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1909 Major league Baseball

Draft Order (high noon, 12/30/21)

1) StLC
2) Bro
3) StLB
4) NYY
5) Cin
6) CWS

7) Bos
8) NYG
9) PHA
10) Det
11) ChC
12) Pit

Welcome to the 1909 League! Type the name of the team you want in the chat box.

In 1909 pitchers dominated baseball. By 1911, the baseball was changed somewhat to allow for more offense. In 1920, on the heels of the Black Sox scandal, the lively ball was introduced.

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12/31/2021start of seasonOldBobcat
We are well into the 2nd (and last) round of the draft.

After the draft concludes, the free agent pool will be opened, and teams can acquire the remaining free agents on a first-come, first served basis.

Assuming the draft concludes this weekend, I would like to start the season Tuesday evening. This would require all owners to have their rosters down to the 25-15 requirement, and having your lineups set. Can we aim for 5 pm PT (8 pm eastern) Tuesday evening to have lineups set?

Further, know that I will happily switch starting pitchers to relief pitchers, since 90%+ of all pitchers are starters. Send me a list of who needs to be changed. Please do this BEFORE the season starts. If a player gets injured, or traded, I will switch players back upon request. Absent a trade or an injury which necessitates a switch, I will not switch starters to relievers (or vice versa) during the season.

Looking forward to the season with all of you!
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1/26/2022 Player Placed On Trade Block
Harry Niles placed on trade block by Boston Red Sox
1/26/2022 Player Placed On Trade Block
Pep Deininger placed on trade block by Boston Red Sox
1/26/2022 Player Placed On Trade Block
William Matthews placed on trade block by Boston Red Sox
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1/26/2022 Hall of Fame Ballotsheikyerboudi
On a side note: the only way Clemens, Bonds, Sosa get in now is through the Era Committee (formerly the Veterans Committee) - which is comprised of 16 old-school baseball people who are probably less inclined to vote them in than the writers.

- The Sheik
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