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Welcome to Season SIX.

The following players have retired:
Ian Kinsler
J.A. Happ
Robinson Cano
Yadier Molina
Shin-Soo Choo

Rookies have been added at age 23 to replace these players.

Draft room is now open! First couple rounds I will allow a max of 24 hours, but then we'll move to an 8-hour max during the daytime. We should move a lot faster than that generally. After 10 rounds, if we have a lot of teams needing more players, we may run a few supplemental draft rounds.

Please see the league rules for more details.

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Year Range of Stats2019 - 2020
Roster Size (Majors)26
Roster Size (Minors)0
Keepers (15 keepers)
Change Stats Allowed
Free Agency
No-Drop List
Player Fatigue
Batter Injuries (3 games max)
Pitcher Injuries (5 games max)
Use Pitcher's HR Allowed Stats
Allows Max Surprise Bunts
Min Batters Pitcher Must Face0
Slump Buster (15 days)
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8/21/2021 Player Signed
Chad Pinder picked up by Coral Springs Cyclones
8/21/2021 Player Signed
Jarrod Dyson picked up by Coral Springs Cyclones
8/21/2021 Player Signed
Martin Maldonado picked up by Coral Springs Cyclones
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9/17/2021 Best of the Best Fav Teams LeagueREVEJB
Just an FYI, you are the Marlins for 1 season, then will not be them again, will draft new franchise each year. Wanted to clarify you will not have to be Miami for good. Also BEST league out there.
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