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Playoff Series Breakdown

First Round Playoff: Yankees @ Red Sox
Game 1Red Sox 2, Yankees 0WP: Hadley
LP: Billings
Red Sox Win Series 1-0

First Round Playoff: Pirates @ Reds
Game 1Pirates 9, Reds 8WP: Wyatt
LP: Campbell
Pirates Win Series 1-0

First Round Playoff: Athletics @ White Sox
Game 1White Sox 6, Athletics 5WP: Appleton
LP: Kaufmann
White Sox Win Series 1-0

Second Round Playoff: Pirates @ Braves
Game 1Pirates 6, Braves 5WP: Wyatt
LP: Kennedy
Game 2Braves 4, Pirates 3WP: Brown
LP: Babich
Game 3Pirates 7, Braves 1WP: Johnson
LP: Swift
Game 4Braves 5, Pirates 3WP: Braxton
LP: Smith
Game 5Braves 5, Pirates 3WP: Brown
LP: Babich
Game 6Pirates 10, Braves 2WP: Johnson
LP: Swift
Game 7Braves 7, Pirates 6WP: Kennedy
LP: Shellenback
Braves Win Series 4-3

Second Round Playoff: White Sox @ Cubs
Game 1Cubs 6, White Sox 1WP: Warneke
LP: Blanton
Cubs Win Series 1-0

Second Round Playoff: Red Sox @ Tigers
Game 1Tigers 5, Red Sox 4WP: Lieber
LP: Bushey
Game 2Red Sox 10, Tigers 7WP: Liska
LP: Lieber
Game 3Tigers 5, Red Sox 2WP: Hamlin
LP: Hadley
Game 4Tigers 6, Red Sox 0WP: Paige
LP: Brillheart
Game 5Tigers 3, Red Sox 1WP: Hildebrand
LP: Grove
Tigers Win Series 4-1

Third Round Playoff: Cubs @ Dodgers
Game 1Dodgers 7, Cubs 3WP: Castleman
LP: Pearson
Game 2Cubs 2, Dodgers 1WP: Munns
LP: Rowe
Game 3Cubs 5, Dodgers 2WP: Munns
LP: Lee
Cubs Win Series 2-1

World Series: Tigers @ Braves
Game 1Braves 6, Tigers 5WP: Brown
LP: Paige
Game 2Tigers 14, Braves 0WP: Hildebrand
LP: Swift
Game 3Braves 8, Tigers 4WP: Braxton
LP: Baker
Game 4Tigers 7, Braves 3WP: Paige
LP: Brown
Game 5Braves 11, Tigers 10WP: Marcum
LP: Lieber
Game 6Braves 6, Tigers 4WP: Braxton
LP: Grissom
Game 7Braves @ Tigers
Braves Lead Series 4-2