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DFA Contract releases

Arizona Diamondbacks
Contract Cap Hit
1B Joey Luna. $4/2 years. At 80% $3+ $3
Sp Harris Sanchez. $5/3 years at 80%. $4+$4+$4
Sp Dennis Lopez. $4/4 years at 80%. $3+$3+$3+3

DFA Players. 3 days on market. Message me if you want to claim a player.

THESE PLAYERS MAY BE CLAIMED BY ANY TEAM. Message me if you want a player. 1st message gets the player. If players not claimed, team has option to release player. If released, team is responsible for 80% of contract. Claiming team assumes 100% of contract
Arizona DFA
1B Jodi Luna
SP Harris Sanchez
SP Dennis Lopez


1. Twins make Trade with Astros. See Transaction log. Players and All Twins Draft picks in this years draft go to Astros. (Lance McCullers)

Contract and Extensions!

Ok guys, Rosters look good. Now if you have someone who has no contract or 1 year left and you want me to sign them DM me. Pc contracts look like they are going to be very expensive so I will do it manually. Again, the goal being everyone being able to keep a high majority of their good players... The Formula we will use is no player will sign for less than $5 million a year. 5 years the minimum and 10 years being the max. Remember when we advance contracts you’ll lose a year. So if you want a player for $5 years give him a 6 year contract.
Rk 95-100 signs for $10 a year
Rk 94-90 signs for $9 a year
89-80 signs for $8 a year
79-70 signs for $7
Everyone else signs for $5 a year.
**No increase or decrease per year in this league.

And question, comments, or concerns Message me. Thanks again I’m hoping we can do free agency next week. We will do FA bidding in the chat box. Then draft and hopefully get the season kicked off.

League Progress. Roster and Contract Updates And Moving Forward.

The challenge in the league has been each owner previously owned 2 teams. When we went down to only MLB, it left us with too many players and too high a cap. This is the solution I came up with to get rosters to manageable levels and salary caps that reflex the changes. All trying to keep as many players on teams as possible. This is my plan.
1. All players making $8 or more a season had their contract cut in half. Allowing teams to keep good young players.
2. Roster limit will be cut to 40 players. 25 on a active game roster. 15 in “minors.” Again alittle higher to allow teams to keep more players.
3. We’ll use a 35 man Roster instead of 40 man roster. So basically before the season starts you’ll email me your 35 man roster. All must be on a PC contract to eligible. We’ll use DFA players again as the way to remove a player from the 35 man roster. Teams will have 3 days to claim player and 100% of his contract.
4. Roster tags, Prospect and Rookie. Ok some teams have lots of them. The league will allow you to carry over (3) prospects who are 21 years old or younger to next season. They will be given “Rookie” tags and can remain team property. Prospects Age 22 should be signed to PC contracts. Remember we can’t keep all the players so decide on the ones you want most.
5. This period is Cut Contract Freedom time. No penalties to cut players NOW! All the teams are going to have to make decisions on rosters moving forward so there can be no penalties for that... Take advantage, cut bad contracts. Sign your young players, and if you have (3) young players you can carry over to build in the future.
6. “Rookie” tag players will have no contract and do not count against roster limit.
7. Something to think about.. Teams are going to have to cut a lot of players which means this Free Agent Class is probably going to be pretty good. I would recommend teams leave 2-3 “Open Spots” for potential Free Agents. Also leave yourself some cap space to play with if you intend on being active in FREE AGENCY. Once rosters are set and prior to FREE AGENT BIDDING we will have a hard Cap of $205 Million and 40 players. Give yourself wiggle room unless you love your team and wanna keep as many as possible.
8. DRAFT. We will have a 3 round draft after the FREE AGENT Process. All trades will be honored and are listed. The only team affected by cutting Rounds 4 and 5 is me. I will take teams 7th player in their MLB pipeline players as my Rookies. That seems like a fair compromise.
9. PROSPECTS: As I’ve said each team can carry over (3) current prospects. As long they don’t have a PC contract they are eligible.. MOVING FORWARD. The 3 guys we draft will be tagged “Rookies.” The 3 prospects who get carried over will be tagged “ Rookies.” They will Have no Contract and WILL NOT COUNT AGAINST ROSTER LIMIT OR CAP LIMIT. However, if you want to play a prospect MESSAGE ME. Sign them to a PC contract, and I’ll move them to active 35 man roster.
10. “PROSPECTS” This league will grant each team a prospect prior to our draft. I will assign every team their real life’s team 1st Round Pick from the 2019 MLB DRAFT. I WILL HOWEVER, TAG THEM AS “ROOKIE.” I will only be using 2 tags this year. “35 MAN” and “Rookie.” I think it gets too confusing. If your team didn’t have a first round pick, you get the first player they drafted. All drafted players will enter the league at the accurate real life age. Example Bobby Witt Jr, will enter our league at 19 years old.
11. CONTRACT EXTENSIONS: If you have a player you want to extend, sign him now. This is contract freedom time, use the time to reorganize your clubs and keep the players you want. If your having a problem message me and I’ll give them a contract. Any issues message me.
12. Regression. This league players start to regress at 32. I’m going to change that to age 34. My reason is that players today play well into their 30s and get huge deals. Example. Garret Cole is gonna get $300 million for about 8 years and he’s 30. If teams are absolutely against this, message me and we can vote. My other reason is it keeps teams more competitive, and allows high ranking vets to be traded at the deadline for teams who need a player or 2 to compete for championships. This can help teams rebuild faster by trading vets fir “Rookies.”
***Thanks for everyone’s patients, this is the first time I’ve ever been commissioner and I’m still getting use to all controls. I’m hoping once we convert over to a manageable league, get a year under our belts, we can move seamlessly into the off-season and immediately kick start a new year. I have other ideas that I’ll present later on. For now I just want to get rosters and caps in order so we can move forward with the league. Any questions, comments, concerns let me know. But for now starts signing and cutting players to get to or close to the 40 player limit and under $205 cap. Some teams have a lot of work to do. Thanks. Let me know if you have questions or issues. Thanks. Mike

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Draft Order 1st Round

1. San Diego
3. Boston
4. Milwaukee
5. Tampa Bay
6. Oakland
7. Detroit
8. Toronto
9. Texas
10. Chicago (A)
11. LA Dodgers
12. Cubs
13. Angles
14. Mets
15. Pirates
16. Rockies
17. Royals
18. Seattle
19. Giants
20. Reds
21. Twins (To Houston.)
22. St. Louis
23. Washington
24. Yankees
25. Atlanta
26. Arizona
27. Cleveland
28. Baltimore (To Rays.)
29. Astros
30. Phillies

Davies dominates, Giants win 3-1

Zach Davies was brilliant last night, allowing just 4 hits over 9 innings, leading the Giants to a 3-1 win over the Orioles. | Box

Myers blasts off, leads Padres to win

Wil Myers blasted 2 homers, lifting the Padres to a 12-9 win over Toronto. Jasper Mitchell had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for San Diego while recording 3 hits. | Box

Braves ride Gregg to victory over Astros

Mitch Gregg was brilliant last night, allowing just 4 hits over 9 innings, leading the Braves to a 8-1 win over the Astros. | Box

Roby blasts off, leads Royals to win

Alfred Roby blasted 2 homers, lifting the Royals to a 7-2 win over St.Louis. | Box

Red-hot Taylor can't overcome Reds onslaught

A 4-RBI game from Don Taylor couldn't lift the Tigers to victory. Cincinnati prevailed by a score of 8-7. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

A. Roby, Royals .5714 HR10 RBI
J. Candelario, Brewers .3814 HR9 RBI
B. Carr, Tigers .3505 HR7 RBI
G. Torres, Cubs .3334 HR8 RBI
M. Trout, Astros .3503 HR7 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

H. Douglas, Rays 1 for 20 (.050)
B. Foxx, Mets 1 for 20 (.050)
I. Ajax, White Sox 4 for 22 (.182)
F. Lindor, Indians 1 for 20 (.050)
T. Naquin, Diamondbacks 1 for 18 (.056)

Leaders: HR

D. Santana, Mariners 40
D. Battle, Reds 34
D. Gage, Diamondbacks 34
G. Diaz, Pirates 33
B. Rodgers, Rockies 31

Leaders: SO

M. Kopech, White Sox 140
B. Mills, Rockies 136
T. Goodwin, Cardinals 129
O. De la cruz, Phillies 127
R. Easley, Pirates 127

Traded Draft Picks

Mariners 2nd to Nationals (Yelich)
A's 5th to Orioles (Aquino)
Orioles 2nd, 3rd to Red Sox (Groome)
Red Sox 5th to Orioles (Fletcher)
Orioles 1st to Rays (Maile)
Rays 5th to Orioles (Cormier)
Phillies 2nd to Cubs (Huber)
Giants 2nd to A's (Barreto)
Twins 1st, 2nd, 3rd to Houston (McCullers)

Orioles 1st to Rays (Maile)
Orioles 2nd to Rockies (Guerrero)
Rockies 5th to Orioles (Ferguson)

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2/16/2020 Damn, one of my favorites....Jayslater1223
I just always remember him ending on a roster SOMEWHERE in October when I was a kid. From Toronto in '93. The Yanks in '95.. To Cleveland in '97. Always being in the middle of big moments. He was a solid ballplayer who contributed all over the infield. R.I.P.
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