Legends Never Die (2002)

Offseason/Season Schedule [2003]

1. Advance rosters/run progressions - 4/21/2020 after 6pm PT - COMPLETED
2. Trades turn on/DFA requests can be made - 04/21/2020 - COMPLETED
3. Apply budget bonuses - COMPLETED

4. Remove Rookie Tags - COMPLETED
5. Create schedule - COMPLETED
6. Free Agency Bidding -
6a. Round 1 (with updates) minimum total contract value of $25 - Due 5pm Sunday, April 26th. Live bids will cease 12pm noon same day. - COMPLETED
6b. Round 2 (blind bidding) - Due Thursday, April 30th at 6pm PT. - COMPLETED
7. Position Change Requests Due - Monday, May 4th at 12pm noon PT
8. Set Rosters Deadline - Monday, May 4th PM

9. Season Begins - Tuesday, May 5th AM (if all rosters set with 25 in majors, 15 or fewer in minors and at least 11 position players and 9 pitchers in majors).

Season Schedule

Day 1 - Opening Day
Day 60 - Live Draft (Sims Pause)
Day 100 - All-Stars Announced
Day 120 - Trade Deadline (Sims Pause if Needed)
Day 136 - DFA Deadline
Day 152 - Adds & Drops Turn Off & MLB Rosters Expanded to 40
Day 175-183 - Season Ends

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Big game for Alfonzo lifts Orioles to victory

Edgardo Alfonzo drove in 4 runs, carrying Baltimore to a 17-3 victory over the Mariners. Baltimore's Johnny Damon had 5 RBIs. Steve Decker had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for Baltimore while recording 3 hits. Mike Hampton struckout 9 Seattle batters in the contest. | Box

Cameron powers Brewers to win over Marlins

Mike Cameron blasted 2 homers, lifting the Brewers to a 10-5 win over Florida. | Box

Chavez powers Blue Jays to win over Royals

Eric Chavez blasted 2 homers, lifting the Blue Jays to a 9-6 win over Kansas City. | Box

Reds ride Cordova to victory over Dodgers

Francisco Cordova was brilliant last night, allowing just 4 hits over 9 innings, leading the Reds to a 11-2 win over the Dodgers. | Box

Pujols blasts off, leads Diamondbacks to win

Albert Pujols blasted 2 homers, lifting the Diamondbacks to a 9-4 win over San Diego. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

B. Abreu, A's .4354 HR10 RBI
L. Berkman, Royals .6324 HR7 RBI
S. Victorino, Padres .4443 HR9 RBI
M. Cameron, Brewers .3334 HR8 RBI
D. Magadan, Mariners .4761 HR9 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

A. Ramirez, Padres 1 for 20 (.050)
M. Cordova, Astros 2 for 20 (.100)
M. Ellis, Cardinals 3 for 23 (.130)
C. Sabo, Pirates 4 for 22 (.182)
M. Lowell, A's 4 for 23 (.174)

Leaders: HR

V. Guerrero, Rockies 44
T. Hundley, Orioles 39
R. Branyan, Phillies 31
R. Sexson, Giants 29
T. Lee, Rangers 28

Leaders: SO

J. Schmidt, A's 131
K. Wood, Royals 131
H. Nomo, Marlins 122
R. Martinez, Rangers 106
K. Millwood, Blue Jays 102


DFA List:
(Players placed on Holding Team)

2B Dennis Hocking$3/3 *released to FA*

Cap Space History

Team Cap Change Current Cap 2001 Record to (2002 record) for reward

Angels_______+$14_____________$214__________(71-91) 104-58
A's__________+$22_____________$147__________(106-56) 95-67
Astros_______+$9_____________$159__________(93-69) 95-68
Blue Jays____+$15_____________$190__________(94-68) 91-71
Braves_______+$20_____________$195__________(67-95) 65-97
Brewers______+$31_____________$181__________(107-55) 100-62
Cardinals____+$14_____________$189__________(97-65) 84-78
Cubs_________+$24_____________$199__________(62-100) 64-98
Dodgers______+$11_____________$211__________(67-95) 90-72
Expos________+$13_____________$163__________(52-110) 51-111
Giants_______+$17_____________$192__________(96-66) 94-68
Indians______+$20_____________$170__________(100-62) 71-91
Mariners_____+$30_____________$205__________(38-124) 56-106
Mets_________+$16_____________$216__________(95-67) 89-73
Orioles______+$21_____________$196__________(109-53) 111-51
Padres_______+$10_____________$135__________(83-79) 82-80
Phillies_____+$15_____________$190__________(79-83) 81-81
Pirates______+$15_____________$140__________(42-120) 58-104
Rangers______+$18_____________$193__________(95-67) 84-78
Red Sox______+$7_____________$207__________(85-77) 82-80
Reds_________+$9_____________$159__________(69-93) 84-78
Royals_______+$9_____________$159__________(81-81) 82-80
Tigers_______+$16_____________$191__________(72-90) 88-74
Twins________+$10_____________$160__________(78-84) 82-80
White Sox____+$9_____________$184__________(71-91) 74-88
Yankees______+$12_____________$215__________(69-93) 66-96
Marlins _______+$8_____________$133__________(94-68) 91-71
Rockies_______+$13_____________$163__________(104-58) 96-66
D'backs_______+8______________$158___________ (76-86) 57-105 *temporarily at $149 for 2003 only*
Devil Rays ____+4______________$129__________(78-84) 64-98

Future Picks Traded

2005 Draft:
CLE gets OAK 1st
SD gets COL 1st
TOR gets TEX 1st

MON gets PIT 2nd
TOR gets TEX 2nd

Latest Results
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5/17/2020League paritysoccerstar832
I think everyone need to take a look at the pirates and the Dbacks roster. Both have been able to keep getting high draft picks and stash elite players in their minors. They are both bulidng elite teams through a flaw in the rules. I think we need to have a league discussion over this. Because if we don’t address this now, won’t anybody have much of a chance at a ring as soon as they promote these players.

I’m sure everyone here would love to build these all decade teams that they are building. But too many good owners make this tough to do. So how in the heck has this happened?

I propose loss of rookie tag to be based solely off rank say 85+ must be signed to a contract. And I feel like there should be repercussions for allowing teams to have 99rk players suiting in their minors for multiple seasons.
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5/27/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Kent Mercker placed on trade block by Minnesota Twins
5/27/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Tony Tarasco placed on trade block by Minnesota Twins
5/26/2020 Player Dropped
Keith Osik dropped by Cincinnati Reds
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5/27/2020 Bullpen Formationkrtyler11
I do a bit of both. If I have a deep, balanced bullpen then I like to assign roles - seems to even out the innings between 4-5 players and everyone is fresh. If I have 1 or 2 considerably stronger relievers than the rest, I'll set it by priority and get as many innings as I can from the top 2.
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