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Offseason Schedule

Offseason schedule

1. Run Progressions - done
2. Finish Awards- done
3. Extend contracts
4. FA round 1- 7/11 - 10 am
5. Draft
6. FA round 2
7. Stat boost deadline & cut contract deadline
8. Free agent free for all
9. Start season

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Extension Prices/Qualifying Offers

Based on Rank:
Tier 1: $18 : 90-100
Tier 2: $16: 80-88
Tier 3: $14: 70-79
Tier 4: $12: 60-69
Everything below 60 shouldn't be someone you want to extend

Qualifying Offers:

Contract Cuts

PLAYER (contract in $$/Y/R) - Amount Being Paid - Years - Team - Payment Plan
RP Danny Barnes $9/2 - will be paid by PIT
OF Geoff Page $2/6 - will be paid by KC
1B Carlos Santana $3/1 paid by ARI
SP Perez $5/1 KC
C Hedges - $6/3 - PHI
OF Margot, SP Robinson $13/5 by CIN
Foltynewicz (SP) Gausman (SP) Coulombe (RP) by MIA $27/1

Traded Draft Picks/Cash 2024

1. PIT receives CIN 2nd
2. WAS receives NYM 1st, 2nd,& 3rd
3. KC receives NYY 1st
4. PHI receives NYY 3rd
5. PHI receives CIN 1st
6. CLE loses 2nd for going over cap in season
7. MIN loses 1st, 2nd, 3rd for over cap

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7/11/2020Braves FA bid (SP Kyle Hendricks)andjarthur
SP Kyle Hendricks $20/2=$40
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Latest Transactions
7/11/2020 Player Removed From Trade Block
Val Richardson removed from trade block by Atlanta Braves
7/11/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Val Richardson placed on trade block by Atlanta Braves
7/7/2020 Player edited
Brown, Alec edited by dkiley47. Contact your commish for further details.
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7/11/2020 Progression questionsncook44
That helps, thanks. So it seems on average to be a slight difference between S and C, but that can add up over time. Thanks
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