League Rules

Commissioner: Dkiley47,jwbsavages
College baseball 2021: the reboot

table of contents
1. owner conduct
2. in a season
3. draft
4. redshirting and camps
5. walk-ons
6. playoffs
7. other things you may need to know

section 1: owner conduct
1. no derogatory language
2. no offensive things if you say stuff like that you will get banned
3. please tell me if you are going to be inactive for a period of time longer than a week or else i will have to boot you from your team
4. please keep rosters in check also

section 2 in a season

1.at the end of each season the 23 year old players will retire and "move on" to the mlb and we will do "recruiting where there will be a lottery based on the season standings and CWS
2. lineups will be set, redshirts in and we will start the season
3. at the end of the regular season i will set all stars because this makes the most sense just like a AP all-pro team
4. the playoffs will happen and the best teams will battle it out in the CWS
5. end of the season, rings and MVP's are awarded and restart of these steps

section 3 draft

in the draft there will be 3 rounds of players because you will likely lose around that amount and if there are multiple teams losing a lot of players in a single year we will raise the draft to 4 or even 5 rounds.
This is essisentaly our "recruiting process"

section 4: redshirting and camps

right now for redshirting the player gets to progress like any other player but stays the same age. you may not do redshirting on a player above 80 rank, as this could be used to make overpowered players
right now there is only one camp and you must submit a list of 1 player under 45 rank that you would like a stat boosted in
you get to pick the stat and it will be boosted by 5

section 5 "the walk-ons"
this is where this league separates from other college baseball leagues
if you meet the roster requirments to fit this player in you can get a "walk-on" that dosent have high stats but could progress into a star, but most likely simply put, he would be a total bust and never start OR he could be a hidden diamond in the rough. he can be any age from 18 to 21 and this may be a good thing or a bad thing

section 6 playoffs
i will make the bracket in challonge which is a popular bracket making website
there will be 1 game for each series until the championship where it will be a best of 3 series
the number of teams in the playoffs depends but most likey unless we have more than 16 teams it everyone will be included so going into any season everyone can win the CWS.

section 7 anything else owners need to know
this is empty for the time being but may be used to answer freqently asked questions about our league

if you have any questions message dkiley47 or jwbsavages and we will get back to you with an answer

League Settings

Year Range of Stats2016 - 2016
Roster Size (Majors)40
Roster Size (Minors)40
Keepers (50 keepers)
Change Stats Allowed
Free Agency
No-Drop List
Player Fatigue
Batter Injuries
Pitcher Injuries
Use Pitcher's HR Allowed Stats
Allows Max Surprise Bunts
Min Batters Pitcher Must Face0
Slump Buster (15 days)
User Sims (every 5 hours)

Some leagues use fictional player progression. To learn more about how players progress, check the Player Potential page.