The Misfits Rebooted

Season 15 Boxscore Players

Expatbama - Stars - 1921 Babe Ruth

Roadmap - Aigles - 1927 Babe Herman

Urbanexile - Freaks - 1909 Ty Cobb

ConnieMack - Isotopes - 1998 Mariano Rivera

Baberuth21 - Yard Goats - 1920 Pie Traynor

Ulster - Sabermetrics - 1970 Yoda Blue

TheGoldenFog - Doubledays - 1929 Charlie Gehringer

Jigsawpuzzle99 - Indians - 2004 Albert Pujols

NCook44 - Canadians - 1981 Tim Raines

Sloss5 - Smokers - 1965 Pete Rose

Willbhere - Falcons - 1991 Frank Thomas

Husker - Woodpeckers - 1974 Bob Watson

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Misfits Rebooted - Player Pool

Selected owners each chose one of the three teams to be imported for season 15. Teams chosen had to be historically one of the worst teams ever to take the field. Generally, we consider teams with a winning percentage no higher than .400. However, teams just slightly above are occasionally accepted.

This year new owners were asked to select the import teams:

Teams chosen for season 15:

ConnieMack: 1894 Washington Senators
TheGoldenFog: 1957 Washington Senators
NCook44: 1977 Atlanta Braves
Ulster: 1981 Toronto Blue Jays

Teams previously added
Teams added for season fourteen:
1901 Chicago Cubs, 1976 Chicago White Sox, and 2001 Cincinnati Reds
Teams added for season thirteen:
1885 St. Louis Maroons, 1967 Houston Astros
and 1986 Pittsburgh Pirates

Teams added for season twelve: The 1891 Pittsburgh Pirates, the 1967 New York Mets and the 1993 San Diego Padres

Teams added for season eleven: The 1904 Washington Senators, the 1947 St. Louis Browns, and the 2013 Florida Marlins

Teams added for season ten: The 1890 Cleveland Spiders, the 1992 Seattle Mariners and the 1985 San Francisco Giants

Teams added for season nine: The 1988 Baltimore Orioles, the 1998 Montreal Expos and the 2012 Colorado Rockies

Teams added for season eight: The 1935 Boston Braves, 1976 Montreal Expos and the 1967 K.C. Athletics

Teams added for season seven: The 1909 Boston Doves, 1919 St. Louis Cardinals, and the 1995 Toronto Blue Jays

Teams added for season six: The 1920 Detroit Tigers, 1935 Philadelphia Athletics, 1955 Pittsburgh Pirates, and the 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks

Teams added for season five: The 1912 Brooklyn Dodgers, 1965 Boston Red Sox, 1972 Texas Rangers and the 2006 Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Teams added for season four: The 1914 Cincinnati Reds, 1972 Philadelphia Phillies, 1982 Minnesota Twins and the 1991 Cleveland Indians

Teams added for season three: The 1916 Philadelphia A's, 1950 Pirates, 1977 Mets and the 1988 Braves

Teams added for season two: The 1908 St. Louis Cardinals, 1930 Philadelphia Phillies, 1956 Chicago Cubs and the 2003 Detroit Tigers

Teams added for season one reboot: The 1915 Cleveland Indians, 1926 Boston Red Sox, 1949 Chicago Cubs, 1951 St. Louis Browns, 1952 Detroit Tigers,1957 New York Giants, 1961 Philadelphia Phillies, 1967 New York Yankees, 1970 Chicago White Sox, 1978 Seattle Mariners, 1985 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1991 Houston Astros, 1992 Los Angeles Dodgers, 1998 Florida Marlins and the 2002 Milwaukee Brewers

Season 12 Misfits Rebooted League Champion: The Frisco Freaks


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Date: 10/8/2019 11:17 AM
To: willbhere
From: Crackpot (Invaders) block user

Can you reverse my last transaction? My cat walked on my keyboard and somehow put a claim in for a catcher I didn't want for one of my most important relief pitchers.

crackpot (Invaders) at 11/20/2019 8:57 PM: i hate these new advertisements! Maybe we should all be donating.

Welcome to the New Misfits

Welcome to the Misfits Rebooted! We are starting our eighth season based on the original created by Sabbath. This league drew its inspiration from another great league, the Charlie Brown All-Stars. The player pool is drawn from some of the worst single season teams from 1884-2009 (Now through 2013). Can you lead your squad of faded stars, single season wonders and career journeyman to a championship? Hope everyone enjoys the league.

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Jake Stahl claimed on waivers by Trois-Rivières Aigles
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Al Maul claimed on waivers by Trois-Rivières Aigles
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11/28/2020 NYC Metro Neighborhood BaseballHaloFire
Yes I am still looking for players. It's going to start with players from the 19991 baseball season and move forward from there. I'll send you an invite if your interested in joining.
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