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Welcome to The Lighter Side of Baseball. This is a auto daily type draft league with a couple of interesting twists. It is important that you take time and read the rules before doing anything, so if you have any questions, I can get right back to you. You will be able to change team details for the first 3 games. You can use your logo's or have me get on for you.
Redraft every season with 4 keepers up to 4 years. Flexible budget so you can keeper your important players. Most important, simple rules.
Good luck to all and have fun.

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5/21/2022Hello , grammar police....mrbubbles1967
If we can post about ' , then I want one of my ? answered. Why do announcers always say that it was " an " historic achievement etc. I thought the rule was if a word starts with a consonant its a , and if it starts with a vowel sound it's an. Example , I live in a house that's about an hour from here , not an house , a hour. Any english majors out there ?
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