MLB Real Deal - season 31 (2043)

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Base draft order posted. I’ll update traded picks soon.

List of teams that can request prospects is on homepage.

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Draft picks and other trades, prospect requests; position changes

TRADED picks/prospects - can only trade picks for upcoming draft
STL receives #1 and #2 from BAL (Hayes&Palay)
STL receives #2 from LAA (White)
CHW receives #1 and #2 from MIN (Gore)
BOS receives #2 from ARI (Weeden)
MIL receives #1 from SD (Stetson deal)
SD receives 2043 PROSPECT from MIL in that deal
PIT receives #1 and #2 from CLE (Lemon deal)
MIL receives #1 from BOS (Aleman & Underwood)
COL receives #1 and #2 from LAD (Acuna)
BOS receives 2042 PROSPECT from CHC (Calhoun deal)
CHC receives #2 from BOS in that deal
MIL receives ARI#2 from BOS (Boston)
MIL receives 2043 PROSPECT from MIN (Kopech)
MIL receives #1 from PIT (Soroka)
MIL receives BAL#1 from STL (Pena)
TB receives #1 from LAA (Soto deal)
HOU receives #2 from PIT (Tucker)
MIL receives #1 and #2 from TOR (Ohtani)
MIA receives #1 and #2 from DET (Garcia deal)
BOS receives #2 from TB (Krissen)
DET receives CLE#1 and CLE#2 from PIT (Hiura)
LAA receives LAA#1 from TB (Press)
MIL receives TB#2 from BOS (Bunyan)
NYY receives #2 from SD (Watts deal)
PIT receives #1 from HOU (Stewart deal)
MIL receives #1 from TB (Lincoln)
HOU receives ARI#2 and TOR#2 from MIL (LeFleur)
MIL receives PIT#2 in that deal
MIL receives #1, #2 and LAA#2 from STL (LeFleur & Varland)
STL receives TB #2 from MIL in that deal

2043 PROSPECT REQUESTS - UPDATED NEW RULES, (ending the import of prospects after 2044 season)
These teams can request one prospect for the upcoming 2043 season. These prospect rights can be traded, but make sure you know who you are getting (or giving up rights to) and confirm it's valid. You can select from 2018 or 2019 season stats, and the player must be 28 or younger. Please check the league first to see if the player you want has already been selected, and if they meet the flexible criteria laid out in the rules. If they were previously added as a prospect created from minor league stats (pre-2039) you can select them, but I will change their name slightly after importing them. If you previously requested them and they are still on your team (never traded), you can replace them with the new version (for example, you had requested 2018 player A, and in 2019 he was better). If the player is since on a new team he counts as whatever team he is on the day he’s requested. Best also to check with me before trading for one, make sure who you want meets requirements. I prefer you not change once imported, but prospects lock in when season starts or if they play in spring training games.

CAPS = rolled over from last season
Blue Jays
Braves - OF Ronald Acuna (renamed Roland)
Brewers (owned by SD)
Giants - RP Trevor Gott
Indians - SS Francisco Lindor (renamed Frankie)
Padres - SS Fernando Tatis (low AB, multiplied stats by 1.3)
Phillies - OF Bryce Harper (renamed Brynn)
Twins (owned by MIL) - 2B Luis Arraez (low AB, multiplied stats by 1.3)

Position Changes (1 allowed per off-season, cant be under rookie contract)
Orioles - 3B/1B Ryan McMahon to 1B/3B
Yankees - 3B/IF Gil Gilmore to 2B/IF

SP to RP conversions (1 allowed per off-season, must be 30 or older)
Braves - Montu Busch
Cardinals - Zach Porter

Base Draft Order (trades not included yet)

White Sox
Red Sox
Blue Jays

WORLD SERIES - Padres defeat Orioles in 5 games

WORLD SERIES - Padres vs Orioles
Game 1: Cole throws a 2 hit shutout as SD first inning run holds up in 1-0 win.
Game 2: Florial’s first inning 2 run HR backs Lowther in BAL 3-2 win to even series.
Game3: Freeman’s 8th inning HR breaks tie and the Orioles tying run gets thrown out at home to end the game, a Padres 3-2 win.
Game 4: SD scores in every inning from the 5th on, and BAL can’t keep up as Padres win 7-5 setting themselves up perfectly to be heartbroken again. Right, Orioles?
Game 5: Watts late pinch hit 3 run HR holds up as Orioles rally falls short. SD wins 3-2, Cole wins again, and Padres win their 3rd straight title.

World Series MVP: SP Garrett Cole SD 2-0, 16 1/3 IP, 9 H, 3 BB, 1 ER, CG 2 hit shutout, 18 Ks

Padres over Reds in 4
Orioles over Astros in 4

Reds over Marlins in 4
Padres over Phillies in 3
Orioles over Twins in 3
Astros over Rays in 5

Orioles over Indians
Phillies over Dodgers

1. Padres - 6 WS titles, defending champs
2. Marlins - first division title, 2nd straight playoff appearance
3. Reds - 6 WS titles
4. Dodgers - 2 WS titles in the early days of the league, 2nd straight playoff appearance
5. Phillies - 10 division titles but just 2 WS appearances

1. Twins - 4 WS titles, 6 straight WS appearances
2. Rays - 2nd straight playoff appearance
3. Astros - 9th division title but just 1 WS appearance
4. Orioles - 1 WS title
5. Indians - - 3 WS titles long ago

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