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1912 Major league Baseball

Congrats to the A's

Down 0-2, the A's run off 4 in a row to capture the 1911 title. Connie Mack would be proud. The 1911 real A's also won the WS in 4-2 fashion defeating the NY Giants. Great year by the Pirates -- both of these squads are loaded.

Young Phenom Making Headlines

Baltimore (AP) - A sixteen year-old baby-faced pudgy high schooler at St Mary's is brinigng scouts from everywhere to watch him dominate the diamond. Young George Ruth, although not apparently having missed too many meals, is crushing the ball and whizzing fast balls past the competition. Time will tell if this translates to the Big Leagues... but the Senators must be salivating.

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6/22/2022Progressions and Imports are completedDavidboyd650
I have completed the progressions and imports for the new season. Please sign the new players you wish to keep and select 3 players to change stats on by next Tuesday at 6PM eastern.

I will advance contracts at that point and we will begin free agency after that.

Sorry for the delay....

Please let me kow if there are any issues that you see.
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Billy Burke placed on trade block by New York Giants
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Sam Frock dropped by New York Giants
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Ned Crompton dropped by New York Giants
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6/30/2022 MVP formula...joshanddez
Also, like I said earlier, it’s really not a big deal. I wasn’t even thinking about me really. Hits saved just plays a huge part in a lot of really good custom league teams.
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