Bad News Bears League (BNBL) Season 7

Game of the Year!

Bulls and Nine battled it out for 15 innings in the Game of the Year in Durham (wherever that is)
Mudville and the Zoo kept the fans entertained in Durham today with an epic 15-inning thriller. The Nine held leads of 3-0, 4-1, and even 9-5 going into the bottom of the 8th. Durham scored 2 in the bottom of 8 and 2 more in the bottom of the 9th to send the game to extras. All-Star Roy Howell, who had been 0-4 in his previous at-bats, doubled in 2 runs to tie it in the bottom of 9. The Bulls almost won it a batter later, but Jamie "Q" Quirk was thrown out at home on a ground ball off the bat of Ron Kittle. Mudville went up 10-9 with a run in the top of the 10th, but Durham tied it in their half of the inning. Mudville went up again in the 12th as Jim Ray Hart doubled in a pair of runs to give the Nine a 12-10 lead. But the Bulls refused to die, tying it again in the bottom of the 12th with 2 runs of their own. Durham finally put the game away in the bottom of the 15th when Bill Pecota cashed in a Doc Edwards triple with a run-scoring single to end the game. Wow! We should sell tickets to these BNBL games, with proceeds being split evenly between the Commish and the rest of the owners, 50-50.

League Chat Box

Tim Wiles from the real life Hall of Fame plays "Casey" at the All-Star Game in Mudville.


Lick Skillet Rednecks' cool cat, Derrel Thomas was hot at the plate in the Season 7 All-Star Game
Mudville lived up to its name as the "Mudiest Place on Earth" as a long drawn-out All-Star Game occurred there over the past 42 hours. Rain delays were the name of the game, as the weather was wet and wetter, causing the field to be almost unusable. The players rose to the occasion, though, and put on a great performance for the fans, who came out in droves, excited to see the Stars, but also excited for the many off-the-field festivities put on by the Mudville Nines' management team.

Mudville is set up well financially for the next few years too, as they quadrupled their usual profit at the concession stands during the 2-day affair. Dommod was quoted as saying "Las personas deben ser alimentadas con alimentos de buena calidad" which I believe is loosely translated to "People gotta eat." Indeed, there was some fear that the concessions would actually run out of food, so some local hunters were employed to head into the bushes and shoot some squirrels and rabbits. The PETA folks, led by a very animated woman in a Durham Bulls jacket (with "Owner" on the sleeve) wouldn't let them past, however, and no animals were harmed.

Before the game even began, the fans were entertained by music legend John Fogerty, who was brought in to sing the national anthem as well as 2 of his hit songs "Centerfield" and, very appropriately "Have You Ever Seen the Rain". Unfortunately, Fogerty's contract specified that he only sing the 2 songs, plus the anthem, so there was much worry that there would be nothing else to entertain the fans for the initial 10-hour rain delay. Fogerty, though, was quite happy to go above and beyond with his time and very generously offered to keep singing until the game started - although, being 74 years old now and not having the memory he once had, he had to stick to just the 2 songs over and over and over again as he didn't bring words for anything else and didn't have anything else memorized. So the fans were serenaded with 97 renditions of Centerfield, and 98 of Have You Ever Seen the Rain. By the 3rd time through, all the fans were singing along and having a great time. By the 10th offering, fans were heading for the concessions to buy more booze, a lot more booze.

Fogerty was very hoarse by the time the game began, but the fans were grateful for the marathon performance and gave him a very drunk standing, more like staggering, ovation as he walked off the field, accompanied by the 4 men who had held umbrellas over his head during the entire 10-hour performance. Just like in the words of the song, Fogerty spent some time with the Mudville Nine (Nelson Briles), watching it from the bench. He took some lumps when the mighty Critz struck out. He asked, a number of times, if he could play centerfield, but was denied each time.

Tim Wiles, director of research at the Baseball Hall of Fame Library in Cooperstown was invited to throw out the first pitch. Wiles often dresses as Casey at the Hall and recites the poem “Casey at the Bat” for fans. He dressed the part in Mudville too, to the delight of all.

As for the game itself, it really was a marathon with multiple rain delays, and spanning almost a full 2 days and nights. The pitchers from the South Pacific squad were at the top of their game throughout and dominated the East-MidWest bats.

Mudcat Grant and Johnny Vander Meer, the two starters, each threw 2 shutout innings before the relievers were called in. The South Pacific side struck first, with 2 runs in the top of the 3rd as Derrel Thomas tripled to drive in both U.L. Washington, who had walked, and Jamie Quirk who had singled earlier in the frame.

In the bottom of the 5th, the East-Midwesterners cut that lead in half with a bizarre play that could only have happened in Mudville. After Hughie Critz struck out, (sending Fogerty into a pathetic state of uncontrollable sobbing, stopped only when Bob Veale snapped him out of it by tossing a couple of baseballs at his head at non-lethal speed but just hard enough to cause some lumps to form later that inning), Pete Redfern gave up a walk to Choo Choo Coleman, the surprisingly speedy catcher from the Springfield Isotopes. With Coleman on 1st, Mike Cubbage hit a hard liner towards the right field corner. Rob Deer, running more like a moose through the soggy outfield grass, looked like he would cut it off and perhaps hold Cubbage to a single and keep Coleman from gaining 3rd, but instead of fielding the ball on a bounce, Deer overran the ball when it literally stuck in a muddy patch of field and didn't bounce at all. It took Deer a moment to figure out what had happened. By the time he did, Thomas was standing on second base and Coleman was rounding 3rd. Deer might still have had a chance to get Coleman at the plate, but it took him a couple of seconds to dislodge the ball from the mud. Coleman unnecessarily slid into home just so he could spray fellow catcher Jamie Quirk with a nice wall of water that had pooled around home plate. Quirk loved it and the two shook hands after the play with huge smiles on their faces. Catchers are weird. Rumor has it that Q and Choo Choo went out for Chinese Food after the game and that moment began a life-long love of Asian cuisine that would eventually lead Coleman to run his own Chinese Food Restaurant along with his second wife and her family. I'm not making this up.

Another delay followed as fans were asked to go out onto the field and help sop up some of the excess water accumulating faster than the grounds crew could pump it away. Fans soaked up water into their jackets, Mudville Nine towels, and over a thousand sponges that were purchased at local hardware stores earlier in the day by Mudville management. You have to give the front office a lot of credit for pulling this off under such unenviable conditions.

Back to the game. In the top of the 7th inning, Barry Foote pinch-hit for Dean Palmer and singled into left field off Kirby Higbe. After a Jerry Adair ground out moved Higbe over to second base, Craig Grebeck came to the plate, subbing in for U.L. Washington. Higbe was pulled in favor of Diego Segui who had been practicing a special pitch in the bullpen. He had been using a kind of submarine motion and was actually skipping the ball off the water on a bounce just in front of the plate and then back up into the strike zone. He was getting pretty good at it after practicing for 2 hours straight through one of the rain delays, and he decided to try it on the third pitch to Grebeck. Grebeck wasn't fazed, though, and smoked the skipping ball into the gap in left centerfield for a run scoring double, giving the South Pacific squad a 3-1 lead. They would add another in the 8th with three straight singles from Johnny McCarthy, Tom Tresh, and Roy Howell who drove in McCarthy with another freak play. McCarthy was on second base when Howell smoked a Jim Winn offering right at 1st baseman Walt Dropo. Dropo fielded the ball on a bounce, but the bounce also caused water to splash up into his eyes, temporarily blinding him and allowing McCarthy to score all the way from second base before Dropo could clear his eyes and reorient himself. By this time the official scorers were well into their 9th beer and were just calling everything a hit. There were no errors recorded in the game, officially.

Durham Bulls' ace Sam Jones came in to mop things up in the bottom of the 9th and finished off the East-MidWest crew with a three-up, three-down frame. South Pacific outhit their opponents 10-2 on the night (or nights, as it were).

The East-Midwest still lead the all-time BNBL All-Star Series 4 games to 3. Derrel Thomas was named the game’s MVP with a double, a triple, and 2 RBIs.

The Season 8 All-Star Game will be held in ... ... ... ... wait for it ... ... ...

the Zoo, in Durham, NC.

For more info on the game, please contact your friendly Commish.
Good luck to all in the 2nd Half!!

Season 7 ALL-STAR Teams Named

Nelson Briles was the lone Mudville Nine named to the East-Midwest Team

East-MidWest All-Star Team
C Choo Choo Coleman - Isotopes
C Randy Hundley - Charlie Browns
1B Tommy Tucker - Knights
1B Walt Dropo - Chiefs
2B Hughie Critz - Gorillas
2B Lonny Frey - Meteors
3B Mike Cubbage - Isotopes
3B Eddie Williams - Mud Hens
SS Jack Barry - Chiefs
SS Don Kessinger - Knights
OF Paul Blair - Gorillas
OF Dan Meyer - Chiefs
OF Larry Whisenton - Mud Hens
OF Terry Puhl - Charlie Browns
OF Boots Day - Mud Hens
DH Greg Brock - Isotopes
SP Mudcat Grant - Charlie Browns
SP Clay Kirby - Gorillas
SP Bob Veale - Gorillas
SP Al Worthington - Meteors
SP Danny McDevitt - Gorillas
RP Jim Winn - Mud Hens
RP Danny Frisella - Gorillas
RP Diego Segui - Gorillas
RP Kirby Higbe - Knights
RP Nelson Briles - Nine

South-Pacific All-Star Team
C Jamie Quirk - Bulls
C Ron Hodges - Wingnuts
1B Orestes Destrade - Spiders
1B Johnny McCarthy - Rednecks
2B Billy Hitchcock - Flibs
2B Jerry Adair - Rednecks
3B Ossie Bluege - Generals
3B Bob Bailey - Silver Sox
SS U.L. Washington - Rednecks
SS Craig Grebeck - Generals
OF Rob Deer - Gunslingers
OF Derrel Thomas - Rednecks
OF Tom Tresh - Silver Sox
OF Tony Armas - Gunslingers
OF Danny Cater - Generals
DH Dean Palmer - Spiders
SP Johnny Vander Meer - Spiders
SP Dick Errikson - Generals
SP Vic Raschi - Generals
SP Sam Jones - Bulls
SP Pete Redfern - Rednecks
RP Elmer Riddle - Flibs
RP Larry Sheets - Flibs
RP Jose Pena - Flibs
RP Jim Poole - Rednecks
RP Eddie Solomon - Silver Sox

Season 7 News

John Wockenfuss is the new face of the BNBL, but he refuses to show his face, in true BNBL fashion
John Wockenfuss has been in the BNBL news a lot lately, for all the right reasons. His trade sparked a firestorm of comments in the chat box, caused a fair amount of short-term anxiety for one owner who thought the sky was falling over Durham, North Carolina (it wasn't, the Bulls are winning again), and buoyed the Meteors on to new heights. Wockenwhatever has raised his average, if not into the stratosphere, then at least a few feet off the ground, and has hit 8 bombs in his time with Metropolis.

Carrasquel delivers in clutch, Bulls win

Chico Carrasquel drove in 4 runs, carrying Durham to a 9-2 victory over the Isotopes. | Box

Lopez blasts off, leads Silver Sox to win

Hector Lopez blasted 2 homers, lifting the Silver Sox to a 9-8 win over New York. | Box

Huge night for Wockenfuss carries Meteors to victory

John Wockenfuss was on his game, knocking in 3 runs in Metropolis's 5-1 victory over the Generals. Wockenfuss also had 3 hits in the game. | Box

Cerone in the zone for victorious Charlie Browns

Rick Cerone's hot bat helped the Charlie Browns to a 7-6 win over the Spiders. Cerone collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Harrison dominates, Charlie Browns win 5-0

Roric Harrison was brilliant last night, allowing just 0 hits over 5 innings, leading the Charlie Browns to a 5-0 win over the Spiders. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

H. Lopez, Silver Sox .3534 HR7 RBI
T. Tresh, Silver Sox .3643 HR6 RBI
G. Thomas, Gunslingers .5003 HR4 RBI
M. Throneberry, Meteors .3852 HR7 RBI
J. Pepitone, Gunslingers .2382 HR6 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

B. North, Wingnuts 3 for 22 (.136)
B. Day, Mud Hens 1 for 19 (.053)
G. Zernial, Gunslingers 1 for 19 (.053)
L. Frey, Meteors 3 for 21 (.143)
A. Rodriguez, Meteors 2 for 19 (.105)

Leaders: RBI

J. Quirk, Bulls 101
P. Blair, Gorillas 86
R. Kittle, Bulls 85
S. Balboni, Mud Hens 82
T. Armas, Gunslingers 78

Leaders: Wins

E. Riddle, Flibbertigibets 16
M. Grant, Charlie Browns 16
J. Pena, Flibbertigibets 14
R. Munger, Bulls 14
P. Redfern, Rednecks 14

New Prospects Coming Soon

Who will be joining the BNBL for Season 8? Stay tuned!
New Prospects will slowly be added for Season 8. Check them out on the Rookie Prospects team soon! (Canadian Standard Time). Start dreaming about your Season 8 additions now!!

Welcome to the BNBL (Bad News Bears League)

This league is definitely quirky!
The BNBL is the league for mediocre players to play against their peers.
See how these "Average Joes" might have fared if they didn't have to face Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, Lou Gehrig, or Babe Ruth.

Hitters have to have:
less than 1.000 combined AVG and OPS
but also have a .275 AVG or lower
and less than .800 OPS
(oh, and a maximum Speed of 7 as well)

Pitchers need to have a WHIP of 1.40 or more.

Also, we’re only allowing up to the real-life 2003 season so far so that we have some room to grow with new imports each year. If your favorite players are more recent, just be patient and they’ll be available soon!

The Basics:
16 Teams
8 teams make the playoffs (4 division winners and 4 Wild Cards)
(gives more teams a chance and keeps it interesting!)
162 Game Schedule
No progressions
Fatigue: On
5-Man Rotation
Minimum ABs/IPs: 50 ABs (no IP minimum)
Any season pre-1990 that fits the minimum/maximum requirements (see above)
Players will retire after 13 seasons (there are exceptions to that - see Rules Page)
See Rules Page for more information

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Management of Sin City wants to call out the fact that our so called " Divisional Opponents" are for the most far away from our home cities and as a result, are subject to long and arduous road trips that the rest of the league does not have to contend with, these trips are taxing on both player performance and team travel expenditures.

The Pacific has teams based in New Jersey, Cleveland, Las Vegas, and Wichita

East- New York, New York, New York, and Charlestown

Midwest - St. Louis, Toledo, Mudville,( which is actually in ) and Springfield which is in every state, let's call it Illinois

The South has -Alabama, Carolina, Arkansas, and Texas

best realignment would be

East- Woodstock, Metropolis, New York and Washington, ( which is actually New Jersey

South East - Charlestown, Durham, Lick Skillet, and Fayetteville

Central - Cleveland, Galveston, Toledo, and Fayetteville

Pacific - Sin City, Wichita, Springfield ( Oregon) and St. Louis which should be -Gashouse, at least that's what the Cardinals were called way back when.

I realize this is just a thought, but I sure don't benefit from this having Gashouse in my Division!
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