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WAR Budget Draft Test League

Instructions for this "League"

This league has been constructed to test the new Fav Teams Draft by WAR feature. I'm mostly looking to understand if the WAR budget feels fair to keep the league competitive for most if not all franchises.

  1. Once you join, go to your Team Page and use the Draft My Team link.

  2. You can choose to draft any franchise that hasn't already been chosen. (Ignore whatever your team name is - that doesn't matter.)

  3. Draft as if you're trying to build the best team. It shouldn’t feel easy to build a loaded team, the hope is that you’ll have to dig for some diamonds in the rough and make some compromises and tough decisions.

  4. You're welcome to test out the Quick Finish option, but it's not meant to be a great option, just there to help speed it up toward the end.

  5. You can "draft" as many times as you want, changing franchises as many times as you want.

  6. The idea is really to test the function of building your team as if you were playing in a real league.

  7. Please quit the league when you’re done trying out the draft so others can give it a try. (The quit link is on the league box in your My League List.)

Thanks for helping out!

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