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Note on some upcoming changes, specifically to Quick Draft

As some of you know, I decided to put a pause on the redesign that I mentioned in my prior blog post so that I could focus on some key feature improvements. My goal is to clean up some of the problematic areas of the site before moving on to a full-blown redesign. I?ve been wanting to make a stronger marketing push for Pennant Chase to see if we can drive more users in, but I really think some issues need to be corrected before that happens.

As you have noticed, the "Auto Draft" was renamed "Quick Draft". Historically, I used "Auto Draft" because it was the only draft method available for Auto Leagues. But now that we have the Daily Draft, the term Auto Draft makes no sense.

Also, I am rolling out a new Quick Draft that mixes positional players and offers stronger players in general. This new draft will apply *only* to leagues that are re-drafting, and *not* leagues that have already started drafting and are waiting for more owners. In other words, nobody is going to get screwed if they already drafted their team.

Leagues that end starting on 9/21 will get this new Quick Draft. As with any new change, it?s going to be a work in progress ? some will hate it, some will love it, and there will be plenty of feedback. In my few tests, I think it will have the same impact of generally balanced teams, but the overall talent will be stronger on each team, especially pitching. People generally disliked that a lot of great players were never offered, and that a lot of crappy players were offered, especially pitchers. We all know the last teams to draft tend to be given a slightly worse pool to choose from ? we?ll see how this goes. If it's a total disaster, I can easily roll back to the old draft. But hopefully it works out for the better.

The next step will be to fix the free agency frenzy issue that happens in Quick Draft leagues after day 6, possibly changing to a waiver system for the first few days of the season. Also, since we are having a hard time getting Auto Leagues to fill up, I am going to look into the possibility of better CPU managers and also exposing more Auto Leagues on the Join League page at one time.

More to come!

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