Rockies (58-68)  

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Coors Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP German Marquez4
SP Harvey Longhorn3
SP Jon Evans1
OF Rocky Minor1
Player Needing RestWhen?
SS Trevor StoryIn 4 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP T.Anderson $14Return to draft
OF C.Blackmon $8Return to draft
SP T.Chatwood $7Return to draft
SP C.Cline $5Return to draft
RP A.Crowe $5Return to draft
SP J.Evans $5Return to draft
OF C.Foster $7Return to draft
RP G.Holland $7Return to draft
OF E.Inciarte $6Return to draft
SP H.Longhorn $7Return to draft
RP A.Ottavino $6Return to draft
SS P.Valaika $6Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B N.Arenado $162$2
RP J.Bennett $31
RP J.Collmenter $51
SP K.Freeland $73$1
3B I.Gonzalez $31
SS M.Gordon $132$0
3B C.Harris $31
2B J.Harrison $31
2B D.LeMahieu $101
SP G.Marquez $94$1
RP R.Ross $101
SS T.Story $85$1
C T.Wolters $72$1
M.Adams Prospect
B.Alexander Prospect
A.Bailey Prospect
L.Castro Prospect
V.Chow Prospect
D.Clayton Prospect
A.Cole Prospect
D.Cooper Prospect
B.Foster Prospect
L.Grayson Prospect
E.Jefferson Prospect
A.Marshall Prospect
D.Means Prospect
R.Minor Prospect
S.Mitchell Prospect
E.Mueller Prospect
D.Reyna Prospect
S.Rider Prospect
M.Stovall Prospect
A.Trosky Prospect
E.Turner Prospect
G.Turner Prospect
J.Ware Prospect
K.Wilson Prospect
J.Bennett Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Cline Rookie Contract/Ext
A.Crowe Rookie Contract/Ext
J.Evans Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Foster Rookie Contract/Ext
I.Gonzalez Rookie Contract/Ext
M.Gordon Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Harris Rookie Contract/Ext
J.Harrison Rookie Contract/Ext
H.Longhorn Rookie Contract/Ext
B.Rodgers Rookie Contract/Ext
4/24PadresW 6-5  RMarquezCueto
4/24PadresL 3-2  RScottLonghorn
4/24@BravesW 11-4  REvansTaillon
4/24@BravesW 11-6  RChatwoodOlsen
4/23@BravesW 5-2  RMarquezUrias
4/23@BravesW 4-0  RLonghornMiranda
4/23@AstrosW 6-4  RRossDevenski
4/23@AstrosW 2-0  REvansKluber
4/23DodgersL 3-2  RDaytonRoss
4/22DodgersL 3-1  RStriplingLonghorn
4/22DodgersW 12-10  RBennettDayton
4/22DodgersL 3-0  RFisherCline
4/22PiratesL 1-0  RFariaEvans
4/22PiratesW 2-0  RMarquezBowen
4/22PiratesL 4-1  RButlerLonghorn
4/22@BrewersW 12-3  RBennettMadden
4/22@BrewersL 3-1  RBlantonCrowe
4/21@BrewersL 8-2  RRangelEvans
4/21@CardinalsW 4-2  RMarquezCotton
4/21@CardinalsL 5-2  RLopezBennett
4/19@CardinalsL 3-2  RRosenthalBennett
4/19@CardinalsL 3-2  RGallegosCline
4/18AthleticsL 3-2  RPukRoss
4/18AthleticsW 5-1  RMarquezGsellman
4/18AthleticsL 4-2  RJacksonLonghorn
4/18AstrosL 8-2  RMusgroveHolland
4/17AstrosL 7-3  RLackeyEvans
4/17@DiamondbacksL 8-4  RHooverOttavino
4/17@DiamondbacksW 6-1  RMarquezKirkpatrick
4/17@DiamondbacksL 5-4  RWestCrowe
4/17MarinersL 6-3  RDavisEvans
4/16MarinersW 2-1  RCroweNeal
4/16MarinersL 4-3  RDiazCrowe
4/16DiamondbacksW 6-3  RChatwoodSmyly
4/16DiamondbacksL 6-3  RArcherEvans
4/16DiamondbacksW 15-8  RLonghornBucannon
4/15@MarinersW 3-2  RMarquezHellickson
4/15@MarinersL 5-4  RTillmanCline
4/15@MarinersW 9-4  REvansdeGrom
4/15GiantsW 4-3  RCroweEstevez
4/15GiantsW 7-1  RMarquezReynolds
4/15GiantsW 10-9  ROttavinoSuarez
4/13@DodgersW 10-7  RCroweBaez
4/13@DodgersL 9-2  RJansenCline
4/13@DodgersW 3-2  RBennettRivera
4/13@GiantsL 3-2  RReynoldsMarquez
4/13@GiantsW 5-2  RChatwoodSuarez
4/12@GiantsL 6-1  RColeEvans
4/12MarlinsL 7-1  RGausmanLonghorn
4/12MarlinsL 6-4  RRossMarquez
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