. (This is the type of work that is not noticeable to most users, but takes a fair amount of time and effort.) As part of this migration, I also made the Upload Logo and Upload Banner pages a little nicer.

3/1/2021 - Users banned from posting cannot dislike messages
Anyone who has been banned from posting on the global boards will now also not be able to dislike messages, since this feature was being abused.

2/26/2021 - IF players added to stats page
When filtering the Player Stats page, infielders (IF) were not included in the table for 2B, 3B, SS or 1B. They have now been added.

2/25/2021 - Adding clickable info icon to subs on box scores
Subs are not always shown in the correct order on Box Scores, so now you can click an icon to see which player the sub replaced and which inning it happened.

2/25/2021 - Fixed DWAR when player out of position
In some cases, players were not dropping to a zero DWAR as they should have been when the player was out of position (not at a primary or secondary position).

2/23/2021 - Added Blown Save indicator to Box Scores
Blown Saves (BS for short!) will appear next to pitchers in box scores.

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