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The hall of fame is now open and we will vote each season to see who gets in. I NEED ALL OWNERS TO VOTE.

1-Select 3 player from the list below.
2-Min. requirement to get in 10 years played.
3-8 votes needed to enter the Hall.

1941 ballot

WAITE HOYT 1919-1935 NYY W-306 ERA-3.99 WHIP-1.25 K-1641 SHO-39 6X CY 1927 1928 30-32 34

ROSS YOUNGS 1918-1936 NYG- AVG-.275 H-3034 2B-531 3B-216 HR-162 RBI-1338 R-1840

SHERRY MAGEE 1904-1924 PHN- AVG-.259 H-3431 2B-444 3B-336 HR-235 RBI-1216 R-1913 SB-1045

GEORGE BURNS 1914-1933 DET- AVG-.267 H-3139 2B-580 3B-116 HR-143 RBI-1445 R-1454

JOE EVANS 1915-1930 BSN 5X MVP 1924-1928 -AVG-.266 H-2091 2B-654 3B-111 HR-601 RBI-1728 R-1684

WALTER HOLKE 1916-1932 NYG 2X MVP 1921 1923 -AVG-.282 H-2317 2B-495 3B-139 HR-535 RBI-1737 R-1594

CLAUDE HENDRIX 1911-1923 PIT 1924-1926 BSA 1927-1929 PHN
1X CY 1922 10X WORLD SERIES CHAMP 1911-1915 1917-1921
W-352 ERA-3.29 WHIP-1.11 K-1518 SHO-19

HIPPO VAUGHN 1910-1911 NYY- 1912-1928 NYG- W-346 ERA-4.37 WHIP-1.32 K-1930 SHO-40

BILL JAMES 1914-1932 BSN -W-344 ERA-4.00 WHIP-1.28 K-1768 SHO-35

W-313 ERA-3.22 WHIP-1.11 K-1797 SHO-54

ED REULBACH 1905-1921 CHN- 6X CY 1905 1907-1911- W-312 ERA-2.51 WHIP-0.97 K-1684 SHO-60

RUBE BRESSLER 1915-1934 PHA- 1X CY 1921- 6X WORLD SERIES CHAMP 1916 1922 1927 1930 1932 1934
W-307 ERA-3.62 WHIP-1.15 K-1924 SHO-12

FREDDIE SCHUPP 1915-1931 NYG- 2X CY 1923 1924 -W-306 ERA-3.70 WHIP-1.21 K-1500 SHO-35

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