MLB Simulator for Fantasy Baseball Players

For many baseball fans, the most exciting part of the game is watching your favorite player come up in the bottom of the 9th and hit a 3-run home run to win the game for your team. However, for other baseball fanatics more interested in the strategic side of the game, the manager’s late-inning pitching change for a lefty on lefty matchup is the most thrilling decision. For those fans, MLB simulators are the perfect game. They allow strategic-minded fans to live out their dreams of being an MLB general manager.

MLB Simulator and Modern Baseball Metrics

MLB simulators work by running various scenarios and predicting the outcome of a game by a certain amount of runs. They are great for predicting real games based on matchups. They take into account various pitching matchups, team splits, and individual player’s statistical splits. Using these metrics, a potential score is then determined.

In the modern era of baseball, analytics are more popular than ever. For some old-fashioned baseball fans, this means taking the human side out of the game. However, for other statistical-minded baseball minds, this has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Metrics means using facts and statistical splits to make game-time decisions. It gives the best statistical outcome of a situation. For example, metrics may help a manager decide whether or not to leave in their best left-handed reliever against an opposing team’s right-handed power bat.

MLB Simulator Fantasy Leagues

With the ability to capitalize on baseball metric knowledge, MLB simulator leagues allow the player to customize rosters and create their own managerial decisions to determine unique outcomes. Pennant Chase is a great free online option that allows you to create and join your own public fantasy leagues. Its leagues allow you to draft, make trades, and manage your roster. Simulations then determine winners and ultimately, the league champion. Simulation leagues like this are great for baseball fans who find themselves watching games through a coach’s lens.

Another great part about Pennant Chase’s fantasy league is that it keeps statistics on fantasy players themselves. For any baseball sabermetric fanatic, this is sure to be an exciting way to view their success. The league keeps track of player’s records, leaders, and award winners. While it may not create metrics of their own fantasy players, it gives enough statistical data for players to create their own statistics based on the simulation.

Simulation Leagues vs. Traditional Fantasy Baseball

Traditional fantasy baseball can be tedious, with the task of remembering to set a lineup each day. Simulation fantasy leagues are great for the person who played MLB video games in season or franchise mode. Simulation leagues are even better because they are up to date and offer current simulations and stats. They let you build your fantasy baseball world and make decisions that help determine the outcome of a game (or simulation). These games allow you to build a world around your baseball simulations and dive deep into your team’s analytic success. Traditional fantasy baseball leagues fit the average fan who enjoys casually watching the game, but for those future coaches, MLB simulators are tough to beat.

For fantasy baseball user-free agents, Pennant Chase is a great option. Not only is it free, but it also offers many of the same amenities of larger sites that come at a premium price. Its MLB game simulator leaves nothing to be desired for baseball fans. Contrary to MLB fantasy, or other fantasy sports, Pennant Chase is truly designed to be a baseball fanatic’s paradise. Join one of Pennant Chase’s online leagues and start building the roster that will give you your first managerial title.