MLB Real Deal - season 29 (2041)

League news after day 117

Current Win streak: Jays 4 (season: Padres 17)
Current Losing streak: Angels 5 (season: Nationals 18)

PC picked All Stars and we’ll vote for one more to add on each side. vote at link below

AS Team Final Vote

TRADE DEADLINE after day 138 on Friday. No games Saturday and trading off Sunday morning.

Dadi Martinez (NYM) 2 hit the Mariners and has given up just 2 runs in his last 5 starts.

Cubs Jake Bauers hit 3 HR in a 12-5 win over MIL. Teammates Jarod Harris and Jeff McNeil each had 2 HR in that game.

Karl Johansson (BAL) threw his 2nd straight shutout.

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Michaels delivers in clutch, Rangers win

Thomas Michaels drove in 4 runs, carrying Texas to a 6-4 victory over the Mariners. | Box

Sheffield whiffs 10 in 7-1 win

Justus Sheffield struckout 10 Tampa Bay batters in a 7-1 win for the Astros. | Box

Ohtani p whiffs 9 in 7-5 win

Shohei Ohtani p struckout 9 Atlanta batters in a 7-5 win for the Phillies. | Box

Castle baffles Nationals, Marlins win

Ash Castle struckout 8 Washington batters in a 5-2 win for the Marlins. | Box

Big game for Butler lifts Tigers to victory

Denny Butler drove in 4 runs, carrying Detroit to a 10-3 victory over the Yankees. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

J. Harris, Cubs .6254 HR7 RBI
M. Sanchez, Blue Jays .4213 HR8 RBI
G. Bates, White Sox .3893 HR8 RBI
M. Ward, Tigers .3572 HR9 RBI
B. Thorne, Athletics .2503 HR7 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

C. Wall, Yankees 2 for 21 (.095)
A. Bull, Rays 4 for 21 (.190)
C. Johnson, Marlins 2 for 19 (.105)
T. Skinner, Nationals 4 for 21 (.190)
M. Margot, Angels 1 for 17 (.059)

Leaders: AVG

J. Chisholm, Orioles .327
B. Freeman, Padres .315
J. Jones, Cubs .314
A. Adams, Orioles .311
M. Moniak, Twins .308

Leaders: WHIP

M. Baez, Padres 0.65
G. Steele, Padres 0.67
H. Mann, Padres 0.76
L. Ruhl, Reds 0.86
M. Mercedes, Dodgers 0.88

Draft picks and other trades, prospect requests; position changes

TRADED picks/prospects - can only trade picks for upcoming draft
SD receives 2041 PROSPECT from NYM (McMahon & Reid-Foley)
MIA and BOS swapped #1 picks (gamblers)
ATL receives #1 and #2 from BAL (Glover and more)
SD receives MIA#1 from BOS (Byars)
BOS receives #1 from SD in that deal
MIA receives SD#1 and #2 from BOS (Cherry)
MIA receives 2042 PROSPECT from BOS (Deveraux)
BOS receives SD#1 in that deal
MIL receives SD#1 from BOS (Weeden)
COL receives #2 from PIT (Stewart)
BOS receives #2 from PHI (Deveraux)
MIL receives PHI#2 from BOS (Blender)
SD receives #1 from CLE (Burrows & Story)
TEX receives #1 and #2 from LAD (Mercedes deal)
NYM receives SD#1, PHI#2, and #2 from MIL (Minor deal)
MIL receives #1 from PIT (Fowler)
STL receives #2 from DET (Meadows)
MIA receives #1 from DET (Palumbo deal)
DET receives #2 and BOS#2 in that deal
PHI receives #2 from STL (Adams)
TEX receives #2 from SD (Mann & Crow)
MIL receives #1 and #2 from MIN (Poche)
MIL receives #2 and PHI#2 from NYM (Elder)
MIL receives #1 and STL#2 from PHI (Bishop and more)
MIL receives 2042 PROSPECT from PIT (Wild deal)
HOU receives MIA#1 from SD (Murphy deal)
TB receives BOS#2 from DET (Hamlin)
TB receives #2 from COL (Starkey and more)
HOU receives #2 from CIN (James deal)
MIL receives #2 from CLE (Weeden and more)
TB receives #1 from MIL (Carr deal)
MIL receives #1, #2, COL#2, BOS#2 from TB in that deal
HOU receives STL#2 from MIL (Bradford deal)
MIA receives DET#2 from STL (Romero deal)
MIA receives #2 from OAK (Akin)
ATL receives #1 from STL (Tremor)
MIA receives 2042 PROSPECT from STL (picks)
STL receives DET#2 and OAK#2 in that deal
MIL receives #2 from CHC (Rivers)
MIL receives MIL#2 from NYM (Gardner)
MIL receives DET#2 and OAK#2 from STL (Hayes deal)

These teams can request one prospect for the upcoming 2041 season. These prospect rights can be traded, but make sure you know who you are getting and confirm it's valid. We are now using 2018 major league players/stats only. When 2019 comes available we will be able to use them, but also still 2018 stats for now. Please check the league first to see if the player you want has already been selected, and if they meet the flexible criteria laid out in the league messages and rules. If they were previously added as a prospect created from minor league stats (pre-2039) you can select them, but I will change their name slightly after importing them. Best also to check with me before trading for one, make sure who you want meets requirements. I prefer you not change know delected, but prospects lock in when season starts or if they play in spring training games.

CAPS = rolled over from last season)
Angels (owned by MIL) - DH Shohei Ohtani
ASTROS - 3B Alex Bregman
Blue Jays
Braves (owned by MIA) - Mike Foltynewicz (renamed Mick)
Brewers - SP Freddy Peralta
Giants - RP Reyes Moronta
Indians - 3B Jose Ramirez
Mets - RP Edwin Diaz (renamed Edward)
Phillies - SP Aaron Nola (renamed Darron)
Rockies (owned by MIL) - OF David Dahl (renamed Dave); low AB so multiplied by 1.5
Twins - SP Jose Berrios (renamed Joe)
WHITE SOX - SP Reynaldo Lopez (renamed Ronaldo)
YANKEES - OF Aaron Judge (renamed Darren)

Position Changes (1 allowed per off-season, cant be under rookie contract)
Dodgers - SS/3B Denver Collins to 3B/SS
Dbacks - 2B/SS Scott Kingery to SS/2B
Red Sox - 1B/OF Reggie Stiller to OF/1B
Giants - 3B/IF Roman Robertson to 2B/IF
Padres - 3B/UT Devin Gordon to SS/UT
Marlins - 2B/IF Taylor Hesster to SS/IF
Braves - 2B/SS Colin Ballard to SS/2B
Cubs - 1B/C Matt Thaiss to C/1B
Brewers - DH/1B Shohei Ohtani to 1B/DH - silly but it’s a rule

SP to RP conversions (1 allowed per off-season, must be 30 or older)
Red Sox - Cody Sedlock
Angels - Anthony Banda
Dbacks - Ian Malcolm
Giants - Brent Honeywell
Pirates - Clarence Knight
Cardinals - Loren Scott
Phillies - Rob Gibson
Brewers - Marlon Schwab
Orioles - Morgan Alexander
Mets - Harrison Onni
Reds - Mikey Kidd
Braves - Silas Ram
Marlins - Fernando Romero
Cubs - Buzz Bundy
A’s - Matthew Hartman
Padres - Charlton Webb

Pennant Chase strength rating

Below is Pennant Chase's power ranking. It's based on the Real Stats of your entire team, and possibly rank plays a heavy role. I think it still includes players in minors, which might bump teams with more players up higher, not sure. PC doesnt know how they'll play or how you manage, it's just looking at numbers. Some teams listed here in the top ten will miss playoffs, teams listed in the bottom ten will do well. So take this for what it's worth. Just PC opinion of your team based on whatever stats it looks at. We've already seen many times teams at the bottom go far and teams at the top fizzle out. PC is looking at Real Stats, which never tell the whole story.




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