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Create Sandbox League

A sandbox league is your own personal league to experiment and play with however you choose. (Read more here.) Maybe you're interested in re-creating a season from baseball history, or maybe you want to play solo against the CPU and see how well you could manage a team. The coolest feature of sandbox leagues is you can choose to manage your own games (baseball only). You can manage games from the home dugout, the away dugout, or both, and hand control back to the CPU at any time. You have all the power of the commissioner tools, but there are a few special restrictions on sandbox leagues:
  1. All sports offer sandbox, but only baseball has the Manage Game feature.
  2. A donation of $20 is required to set up your league - this is so only genuinely interested people will take up space on the server with sandbox leagues. We don't have room to grant one to just anybody.
  3. Sandbox leagues cannot be made public. It won't be listed on the public "Join Leagues" page, but you can invite users to your sandbox via ID and password.
  4. Wins and losses, as well as league rings, are NOT counted on a user's career record for any games played in a sandbox league.