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Offseason Schedule

Offseason schedule

1. Run Progressions - 3/29
2. Finish Awards
3. Extend contracts
4. FA round 1
5. Draft
6. FA round 2
7. Stat boost deadline & cut contract deadline
8. Free agent free for all
9. Start season

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Extension Prices/Qualifying Offers

Based on Rank:
Tier 1: $18 : 90-100
Tier 2: $16: 80-88
Tier 3: $14: 70-79
Tier 4: $12: 60-69
Everything below 60 shouldn't be someone you want to extend

Qualifying Offers:

Contract Cuts

PLAYER (contract in $$/Y/R) - Amount Being Paid - Years - Team - Payment Plan
RP Danny Barnes $9/2 - will be paid by PIT
OF Geoff Page $2/6 - will be paid by KC
1B Carlos Santana $3/1 paid by ARI
SP Perez $5/1 KC

Traded Draft Picks/Cash 2023

1. KC receives BOS 2nd
2. MIL forfeits 2nd - overcap by deadline
3. WAS receives SD 1st
4. BOS forfeits 2nd 2024 - overbudget
5. BOS forfeits 3rd 2023 - overbudget
6. BOS receives NYM 1st, 2nd and 3rd

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3/6/2020All-Star Selectionsdkiley47
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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4/3/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Dustin Pedroia placed on trade block by Pittsburgh Pirates
3/31/2020 Player edited
Schwartz, Art edited by dkiley47. Contact your commish for further details.
3/30/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
J.D. Martinez placed on trade block by Pittsburgh Pirates
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4/5/2020 Game 7 D-Backs vs Yankees 2001.sheikyerboudi
Schilling never has known when to shut his pie hole and his attacks on writers were ill advised - some of whom were HOF voters. My personal feeling is that he's borderline, like Mussina, but without the likeability.

- The Sheik
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