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Testing out the new Favorite Teams draft style

I’m inviting everyone to test out the new draft concept for Favorite Teams Leagues! There are three custom leagues created (one for each sport), listed at the bottom of this article which anyone can join if teams are available. (When you’re done trying it out, please be kind and quit the league so others can join.)

The current design of “Pick Four Seasons” will remain an available option for Baseball leagues for those of you who enjoy that format. But the new concept is a dramatic detour from that design.

First off, only ONE franchise for each team will be allowed in each league. People have been requesting this for a long time. My fear has always been that the leagues would not fill, but I think this new draft concept will encourage people to try different franchises.(In fact, I plan to start tracking who wins titles with which franchise, so you can try to be one of those rare folks who gets a ring with every team.)

Each team will have a budget of points to spend on building their roster using players from their favorite franchise. There is no restriction on which seasons you pick from. Right now, I’m planning to allow the same budget for every franchise, but if we find that to be unfair, we might have to eventually adjust it. (I’m trying to avoid the arbitrary decisions we had to make in the previous Favorite Teams format.) How much each player “costs” depends on the sport. For baseball, WAR is used for cost. For basketball total WIN SHARE will be used, and for football AV (Approx Value) is used.

As we all know, these numbers are not perfect, but that should also allow for some fun and creativity in finding “steals” or diamonds in the rough. The budget is meant to make it somewhat challenging to put together a team, but also make it fairly balanced for every franchise. We may have to make some adjustments as we learn how it works.

In fact, this open-test is designed to get some feedback before these leagues go public, so we can hopefully land on fair budget numbers. I expect some franchises will always be advantageous to use, but I’m hoping savvy players will be able to find a way to compete with just about any franchise.

Hope you’ll have some fun trying this out, and please send feedback or post in the league chat box or on the boards!

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