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List of No Drop Players

OF Abreu, Bobby (Rochester Roid Rage)
1B Bagwell, Jeff (Iowa Corn Pickers)
OF Belle, Albert (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
3B Boggs, Wade (Ottawa Outlaws)
OF Bonds, Barry (Chicago Lost Cubs)
SP Brown, Kevin (Richmond Flying Squirrel)
OF Burks, Ellis (Albuquerque Blue Crystals)
3B Caminiti, Ken (Montreal Titans)
SP Clemens, Roger (Ottawa Outlaws)
CL Eckersley, Dennis (Ottawa Outlaws)
SP Eldred, Cal (Montreal Titans)
SP Fernandez, Sid (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
RP Foulke, Keith (Montreal Titans)
1B Galarraga, Andres (Ottawa Outlaws)
SS Garciaparra, Nomar (Michigan Tigers)
DH Giles, Brian (Chicago Lost Cubs)
RP Gray, Jeff (Montreal Titans)
OF Gwynn, Tony (Ottawa Outlaws)
CL Harvey, Bryan (Mirabel Marauders)
OF Henderson, Rickey (Michigan Tigers)
RP Henke, Tom (Mirabel Marauders)
SU Hernandez, Roberto (Michigan Tigers)
CL Hoffman, Trevor (Iowa Corn Pickers)
RP Jackson, Mike (Rochester Roid Rage)
SS Jeter, Derek (Ottawa Outlaws)
SP Johnson, Randy (Iowa Corn Pickers)
3B Jones, Chipper (Chicago Lost Cubs)
OF Justice, David (Iowa Corn Pickers)
2B Knoblauch, Chuck (Michigan Tigers)
OF Lofton, Kenny (Iowa Corn Pickers)
SP Maddux, Greg (Mirabel Marauders)
SP Martinez, Dennis (Montreal Titans)
DH Martinez, Edgar (Rochester Roid Rage)
SP Martinez, Pedro (Michigan Tigers)
1B McGwire, Mark (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
SP Millwood, Kevin (Albuquerque Blue Crystals)
OF Mitchell, Kevin (Rochester Roid Rage)
SP Nomo, Hideo (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
1B Olerud, John (Michigan Tigers)
OF O'Neill, Paul (Honolulu Beavcoons)
DH Palmeiro, Rafael (Richmond Flying Squirrel)
RP Percival, Troy (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
C Piazza, Mike (Albuquerque Blue Crystals)
OF Plantier, Phil (Montreal Titans)
OF Ramirez, Manny (Richmond Flying Squirrel)
CL Risley, Bill (Michigan Tigers)
SS Rodriguez, Alex (Mirabel Marauders)
SP Ryan, Nolan (Rochester Roid Rage)
OF Salmon, Tim (Richmond Flying Squirrel)
OF Sheffield, Gary (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
2B Shumpert, Terry (Iowa Corn Pickers)
SP Smoltz, John (San Bernardino Livewires)
1B Thomas, Frank (Honolulu Beavcoons)
3B Thome, Jim (Michigan Tigers)
1B Vaughn, Mo (Albuquerque Blue Crystals)
CL Wagner, Billy (Chicago Lost Cubs)
OF Walker, Larry (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
RP Wetteland, John (Iowa Corn Pickers)
3B Williams, Matt (Chittenango Wizards of Oz)
OF Williams, Bernie (Ottawa Outlaws)
RP Zimmerman, Jeff (Albuquerque Blue Crystals)