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Dalbey52 (Rockies) at 5/22/2019 8:58 PM: Injury bug just hit the mile high.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/22/2019 7:19 PM: Gregg Jeffries gutting 381 with an OBP over 450.
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/22/2019 6:37 PM: He’s a stud , age is the only reason he fell. You got a great one !
Harry86 (Tigers) at 5/22/2019 6:02 PM: El Duque 3-0 with sub 2.00 ERA
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/21/2019 6:45 PM: Curt Schilling is available for someone’s pen
Harry86 (Tigers) at 5/21/2019 10:45 AM: El Duque with CG win in his first start with the Tigers
Goodfella (Yankees) at 5/21/2019 10:19 AM: Tejada to make his debut in tonights sims, missed making the moves before the first sims of the day. Also making their debut will be rp fox and sp dempster. Time to go for broke and see who can and cant play, some big changes will be coming this offseason, tired of being bad in this league, time to go george in this piece.
Stisser (Orioles) at 5/21/2019 8:32 AM: Welcome to the Orioles Derek Lee, 5-5 3HR 7RBI in his debut. It can only go downhill from here.
BaltimoreChop (Blue Jays) at 5/20/2019 8:28 PM: Sorry, wrong league!
BaltimoreChop (Blue Jays) at 5/20/2019 8:26 PM: MILB LH SP B.Olson (21yo milb) available for quality RH SP
alddavidson (Royals) at 5/20/2019 5:45 AM: HAd some good offers for it but i couldn't pass on Wood
spaniels (Expos) at 5/18/2019 2:58 PM: KC ? You dealing your first overall pick? Helton wants to play in the Big Owe
spaniels (Expos) at 5/18/2019 2:57 PM: Todd Helton is one fab PC player
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 5/18/2019 2:17 PM: Open to trading quality, experienced folks that can help now for picks
Jons_lover (Diamondbacks) at 5/18/2019 1:52 PM: Also, pre-ranking is available for this who may not be able to attend the live draft.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/18/2019 9:42 AM: If you need NOW help, I may be your guy for a pick or picks.
Jons_lover (Diamondbacks) at 5/17/2019 12:53 PM: Edits aren’t done for the pitchers. That’s just a starting point for most of them.
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/17/2019 6:45 AM: Got good relief pitchers (just one, but all are available) available for a pick
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 5/17/2019 4:33 AM: well looking at the pitchers in this years draft .... it looks likes it has become decidedly weaker
ssrice123 (Pirates) at 5/16/2019 11:56 AM: anyone on the Pirates can be had send over offers
alddavidson (Royals) at 5/15/2019 11:10 PM: KC has placed some on the trade block. You know the drill, looking for draft picks and younger talent.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/15/2019 5:25 PM: He’s hitting .222. I hope he finds something.
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/15/2019 12:51 PM: (Starting halfway through the season because he “retired” and this wasn’t subject to drug tests, is what I was getting at. ... -and then Puts up ridiculous numbers are like age 42....!
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/15/2019 11:12 AM: Exactly , like Clemens did when he pitched for the Astros back in the day
spaniels (Expos) at 5/15/2019 9:52 AM: the 30 day testing window?
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/15/2019 8:12 AM: Don’t worry Hicks, he’s using this time to really be consistent with his secret regiment of steroids
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/14/2019 1:20 PM: I lost Palmeiro for 30 days earlier.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/14/2019 1:19 PM: Ramon Martinez is still available for the right deal. Also have some great bats. Naehring, Gilkey, Bonilla, etc. Schilling and Guardado are in the bullpen.
Dalbey52 (Rockies) at 5/14/2019 12:00 PM: Ya injuries are happening early this year. Sheff and Sweeney have both been hurt for short 7-10 game stints along with a RP for 12
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 5/13/2019 7:32 PM: Get out to a 16-8 start only for my two best relievers in Wagner and Rincon to go down with a 10 day and 20 day injury...lets not fall apart here braves
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/13/2019 6:54 PM: Thanks. Anyone open to trading picks message me.
dalbey52 (Rockies) at 5/13/2019 5:18 PM: If Mussina had a few more years left on his deal I would have jumped on it. Couldnt afford to give up a #3 pick right now. Now you got the #2. Good get Rangers
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/12/2019 5:13 AM: Rangers send Mussina to Boston for the #2 overall pick
spaniels (Expos) at 5/11/2019 11:33 PM: where?
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/11/2019 7:26 PM: Wow
Jons_lover (Diamondbacks) at 5/11/2019 4:25 PM: Blockbuster deal between Boston and Texas
Goodfella (Yankees) at 5/11/2019 2:05 PM: Maas on the block for a top 10 pick or two 1st rd picks for teams picking lower i the draft. Or maas for a younger ace and bullpen help.
Jons_lover (Diamondbacks) at 5/11/2019 12:38 PM: Draft class uploaded for viewing. Haven’t touched their stats yet.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/10/2019 5:20 PM: Anyone with a high pick looking for an ace?
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/10/2019 5:19 PM: I like blind bidding but that talk is a few days old.
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 5/10/2019 4:49 PM: only looking at simming of games so owners can manage rosters as players need rest and or injuries so as to adjsut lineups accordingly
Jons_lover (Diamondbacks) at 5/9/2019 9:17 PM: Injury length max has been reduced to 30 games.
Jons_lover (Holding) at 5/9/2019 11:01 AM: Next year we will introduce interleague play during the season with the addition of AZ and TB. I may be able to copy the schedule from pennant chase allowing us to have off-days built into the schedule (rather than doing it manually every 8 days)
Jons_lover (Holding) at 5/8/2019 9:36 PM: Completely blind bidding is a hell of a lot easier for me lol
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/8/2019 7:47 PM: Both systems have their benefits , I run a league that a few in this league are in which uses a 2 round system, and a large part of me wishes we used the system we use in this league ... but they both have their merits
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 5/8/2019 5:51 AM: I'm fine the way it is. I like other teams over spending.
Goodfella (Yankees) at 5/8/2019 4:30 AM: For the record i wasnt complaining and i personallyblike the blind bid and done system we havee here. I think it works and even on 2 tier bidding it gets even crazier so for me this system works.
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 5/8/2019 3:35 AM: one thing about blind bids those of us that are low market teams have a slight chance to get a free agent..open bidding low market teams will have no chance for a star player
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 5/8/2019 2:04 AM: even with open bidding your going to get high priced bids...but i do agree there are some bids that are in rarified air
Jons_lover (Holding) at 5/7/2019 9:48 PM: Yeah, information leaks out though, so teams at least have a vague idea what other offers are out there. I'm cool either way.
Sleazye (Indians) at 5/7/2019 9:30 PM: I’d have to say, ind bidding strikes me as a bit more realistic ... it’s not like agents are honest with teams .... but I do understand the complaints
Dalbey52 (Rockies) at 5/7/2019 8:22 PM: I would have done this contract on Thompson regardless. Finding a young guy in this league is tough and Thompson is gonna be pretty good in a few years. On a decreasing contract he’ll be cheapest all through his peak years.
jons_lover (Holding) at 5/7/2019 7:42 PM: Chubbach, we did that in the past. Round 1 was updated bidding with $25 minimum contract value. That works great in other leagues, but I don't think this league was mature enough to handle it at the time (or maybe my inexperience as commissioner held us back). I'm very open to bringing it back if it improves the league. But we would need to vote on it as a league.
Chubbach24 (Cubs) at 5/7/2019 7:39 PM: But that's what makes it a risk! Personally I think the only way to "improve" this system would be to havev blind open bidding on say the top 10 players, and do two round bidding for everyone else
jons_lover (Holding) at 5/7/2019 7:37 PM: We can discuss bringing back two round bidding with round one having updated bidding (like Matty does in Turn of the Century and maybe other leagues). There was a lot of confusion when we had tried that previously, but that was at the league start and maybe the instructions weren't clear enough. Also I think most of those owners that threw a fit over the two round style are no longer around. Now that this league has some traction it may be easier to reinstitute updated bidding for total contract values of $25 and more. That will be the next league vote.
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 5/7/2019 6:48 PM: 200mil is worth it for David Justice...this years mvp award makes up for every year hes been snubbed for all star voiting
Mranastasia (Twins) at 5/7/2019 6:42 PM: Good grief. The overspending. I will state again , for the record... without a suggested price or market value for these players, blind bidding is nuts.
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 5/7/2019 6:37 PM: Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Whole lotta overspending. Better for us.
Goodfella (Yankees) at 5/7/2019 6:17 PM: Wow yankees lost out on some good players, the contracts doled out are crazy. Hoping everyone overpays and gets to their caps so we can win some bids next season.
alddavidson (Royals) at 5/2/2019 5:36 PM: The Royals are gathering items for the yard sale as we speak. Let me know what players you'd be interested in. After a 58 win season most, as you might expect, would be available
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 5/2/2019 3:17 AM: I’d like to get a pick this year. I’d move almost anyone.
Mranastasia (Twins) at 4/30/2019 7:36 PM: Sorry big red... baseball will always break your heart.
Jons_lover (Holding) at 4/30/2019 6:57 PM: Congrats CHC, but overall a great WS. A 1-0 game 7. Can't imagine how either must have felt if you watched the replay before checking the box score.
Sleazye (Indians) at 4/30/2019 5:55 PM: Congrats ! Wow
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 4/30/2019 5:51 PM: Congrats cubbies
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 4/30/2019 2:45 PM: Ripken
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 4/30/2019 2:45 PM: And I get Billy Ripkin back
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 4/30/2019 2:43 PM: GAME 7!!!!!
Sleazye (Indians) at 4/30/2019 11:40 AM: What a series !
Jons_lover (Holding) at 4/30/2019 11:32 AM: WS game 7 to be simmed this evening. Best of luck to both teams!
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 4/29/2019 2:36 PM: Go Cubs go
Sleazye (Indians) at 4/29/2019 12:34 PM: Congrats to both of the great franchises. Both have put together impressive runs
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 4/28/2019 4:00 PM: Thank you gentleman. Good luck Chubbach
jons_lover (Holding) at 4/28/2019 1:32 PM: Congrats to both CHC and SEA. SEA gets home field advantage because they had a better regular season win % within their own division. That was the final tiebreaker before coin-flip.
Harry86 (Tigers) at 4/28/2019 10:57 AM: Congrats big red and good luck!
Sleazye (Indians) at 4/28/2019 8:57 AM: Great years by the braves, Twins and Dodgers
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 4/26/2019 6:16 PM: Fighting tooth and nail with these cubs
Harry86 (Tigers) at 4/26/2019 4:59 PM: Thanks, hard fought series
Mranastasia (Twins) at 4/26/2019 3:56 PM: Congrats, tigers. While folks in the Twin Cities are disappointed tonight; But the franchise is on the upswing, not the down.
alddavidson (Royals) at 4/25/2019 7:47 PM: Good day gentlemen,,have just taken over the Royals. Will watch the playoffs getting the KC house in order. Let the rebuild commence and good luck to all the playoff teams
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 4/25/2019 6:59 PM: Well we made a run at it. Just a bad time for a slump at the end of the year!!
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 4/25/2019 9:17 AM: oakland wins 70 games!!!
Jons_lover (Holding) at 4/25/2019 9:12 AM: Correction on my LM, round 1 will be simmed in its entirety tomorrow. LCS and WS each simmed over the course of two days.
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 4/25/2019 9:09 AM: Made the playoffs wooo
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 4/25/2019 8:06 AM: Lol. Will try our best. Nice race.
Dalbpho8 (Padres) at 4/25/2019 7:35 AM: Salmon gets hurt, Miss a shot at sneaking into playoffs, congrats dodgers...go win this
dalbpho8 (Padres) at 4/24/2019 8:19 PM: nl worst going down to the wire
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 4/23/2019 3:20 PM: Clawing our way back....
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 4/22/2019 8:10 PM: Sim wants to give you guys a chance. Tino Martinez and Billy Ripkin both out for at least 40 games.
Jons_lover (Holding) at 4/21/2019 4:10 PM: Major league rosters expanded to 40. For those that do qualify for the postseason, make sure to reduce back down to 25 as soon as the regular season is over. I'll hold off on starting playoff sims until everyone has appropriate rosters.
ssrice123 (Pirates) at 4/17/2019 12:33 PM: anyone on the Pirates can be had send over offers
mattyred (Class) at 4/15/2019 9:47 AM: I’m ready for my Rays in this league! Cmon 1998 lol
Jons_lover (Holding) at 4/14/2019 12:18 PM: All-Stars selected after day 90 sims, 3 days granted for ASB before days 91/92 simmed.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 4/11/2019 11:03 PM: Well bull. Now Don Slaught is down. We’re falling behind now and I’m afraid the season may be in jeopardy
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 4/10/2019 1:00 AM: Same here bud. Wakefield 15 days, Palmeiro out 43 days!!! Looks like I’ll roster 3 catchers for a while.
Sleazye (Indians) at 4/9/2019 9:09 AM: Just when my team is playing well, I lose two key players for decent stretches
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 4/8/2019 12:34 PM: Such a late bloomer
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 4/8/2019 12:34 PM: Maddox in 6 seasons prior has had a horrible career with close to 8 wins and a lot of losses...this season 9-0...what the crap and he's only a rl of 62 to have such a solid season
Goodfella (Yankees) at 4/7/2019 5:54 AM: Yankees looking to move my 26th pick this year and my 2nd rd picks for first rd picks next season or a young ss.
Stisser (Orioles) at 4/5/2019 6:17 PM: Yeah it’s not all that deep
Mranastasia (Twins) at 4/5/2019 7:26 AM: After looking at the draft class, my 1st rounder is available. I’m looking for pitching, but I’m open to other offers as well.
dalbey52 (Rockies) at 4/4/2019 6:39 PM: Haha. Im not upset with them, just disappointed. but I am sure going to be happy in a few years, trust me.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 4/4/2019 1:14 PM: If you’re not happy with those guys I’d gladly take them off your hands Dalbey. This coming offseason I’ll lose 2 good pitchers and a good catcher. Just before the rebuild is always a rough time.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 4/4/2019 1:03 PM: AL West looks like it’s going to be a slugfest again.
dalbey52 (Rockies) at 4/4/2019 11:38 AM: A great consolation prize to my top prospects is getting a high draft pick. I just expected to be out of the top 10 this year, not compete for the #1 haha
Chubbach24 (Cubs) at 4/2/2019 8:24 PM: Chicago on the banner when?
Sleazye (Indians) at 4/2/2019 8:35 AM: Sometimes younger players take a little to actually perform, which I’m sure you know. You’re on the right track, stick to your plan
Dalbey52 (Rockies) at 4/1/2019 6:28 PM: Wow. I expected to be scoring runs in bundles this year. Definitely disappointing
Sleazye (Indians) at 4/1/2019 9:33 AM: Yeah, and I may be looking to sell players ... it’s early, but yikes
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 4/1/2019 3:35 AM: Okay, guess I've officially shifted to win asap mode. Not what I originally planned, but sometimes doors just open.
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 3/31/2019 7:17 AM: Not getting my hopes up cuz this is a wonderful start to the season for me and i didnt really do anything in the offseason but theres going to be something impactful that hampers this wonderful start...
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/31/2019 5:35 AM: Chiamparino with 1 earned through 26 innings.
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 3/30/2019 10:59 AM: Dalbey, it's early yet. Not expecting this to last, but enjoying the ride. Lol
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 3/30/2019 3:12 AM: A's off to a better start than last season at 2-2
Dalbey52 (Rockies) at 3/29/2019 11:16 PM: Meanwhile on an opposite note. My big hitters have barely hit the ball the first few games.
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 3/29/2019 8:04 PM: Maddox finally coming into his own....dude is a late bloomer
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 3/29/2019 6:13 PM: How the hell did we win our first 4 games? Mine you, I'm not complaining
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/29/2019 5:59 PM: Jealous, Birdy- dang
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 3/29/2019 5:28 PM: Smotlz, Pedro, and Maddox start the year with complete games
Stisser (Orioles) at 3/29/2019 4:38 PM: Wonder how many teams were active in free agency?
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 3/29/2019 12:15 PM: half the teams in here either dont have enough players to fill their roster or are over their roster limits..makes ya wonder
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 3/28/2019 12:59 PM: Lost Edgar to Free Agency, but got Ron Gant in his place. Think I did ok
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/27/2019 6:38 PM: Rookie tags removed for those that crossed threshold. Anyone that still has a rookie tag does NOT need to be signed this year.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/27/2019 4:52 PM: Indians are definitely gonna score some runs this year!!
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/27/2019 4:51 PM: I’d be open to a move for the future that doesn’t gut my team if anyone is interested. My guys aren’t getting any younger. :)
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/27/2019 2:20 PM: Yeah, I got beat to both of my catcher targets, but Edgar was my # 1 target . My offense is going to be a beast ....
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/27/2019 12:32 PM: I didn’t even try for Edgar. I just went for Don Slaught because I needed a catcher pretty bad. My old fingers could never keep up with you young fellers.
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/27/2019 9:59 AM: Mine mad a bit slow too, I was afraid ..... great bullpen, scary lineup , shaking rotation for the Indians
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/27/2019 9:58 AM: Dalbey, I had the page pulled up too. It was ... I bet I beat you by milliseconds
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 3/27/2019 9:10 AM: Very disappointing off season for the braves
dalbey52 (Rockies) at 3/27/2019 9:01 AM: Darn. I was right here with Edgar Martinez page up and refreshing right at 9am.. Still too slow.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/26/2019 10:06 PM: I would have liked to bring back Gant but I feel like I got a value with Gilkey. While he definitely doesn’t have the pop that Gant has, he’s younger and much cheaper.
spaniels (Expos) at 3/26/2019 6:17 PM: I think you did good dalbey; you cant take it with you and its not like its real money or anything
dalbey52 (Rockies) at 3/26/2019 4:12 PM: There were so many team with LOTS of cash to spend. Rockies were in a spot to splurge on a guy, who better than Sheffield. Im sure i'll regret it in 6 seasons when he is a shell of himself but until then he is going to crush it for me in Colorado.
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/26/2019 2:24 PM: Position players moved over, will complete pitchers this evening and schedule adds/drops for tomorrow.
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/26/2019 2:24 PM: I'm not saying COL overspent on Sheff, but I don't believe anyone bid with $200 total contract value of him.
spaniels (Expos) at 3/25/2019 7:38 PM: well, I got the best reliever in the class but I am rather short of starting pitchers,
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 3/25/2019 6:12 PM: Im shocked at how much the players i bid the house for went for a whole hell of a lot more...dang fellas
spaniels (Expos) at 3/25/2019 4:55 PM: I bid total value of $280 for Sheffield and I thought I had a chance, but $505...wow! As MC Hammer said, "you cant touch this!"
Chubbach24 (Cubs) at 3/25/2019 3:44 PM: 2 Chuck McElroy bids btw, KC should have him
Stisser (Orioles) at 3/25/2019 2:38 PM: I’m sure there are a number of us that could say the same Sleazye.
Dalbey52 (Rockies) at 3/25/2019 2:25 PM: Sheff is going to love the thin air. I probably overpaid but the blind bidding you have to go big.
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/25/2019 1:57 PM: Yeah, I should I’ve used the money I offered to him on ... another player and I’d be positioned really well... I overestimated what the other player would get ... now I’m worried I’m in-line to miss the playoffs again
Stisser (Orioles) at 3/25/2019 1:55 PM: Holy Sheffield!!!
Dalbey52 (Rockies) at 3/25/2019 1:19 PM: Sheffield shatters the Mike Trout record! Welcome to Colorado!
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/25/2019 12:22 PM: Well, made some missteps on my offers and non-offers ... ugh
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/25/2019 10:19 AM: I'm back on and starting to look at bids. I have 25 messages to get through, so it may be a while.
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 3/23/2019 5:10 AM: Same goes for Lenny Harris
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 3/23/2019 5:09 AM: All Daniels can be had for a pick in this year's draft. Let me know if interested.
Goodfella (Yankees) at 3/21/2019 3:58 PM: Kevin maas on the block for a star ss, lets talk if interested
Goodfella (Yankees) at 3/21/2019 3:56 PM: I really diddnt see them, can you send them again?
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/21/2019 1:38 PM: Hahah. I’ve did that before. Man it sucks.
Chubbach24 (Cubs) at 3/20/2019 5:54 PM: lol
Chubbach24 (Cubs) at 3/20/2019 5:54 PM: NO ONE SAW THOSE
Chubbach24 (Cubs) at 3/20/2019 5:54 PM: NOOOOO my bids! I thought I hit reply!!!
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/20/2019 5:40 PM: Holy crap!!!
Greywolves (Giants) at 3/20/2019 7:26 AM: Giants going into rebuild mode - looking for picks or unsigned youth - everyone over 27 available
Stisser (Orioles) at 3/20/2019 3:49 AM: Damion Easley Available from the Tigers
ssrice123 (Pirates) at 3/19/2019 12:26 PM: Pirates looking to trade all players. Hoping to be more successful this year than I was last year. Looking for picks and young players.
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/19/2019 11:45 AM: That’s a pretty terrifying core Dalbey
dalbey52 (Rockies) at 3/19/2019 10:04 AM: Rockies are finally ready to start winning. SO excited to debut my trio of A-rod, Edmonds and Sweeney.
BaltimoreChop (Blue Jays) at 3/16/2019 6:43 AM: Oops. North Siders. Ha.
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/15/2019 6:43 PM: I thought the White Sox were the south siders?
BaltimoreChop (Blue Jays) at 3/15/2019 5:39 PM: Well done south siders!
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/15/2019 1:17 PM: Congrats Cubbies! Yes, on to the offseason shortly here. I'm going to start making some preparations now. Probably advance contracts/run progressions on Sunday night or Monday; will notify all with league message.
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 3/15/2019 11:48 AM: Congrats to the cubs,
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 3/15/2019 11:45 AM: so on to the off season!!!! :-)
Stisser (Orioles) at 3/14/2019 4:56 PM: Nice season guys. Congrats Cubbies!
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/14/2019 4:51 PM: Congrats Chubbach. Crazy that Nolan Ryan is STILL tearing it up.
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 3/14/2019 1:44 PM: congratulations to the cubbies!!
Sleazye (Indians) at 3/14/2019 12:43 PM: Congratulations Chubbach24!
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 3/14/2019 12:25 PM: Helluva series. No game was a runaway
Chubbach24 (Cubs) at 3/14/2019 11:18 AM: Great Series M's, glad to see that early rebuild I settled in for has finally paid off.
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 3/14/2019 11:13 AM: Wow. Lose Workd Series 4-1. Run diff was -4
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/12/2019 7:47 PM: Good luck Mariners and Cubs! WS simmed in the morning
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/10/2019 11:56 PM: Good job Mariners. Gant goes down in his last game as a Ranger. We got smashed
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/10/2019 5:53 PM: LCS to be simmed tomorrow and Tuesday. WS Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck to those who remain!
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/9/2019 9:07 AM: I don’t have a lot of time left with my squad. This is a year to go for it all. Gant is a FA after this season. Next season I’ll lose David Wells and Benito Santiago.
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 3/8/2019 10:59 PM: Good Luck gentleman. Hopefully I dont take another 1st round exit after having the best record in the AL
coachbirdy (Braves) at 3/8/2019 8:20 PM: Good luck to all in the playoffs...
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/8/2019 8:18 PM: Good luck Mariners!! Been a fun year
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 3/8/2019 3:02 PM: Damn, #1 seed gets the wild card winner regardless of record. In both leagues the Wild Crad had more wins than both other division winners. Oh well.
Brew_Crew (Brewers) at 3/8/2019 1:42 PM: 8 very good teams. All built a little differently. With different strengths. Very few weaknesses. Should be a fun playoffs.
JimMcCoy (Royals) at 3/8/2019 12:50 PM: Sorry guys, its been fun..but have to cut back..Good luck
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 3/8/2019 8:12 AM: Well, went 57-61 after taking over. Bullpen needs major work as does lower half of rotation and bench. Lol other than that I’m good🤨
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 3/8/2019 8:03 AM: ok for the right package of young players and picks might be willing to trade oaklands 1st round pick
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 3/8/2019 8:00 AM: well not to bad for phase one of a rebuild..almost the same record as last season
Jons_lover (Holding) at 3/7/2019 4:26 PM: Final sims tomorrow morning. Playoffs will start Saturday morning. I'll send out a LM once playoff seeding finalized.
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/5/2019 5:51 PM: You’re in a tough division Anastasia
bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/5/2019 5:49 PM: Stupid Mariners! Lol
Mranastasia (Twins) at 3/5/2019 2:19 PM: This league is so frustrating. I’ve totally gutted this team, which was god awful in 1990.... and we continually underperform. By far the most frustrating team I’ve ever managed. I’m at my wits end.
mattyred (Class) at 3/4/2019 7:33 PM: you can find it under the custom league page as long as there are openings
mattyred (Class) at 3/4/2019 7:33 PM: The league this was based on has 2 openings... FLA & PIT... entering our 2010 season next week! FLA is healthy... PIT needs some TLC
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 3/4/2019 4:07 PM: Alright, one game up on the Mariners, now you guys go run off and die somewhere.
Goodfella (Yankees) at 3/1/2019 10:20 AM: Yankees looking to make moves for you5h, we need to rebuild the rebuild...
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 3/1/2019 8:07 AM: EDGAR Martinez on the Trade Block
BaltimoreChop (Blue Jays) at 2/27/2019 9:32 PM: Crime Dog for r1 pick?
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 2/26/2019 10:02 AM: Dodgers are open to deals. Looking for young up and comers and draft picksAny of my established players available except my top 2 SPs
Mranastasia (Twins) at 2/26/2019 8:31 AM: Twins are open for deals, Sierra, Treadway, Tapani, amoung others
BigRedMachine90 (Mariners) at 2/25/2019 6:37 PM: Anyone have a high ranked aging SP they want to trade for a draft pick
Sleazye (Indians) at 2/25/2019 1:26 PM: Indians are having major issues. Veteran players, especially RP Colby Ward and Steve Olin
Coachbirdy (Braves) at 2/23/2019 7:42 PM: Id say David justice was hosed but the two that were selected are having a crazy season but Pedro, Valentin and Thome are deserving
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 2/23/2019 5:49 PM: Them White Sox have had our # lately
Sleazye (Indians) at 2/23/2019 5:38 PM: Defending champions have been Inconsistsnt in a very tough division.
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 2/23/2019 5:31 PM: Dang it. Lost 5 of 7!
Jons_lover (Holding) at 2/23/2019 10:29 AM: All Stars will be selected this evening after day 90 and 3 days off will be granted after day 90 for ASB. Hopefully this helps with some of these long injuries you all are running into.
JimMcCoy (Royals) at 2/22/2019 1:27 PM: Ugh! Lose my ace (Randy Johnson) for 41days !!!!!!!!!!!
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 2/21/2019 5:29 PM: Nice!
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 2/20/2019 7:04 PM: Picking up some steam! 16-8 since the break
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 2/20/2019 9:48 AM: Well, the Bums are on a "tear"--8-12 since the draft. lol. They were 13-31. If we can play .400 ball the rest of the way, I'll take it.
Soccerstar832 (Phillies) at 2/19/2019 6:51 PM: Bernie will out for 42 games. Currently leading the MVP race.
Mranastasia (Twins) at 2/19/2019 5:03 PM: Im right there with you, Yankee. My twins went from contention to toilet with their annual post-draft slump.
dalbey52 (Rockies) at 2/18/2019 5:27 PM: I'll be thrilled next year when i get to bring up the calvary a-rod and Sweeney to my lineup!
Stisser (Orioles) at 2/18/2019 4:47 PM: BobUecker-that was from the pick swapping we did as part of the Mesa trade.
BobUeckerRules (Angels) at 2/18/2019 1:02 PM: Ah. Apologies --- must have missed that.
Greywolves (Giants) at 2/18/2019 11:43 AM: Looks like Baltimore got your 2nd rd pick in an earlier trade
BobUeckerRules (Angels) at 2/18/2019 10:40 AM: No biggie. Just wondering what happened.
BobUeckerRules (Angels) at 2/18/2019 10:40 AM: I pre-ranked but got no round 2 pick.
tacomaboy57 (A's) at 2/18/2019 3:31 AM: Oakland fans excited to see the new talent called up to play
Jons_lover (Holding) at 2/17/2019 7:40 PM: Sims will continue in the morning. I’ll send warnings to those owners who have too many in their minors (should not be able to have more than 25 in the majors at the point in the season anyway).
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 2/17/2019 7:20 PM: Hahahahaha. Know exactly how you feel buddy. I have an incredible lineup in my opinion and barely over .500. Who knows??
Goodfella (Yankees) at 2/17/2019 6:45 PM: I go from horrible team to good team to bad team to very good team to crappy team again.....cant get a damn read on this team and league.....
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 2/17/2019 4:58 AM: Best league for trading I've been in that's for sure. Of course my standards are low as the Bums were pretty much at rock bottom. Currently in the market for decent (60 rating and up, 1.15-1.25 WHIP) relief help. If anyone has a spare, maybe I can put a cap friendly package together
Stisser (Orioles) at 2/16/2019 3:58 PM: And this is the best league I am in currently.
Stisser (Orioles) at 2/16/2019 3:34 PM: Just want to confuse you!
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 2/16/2019 3:18 PM: Keep up the good work Mr lover. :)
Jons_lover (Holding) at 2/16/2019 3:02 PM: Y’all keeping me on my toes with all these players and picks changing hands.
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 2/16/2019 1:58 PM: Jose Offerman is on the move again. Shipped to Detroit just before the plane landed in Arlington.
BaltimoreChop (Blue Jays) at 2/15/2019 4:38 PM: Jays picked. A’s on clock.
Jons_lover (Holding) at 2/15/2019 11:17 AM: Agreed. I wish had time to put that kind of thing together. Glad to have other passionate owners willing to contribute to this stuff.
Dalbpho8 (Padres) at 2/15/2019 10:04 AM: That mock draft article is awesome
Gman15 (Dodgers) at 2/15/2019 4:48 AM: Entertaining offers for the Dodgers' 2nd round pick.
Bhicks42 (Rangers) at 2/14/2019 3:54 PM: Haha. I run a saw at a steel mill. I work nights as I’m sure everyone has no..