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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP H.Altman $3Return to draft
1B J.Bell $7Return to draft
OF B.Buxton $7Return to draft
SS B.Cooper $3Return to draft
SP A.Crede $7Return to draft
OF B.Goodwin $7Return to draft
SS E.Meeks $3Return to draft
OF J.Osuna $7Return to draft
RP P.Porter $3Return to draft
RP O.Pratt $3Return to draft
2B K.Wallace $7Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP J.Amador $71
OF K.Broxton $133$0
RP B.Carpenter $41
SS M.Hall $61
SP C.Keating $78$1
2B R.Lewan $59$1
3B B.Martin $51
OF C.Maybin $46$0
2B D.Murphy $193$0
SP M.Olsen $41
OF G.Page $57$0
RP A.Reed $73$0
OF E.Rosario $82$1
SS L.Sardinas $41
2B J.Schoop $53$0
RP E.Shields $83$1
OF Y.Tomas $91
SP J.Urias $152$2
C.Alvardo Prospect
L.Barlow Prospect
B.Carpenter Prospect
O.Clayton Prospect
J.Elter Prospect
W.Fisk Prospect
M.Hall Prospect
C.Keating Prospect
E.Klein Prospect
R.Lewis Prospect
K.Martin Prospect
B.Molano Prospect
D.Powell Prospect
W.Uribe Prospect
J.Valdez Prospect
H.Altman Rookie Contract/Ext
J.Amador Rookie Contract/Ext
B.Buxton Rookie Contract/Ext
B.Cooper Rookie Contract/Ext
A.Crede Rookie Contract/Ext
E.Meeks Rookie Contract/Ext
M.Olsen Rookie Contract/Ext
P.Porter Rookie Contract/Ext
O.Pratt Rookie Contract/Ext
E.Shields Rookie Contract/Ext
K.Wallace Rookie Contract/Ext
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