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Gunslingers light up the Meteors in a 4-game sweep. Now that's some mean gunslinging!

Foley blasts off, leads Isotopes to win

Tom Foley blasted 2 homers, lifting the Isotopes to a 10-0 win over Toledo. | Box

Murtaugh sparks 4-3 win for Generals

Danny Murtaugh's hot bat helped the Generals to a 4-3 win over the Silver Sox. Murtaugh collected 5 hits in the game. | Box

Blair delivers in clutch, Gorillas win

Paul Blair drove in 4 runs, carrying Gas-House to a 8-5 victory over the Wingnuts. | Box

Zernial blasts off, leads Gunslingers to win

Gus Zernial blasted 3 homers, lifting the Gunslingers to a 9-4 win over Fayetteville. | Box

Ruthven baffles Meteors, Dark Knights win

Dick Ruthven struckout 8 Metropolis batters in a 8-2 win for the Dark Knights. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

T. Tresh, Gunslingers .3682 HR8 RBI
G. Thomas, Gunslingers .2113 HR7 RBI
G. Zernial, Gunslingers .3753 HR6 RBI
V. Hayes, Dark Knights .3681 HR8 RBI
R. Hebner, Nine .3333 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

C. Tovar, Flibbertigibets 0 for 22 (.000)
D. Meyer, Chiefs 0 for 19 (.000)
J. Rucker, Gorillas 2 for 21 (.095)
O. Brown, Flibbertigibets 1 for 19 (.053)
T. Davis, Dark Knights 2 for 20 (.100)

Leaders: RBI

G. Thomas, Gunslingers 108
R. Hebner, Nine 95
J. Northrup, Dark Knights 94
S. Balboni, Mud Hens 90
E. Whitt, Nine 84

Leaders: Wins

A. Worthington, Meteors 16
M. Grant, Charlie Browns 14
C. Hough, Gunslingers 14
B. Veale, Gorillas 13
T. Lollar, Flibbertigibets 13


And a Tuxedo Cat looks like this - another example of why the Commish is more of a dog person! lol
Not much news to report. Silver Sox owner blames bad luck and jinxes for his sub-par season. AlyCats' owner is talking about cats for some reason, thinking maybe this is a cat site and not a baseball site. Commish is happily working from home, spending time reading psychology books so as to be able to better understand the various issues that the BNBL owners seem to be facing (issues that pre-date the COVID-19 virus), and that's about it for now. Stay tuned as we are in the stretch run. There might even be a prospect or two for Season 9 showing up in the next while.
Stay safe and let's hope the bad news stays in the BNBL and doesn't keep seeping into real life!!


Jerry Adair was on fire for the South Pacific and was named ASG MVP. Adair ya to disagree!!
Austin, Texas was the site of the BNBL's Season 8 All-Star Game. Amid COVID-19 worries, the game went ahead with a few changes. Social distancing requirements meant that all fans were seated 3 seats apart. The crowd was sparse but lively. Players also had to remain 6 feet apart at all times, making for some interesting new rules. Umpires were spaced out a good distance from the players, including the home plate umpire who stood 6 feet behind the catcher, who squatted 6 feet behind home plate. Base-runners were required to make wide turns around all the bases and were not required to actually touch the bases. Safe/Out calls were left to the umpires' discretion, which made for some mild disagreements, although in a spirit of "we're all in this together" the players and managers were actually quite cordial through all the confusion.

Fans and players alike enjoyed the zoo-like atmosphere as the concourse was rimmed with cages of lions, tigers and bears (I'm not going to say it), also gorillas, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, all manner of snakes and the most popular creature, a parrot named Crackers who kept repeating the phrase "AlyCats rule, Gorillas drool" into a microphone hooked into the Public Address System.

A pair of famous Texans sang a most interesting duet of the Star Spangled Banner - Beyonce and Willie Nelson. At the 7th inning stretch, Hillary Duff appeared and sang a nice version of "Dancing With Myself" before belting out "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".

The real action took place on the field, however, as both offenses came out swinging. The newly named NorthEast-Atlantic Division (previously named the East-MidWest) came roaring out of the gate with 2 runs in the top of the 1st. The first three batters reached base as Don Kessinger singled up the middle, Jim Northrup drove an RBI triple into the right field corner, and Richie Hebner singled home Northrup with a sharp drive just out of the reach of shortstop U.L. Washington. South Pacific starter Charlie Hough managed to get out of the inning without any more damage, but his team was in a 2-0 hole before even coming to the plate.

Al Worthington of the Meteors started for the NorthEast-Atlantic side and got out of the 1st without a run, giving up a double to Jerry Adair of the Rednecks, but nothing else.

Bob Veale, in spite of Crackers the Parrot's loud taunting (sometimes mid-pitch), faced the minimum three batters in the 2nd, giving up a single to lead-off man Bill Tuttle, but then striking out Lonny Frey and getting Kessinger to bounce into an easy double play.

The South Pacific crew got on the board in the bottom of the 2nd on a mammoth Home Run off the bat of slugger Gorman Thomas of the Gunslingers. Worthington finished the inning with 3 straight outs to keep his team leading 2-1 after 2.

In the 3rd inning, both teams scored two runs. The NorthEast-Atlantic played small ball with singles from Northrup and Hebner, a ground out by Dan Driessen, a sac fly by Choo Choo Coleman, and an RBI single by Wally Moses. The home team countered with a leadoff Ossie Bluege triple. U.L. Washington drove him in with a single. Jerry Adair got his second hit of the night, followed two batters later by an RBI single from Gus Zernial. The fans began chanting "GUS, GUS, GUS" after Zernial's line-drive to right, but it's not clear if they were chanting for the Gunslinger or the Commish. The score was 4-3 through 3 innings of play.

An inning later, the South Pacific side took the lead with 3 runs in the bottom of the 4th to make it a 6-4 game for the home team. Derrel Thomas doubled to lead off the inning. Craig Kusick grounded out, pushing Thomas to 3rd. Tom Tresh singled him home, and then scampered to 3rd on a U.L. Washington double that bounced crazily off the left-center field wall. Wally Moses made a nice defensive play tracking it down quickly to hold the speedy Washington at 3rd base. It was to no avail though, as Adair got his third hit of the day, driving in both Washington and Tresh to give SouthPacific a 2-run lead.

In the top of the 5th, the NEA tied it up with 2 runs. Richie Hebner knocked his 3rd single of the day into left field, followed by an RBI double by Dan Driessen. Coleman flew out to deep right field and Driessen tagged and moved to 3rd on the play, scoring on a Wally Moses sac fly to tie the game at 6.

The game then turned abruptly from an offensive display to a pitchers' duel, as neither team scored in the 6th, 7th, or 8th. In fact, SP pitchers' Elmer Riddle, Charlie Williams, Diego Segui, and Jose Pena recorded 4 straight innings of perfect ball from the 6th inning through the 9th.

In the bottom of the 9th, the fans came to their feet to cheer on the home side, and they were not disappointed. Tom Tresh led off with a double to the right-center field gap. Doug Strange and Craig Grebeck struck out, bringing Jerry Adair to the plate, looking for his 4th hit of the game and the chance to play hero. With a 2-2 count, Cecilio Guante of the Charlie Browns served up a hanging curve that Adair drilled into center field. Jim Northrup nearly came up with a shoe-string catch but couldn't quite get there in time. He took it on a very short hop and came up throwing. Tresh was just too fast though, and slid into home plate with the winning run for the victorious South Pacificers. In his excitement, Tresh forgot all about the social distancing, causing catcher Ernie Whitt to dive out of the way, which caused the home plate umpire to also dive away from Whitt who was diving right into his personal space. It was a humorous domino effect but everyone survived and lived to tel the tale.

The Austin crowd celebrated by giving distant air-high-fives to each other and left happy, but socially distant. Another great All-Star game. Thanks to the host team for putting up with the other owners and their shenanigans all week long.

The all-time BNBL All-Star Series is now tied up at 4 games apiece. Jerry Adair was named the game's MVP, going 4 for 5 with 3 RBIs including the game-winning walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th.

The Season 9 All-Star Game will be held in Charlestown.

For more info on the game, please contact your friendly Commish.
Good luck to all in the 2nd Half!!

Season 8 ALL-STAR Teams Named

Austin and AlyCats' slugger Ron Kittle welcome the BNBL to the Zoo for the Season 8 ASG

NorthEast-Atlantic All-Star Team
C Choo Choo Coleman - Isotopes
C Ernie Whitt - Nine
1B Dan Driessen - Isotopes
1B Orestes Destrade - Spiders
2B Lonny Frey - Meteors
2B Frank Bolling - Nine
3B Richie Hebner - Nine
3B Floyd Baker - Isotopes
SS Don Kessinger - Dark Knights
SS Johnny Logan - Charlie Browns
OF Jim Northrup - Dark Knights
OF Wally Moses - Dark Knights
OF Bill Tuttle - Chiefs
OF Wayne Comer - Isotopes
OF Boots Day - Mud Hens
DH Pat Kelly - Spiders
SP Al Worthington - Meteors
SP Dave LaPoint - Meteors
SP Ken Brett - Isotopes
SP Ruben Gomez - Charlie Browns
SP Mudcat Grant - Charlie Browns
RP Cecilio Guante - Charlie Browns
RP Nelson Briles - Nine
RP Gary Lucas - Meteors
RP Stan Bahnsen - Nine
RP Jay Hook - Meteors

South-Pacific All-Star Team
C Jamie Quirk - AlyCats
C Butch Wynegar - Generals
1B Craig Kusick - Flibbertigibbets
1B Ken Harrelson - Wingnuts
2B Jerry Adair - Rednecks
2B Johnny Ray - AlyCats
3B Ossie Bluege - Generals
3B Doug Strange - Flibbertigibbets
SS U.L. Washington - Rednecks
SS Craig Grebeck - Generals
OF Derrel Thomas - Rednecks
OF Gus Zernial - Gunslingers
OF Tom Tresh - Gunslingers
OF Ron Kittle - AlyCats
OF Jim Dwyer - Wingnuts
DH Gorman Thomas - Gunslingers
SP Charlie Hough - Gunslingers
SP Bob Veale - Gorillas
SP Tim Lollar - Flibbertigibbets
SP Joey Jay - Gorillas
SP Clay Kirby - Gorillas
RP Jose Pena - Flibbertigibbets
RP Diego Segui - Gorillas
RP Charlie Williams - Generals
RP Elmer Riddle - Flibbertigibbets
RP Jim Poole - Rednecks
RP Ron Schueler - Silver Sox

New Prospects Coming for Season 9

Brandon Claussen will be one of the new prospects coming to the BNBL in Season 9
New Prospects will slowly be added for Season 9 over the next few weeks. Check them out on the Future Prospects team! Start dreaming about your Season 9 additions now!!

Welcome to the BNBL (Bad News Bears League)

This league is definitely quirky!
The BNBL is the league for mediocre players to play against their peers.
See how these "Average Joes" might have fared if they didn't have to face Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, Lou Gehrig, or Babe Ruth.

Hitters have to have:
less than 1.000 combined AVG and OPS
but also have a .275 AVG or lower
and less than .800 OPS
(oh, and a maximum Speed of 7 as well)

Pitchers need to have a WHIP of 1.40 or more.

Also, we’re only allowing up to the real-life 2003 season so far so that we have some room to grow with new imports each year. If your favorite players are more recent, just be patient and they’ll be available soon!

The Basics:
16 Teams
8 teams make the playoffs (4 division winners and 4 Wild Cards)
(gives more teams a chance and keeps it interesting!)
162 Game Schedule
No progressions
Fatigue: On
5-Man Rotation
Minimum ABs/IPs: 50 ABs (no IP minimum)
Any season pre-1990 that fits the minimum/maximum requirements (see above)
Players will retire after 13 seasons (there are exceptions to that - see Rules Page)
See Rules Page for more information

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4/8/2020Mud Hens @ IsotopesWatch  Box
4/8/2020Nine @ ChiefsWatch  Box
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4/8/2020Gorillas @ WingnutsWatch  Box
4/8/2020Flibbertigibets @ Gunsling..Watch  Box
4/8/2020Dark Knights @ MeteorsWatch  Box
4/8/2020Rednecks @ AlyCatsWatch  Box
4/8/2020Spiders @ Charlie BrownsWatch  Box

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4/7/2020Knowing Our BNBL Players and TeamsDommod
On April 7; 1969; Bill Singer (now playing for the New York Dark Knights) become the first major league reliever to officially record for a save, a new stat which will be kept starting this season, in the Dodgers' 3-2 win over Cincinnati in the season-opener at Crosley Field. The 'Singer Throwing Machine' does not allow a hit, hurling three scoreless innings in route to saving Don Drysdale's victory. BTW the only save recorded by Singer in the 1969 season, and 50% of his career total. ⚾⚾⚾
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4/7/2020 Player Signed
John O'Donoghue picked up by Sin City Silver Sox
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Dave Freisleben dropped by Sin City Silver Sox
4/6/2020 Player Signed
Kevin Tapani picked up by Mudville Nine
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4/8/2020Question about long relieversJoeC911
So my SP blew up and was pulled in the 4th. I would have imagined that would be a situation for my long relievers, but instead it was managed around 4 of my relievers...the long relieved being put in at the end of the game in the 8th.

Am I missing something? Should I not designate my long relieved?
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