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Batting Leaders - All Leagues

Leaders: AVG

B. Bonds, Lost Cubs .322
T. Gwynn, Outlaws .303
T. Shumpert, Corn Pickers .299
B. Giles, Lost Cubs .296
J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers .295

Leaders: OBP

B. Bonds, Lost Cubs .405
M. McGwire, Wizards of Oz .400
M. Vaughn, Blue Crystals .362
R. Palmeiro, Flying Squirrel .361
T. Gwynn, Outlaws .361

Leaders: SLG

J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers .656
M. McGwire, Wizards of Oz .634
B. Bonds, Lost Cubs .619
B. Giles, Lost Cubs .598
B. Anderson, Titans .574

Leaders: OPS

M. McGwire, Wizards of Oz 1.034
B. Bonds, Lost Cubs 1.024
J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers 1.008
B. Giles, Lost Cubs .954
R. Palmeiro, Flying Squirrel .932

Leaders: HR

J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers 45
M. McGwire, Wizards of Oz 44
B. Anderson, Titans 38
K. Mitchell, Roid Rage 38
S. Sosa, Outlaws 37

Leaders: RBI

J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers 121
B. Giles, Lost Cubs 108
K. Mitchell, Roid Rage 104
M. Williams, Wizards of Oz 103
B. Bonds, Lost Cubs 99

Leaders: 2B

B. Giles, Lost Cubs 65
B. Abreu, Roid Rage 37
J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers 36
R. Brogna, Roid Rage 36
B. Spiers, Corn Pickers 36

Leaders: 3B

L. Johnson, Roid Rage 16
D. Dellucci, Livewires 11
C. Knoblauch, Tigers 11
R. Brogna, Roid Rage 9
G. Kapler, Livewires 9

Leaders: AB

G. Jefferies, Lost Cubs 531
P. Molitor, Marauders 521
L. Johnson, Roid Rage 507
B. Larkin, Titans 504
E. Burks, Blue Crystals 502

Leaders: Hits

B. Bonds, Lost Cubs 152
T. Gwynn, Outlaws 144
J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers 143
P. Molitor, Marauders 143
M. Alou, Marauders 143

Leaders: Runs

B. Anderson, Titans 101
B. Bonds, Lost Cubs 101
J. Bagwell, Corn Pickers 99
C. Jones, Lost Cubs 91
B. Larkin, Titans 90

Leaders: HBP

C. Biggio, Roid Rage 21
B. Anderson, Titans 16
F. Vina, Roid Rage 15
M. Ramirez, Flying Squirrel 13
D. Easley, Livewires 12

Leaders: BB

M. McGwire, Wizards of Oz 78
G. Sheffield, Wizards of Oz 71
R. Henderson, Tigers 70
B. Bonds, Lost Cubs 69
M. Vaughn, Blue Crystals 68

Leaders: SO

M. Ramirez, Flying Squirrel 138
C. Delgado, Titans 131
M. Vaughn, Blue Crystals 127
M. McGwire, Wizards of Oz 124
S. Sosa, Outlaws 123

Leaders: SB

C. Knoblauch, Tigers 41
R. Henderson, Tigers 39
K. Lofton, Corn Pickers 33
D. DeShields, Marauders 22
R. Cedeno, Wizards of Oz 21

Leaders: GDP

C. Hoiles, Titans 25
M. Grace, Lost Cubs 25
F. McGriff, Marauders 24
R. Palmeiro, Flying Squirrel 24
M. Piazza, Blue Crystals 23

Pitching Leaders - All Leagues

Leaders: Wins

P. Martinez, Tigers 19
D. Martinez, Titans 16
S. Fernandez, Wizards of Oz 15
R. Johnson, Corn Pickers 15
H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 15

Leaders: Losses

J. Lima, Livewires 17
F. Cordova, Livewires 16
M. Hampton, Beavcoons 16
J. Thompson, Beavcoons 16
T. Glavine, Flying Squirrel 15

Leaders: ERA

P. Martinez, Tigers 2.06
H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 2.25
S. Fernandez, Wizards of Oz 2.70
D. Martinez, Titans 2.74
N. Ryan, Roid Rage 2.75

Leaders: WHIP

G. Maddux, Marauders 0.92
S. Fernandez, Wizards of Oz 0.99
D. Martinez, Titans 0.99
C. Eldred, Titans 1.01
N. Ryan, Roid Rage 1.03

Leaders: H/9

H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 5.3
N. Ryan, Roid Rage 5.7
S. Fernandez, Wizards of Oz 6.4
C. Park, Corn Pickers 6.5
D. Martinez, Titans 6.6

Leaders: BB/9

G. Maddux, Marauders 1.4
K. Brown, Flying Squirrel 1.8
J. Tudor, Titans 1.9
B. Tewksbury, Flying Squirrel 2.0
P. Martinez, Tigers 2.1

Leaders: SO/9

C. Schilling, Lost Cubs 10.7
R. Johnson, Corn Pickers 10.1
P. Martinez, Tigers 9.6
R. Clemens, Outlaws 9.4
N. Ryan, Roid Rage 9.0

Leaders: DICE

P. Martinez, Tigers 2.72
N. Ryan, Roid Rage 2.92
R. Johnson, Corn Pickers 3.16
H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 3.50
C. Park, Corn Pickers 3.63

Leaders: CG

J. Smoltz, Livewires 11
D. Martinez, Titans 10
H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 8
C. Eldred, Titans 7
P. Martinez, Tigers 7

Leaders: SHO

H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 5
S. Fernandez, Wizards of Oz 3
P. Martinez, Tigers 3
D. Martinez, Titans 3
R. Reed, Titans 3

Leaders: SV

B. Risley, Tigers 33
D. Eckersley, Outlaws 27
B. Harvey, Marauders 26
T. Hoffman, Corn Pickers 26
R. Nen, Flying Squirrel 22

Leaders: BS

M. Rivera, Lost Cubs 10
R. Nen, Flying Squirrel 6
D. Veres, Livewires 5
R. Hernandez, Tigers 5
J. Wetteland, Corn Pickers 4

Leaders: SO

P. Martinez, Tigers 215
R. Johnson, Corn Pickers 212
C. Schilling, Lost Cubs 192
R. Clemens, Outlaws 187
N. Ryan, Roid Rage 183

Leaders: Walks

H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 100
D. Kile, Outlaws 94
M. Hampton, Beavcoons 87
A. Leiter, Flying Squirrel 77
R. Johnson, Corn Pickers 76

Leaders: WP

S. Williamson, Corn Pickers 15
B. Saberhagen, Outlaws 14
H. Nomo, Wizards of Oz 13
T. Glavine, Flying Squirrel 12
A. Fernandez, Tigers 10

Leaders: HR Allowed

J. Thompson, Beavcoons 35
J. Smiley, Corn Pickers 34
R. Clemens, Outlaws 33
M. Langston, Outlaws 32
B. Saberhagen, Outlaws 30