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9/22/2019 Playoffs starting early!!??skooler1
Check your days of rest on your team homepage you'll notice only Pedro Martinez and Mariano Rivera need rest meaning it reset all your pitchers before in between. the Sim is on what they call autopilot since the commissioner is basically non-existent. Probably granted the days off in quick succession. autopilot basically means it's essentially a bot type thing but in a positive way. It even says it's on autopilot in the league rules. I'm not quite sure why it's set up the way it is. all I know is that is what it is

Basically the Sim gives you 3 off days but as I said 3 pennantchase days, but that doesn't mean it's a full day's worth of Sims. Can't really change it now, all you can do is look forward with your lineups and just hope for the best. I'm sorry this happened to you like I said it's happened to me before too. Which is why I do it my way. I don't fully understand the sim and I probably never will. But as an avid baseball fan, that's not going to stop me from enjoying this site. Again I'm sorry this happened to you but there's no point in continuing to rant about it. There's really nothing else you can do except look forward
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