World Series Complete!!

The Mariners have done it, and taken Game 7! They are our 2020 world champions!! Congratulations!!

Going to be short delay in starting the off-season, going to send out a message on Monday! Thank you all for another successful season!

PROPOSAL: Rookie Contracts

Some have pointed out, which I agree with, how ridiculous contracts can get sometimes. For someone to hypothetically sign their prospect that's been developing for seasons, they get to above 90 rank and now to sign them they're asking for a ton of money, more than players would make in real life.

For Example: a 95 rank position player asks for 16M or season, with a 5m yearly raise. In year 5 that's 36m, year 10 61m.

A 83 rank SP, 21 years old, asks for 15m, with a 5m raise. Year 8 he's asking for 50m.

Frankly a little ridiculous, and makes developing a team from the minors difficult, and hear impossible as you really can't keep everyone that you spent seasons patiently developing them.

Here's my proposal. Rookie contracts. Here's how they would work.

You would still keep players in your minors, and tag them every off-season to keep them for free.

Once they would start playing and exceed the rookie stat limits(no longer can be tagged), you would send the commissioner a message saying to activate the rookie contract at the same time he asks for owners to send their prospect tags in.

The rookie contract, as of right now potentially looks like this.

5 year, 2m + 4m annually.

The contract is 5 years, but in reality it would be 6 years for the "expiring this year" season.

Here's the breakdown

Year 1: 2m
Year 2: 6m
Year 3: 10m
Year 4: 14m
Year 5: 18m
Year 6: 22m

At that point, the contract would expire, and he would enter the free agent market. This would award owners who spent time developing players 6 seasons of playing time at a more reasonable contract.

I'd like for owners to vote on this if possible. Just say yay or nay in the poll! If it passes, we will implement it starting next off-season.

Thanks again!


Dbacks get my 1st-2nd and 3rd from 2020 draft
Orioles get his 1st and 2nd from the 2021 draft.

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