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Season 33 Summary

WORLD SERIES: Bangkok Buddhas World Champions
Buddhas def Dirtbags 4-0

East Division champs - Oxford Hop Hounds #1
West Division champs - Bangkok Buddhas #2
wild card 1 - Toronto Rhinos
wild card 2 - New York Knights

East Division champs - Muscatine Mudcats #1
West Division champs - ATown Dirtbags #2
wild card 1 - Louisiana Cajun Heat
wild card 2 - Santa Barbara Sharks

Buddhas def Rhinos 4-3
Knights def Hop Hounds 4-1
Mudcats def Sharks 4-0
Dirtbags def Cajun Heat 4-3
NLCS: Buddhas def Knights 4-0
ALCS: Dirtbags def Mudcats 4-3

NL MVP - Lance Berkman (Rhinos) - .319/.395/.671/1.066 - 53hr - 152rbi

AL MVP - Todd Helton (Sharks) - .325/.397/.676/1.073 - 64doubles - 50hr

NL CY YOUNG - Dave McNally (Knights) - 22-6, 3.22era/.250oobp/0.98whip/3.71dice - 26cg

AL CY YOUNG - Luis Severino (Mudcats) - 20-6, 2.52era/.229oobp/0.87whip/3.45dice - 258k

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Jim Perry (Pagans) - 11-11, 5.87era/.350oobp/1.58whip/5.82dice - 216ip

MOJO AWARD - Mickey Mantle (Mudcats) - .302/.396/.650/1.046 - 54hr - 97walks (new record)

World Series MVP - Rickey Henderson (Buddhas) - 5-16, 2hr, 3rbi, 4runs, 2steals


These players are designated with the Franchise Player Tag. (flat $20M Salary for length of contract):

Angels - Clayton Kershaw
Angus Sluggers - Larry Walker
Bombers - Max Scherzer
Buddhas - Rickey Henderson
Cajun Heat - Tom Seaver
Dirtbags - Michael Fulmer
Engineers - George Brett
Hop Hounds - Hanley Ramirez
Jaws - Reggie Jackson
Killer Bees - Nomar Garciaparra
Knights - Dave McNally
Lost Cubs - Barry Bonds
Mudcats - Mickey Mantle
Outlaws - Cole Hamels
Pagans - Alex Rodriguez
Rangers - Pedro Martinez
Rhinos - Lance Berkman
Sharks - Todd Helton
Smash mouths - Sandy Koufax
Heat - Joe Mauer

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List of No Hitters

32 - R A Dickey (Heat) - 9ip, zero hits vs Outlaws
33 - Tim Hudson (Buddhas) - 9ip, zero hits vs Cajun Heat
33 - Kenta Maeda (Dirtbags) - 9ip, zero hits vs Sharks

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1/22/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Matt Kemp placed on trade block by ATown Dirtbags
1/22/2020 Player Signed
Bud Harrelson picked up by ATown Dirtbags
1/22/2020 Player Dropped
Collin McHugh dropped by ATown Dirtbags
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1/22/2020 kansas vs kansas stJoeyT2870
Yhea but you also had 1 guy who was grabbing a chair and ready to swing away before he was stopped by a bench coach. And the Kansas State players came off the bench because the Kansas player was taunting the K-State player. I think anyone who threw a punch should be gone for the tournament if they get in, unless they are willing to serve a substansial suspension before the tourney. There just isn't a place for that in College Basketball.
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