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WAR as Fire and a new way to restore your lineups!

Back when PC first started, On Fire was created as a way to 1) boost players, typically sluggers, who tended to struggle in the "loaded" leagues featured on PC, 2) mimic a sort of "in the zone" moment players can realize in real life, and 3) provide a dash of fun and uniqueness to the sim. Because we didn't have stats like WAR in the database back then, a custom formula was created.

As time has passed, it has felt like there could be an improvement to On Fire - a way to keep the spirit of the idea in place, but dial it down and use real stats.

Leagues now have the ability to use WAR as the On Fire number. (For batters, oWAR is used since On Fire only impacts hitting.) I think this is going to make On Fire a more strategic, valuable number, making the true stars shine. It should make those On Fire games more special and unique.

Auto Leagues will start converting over slowly to using WAR as the new On Fire number.

I also want to note an exciting new feature when editing your lineups in baseball. You can now set a future day to restore your default lineup. So now, when you have a player get injured, you can archive your best lineup, make changes to accommodate the injury, and set the lineup to restore as soon as your player is healthy. (I am thinking of adding a similar feature to basketball, so stay tuned.)

[UPDATE! You can now set a future-restore day for Basketball Waves as well!]

As always, please let me know if you see glitches with any new features.

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