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2012 MLB League


C Brian Mccann $1/3=$3 Cardinals
C Tony Cruz $2/6=$12 Reds
1B Mike Napoli $4/4-$16 Pirates
1B Carlos Lee $1/1=$1 reds
2B Pete Orr $3/3=$9 Dodgers
2B Adam Rosales$3/2=$6 Pirates
2B Skip Schumaker $3/1=$3 Reds
2B Dan Uggla $1/1=$1 Cardinals
2B Jamey Carroll $1/1=$1 Cardinals
SS Dee Gordon $6/3=$18 pirates
SS Jed Lorie $7/5=$35 Athletics
SS Brendan Ryan $1/3=$3
SS Tyler Pasornick $3/10=$30 Orioles
SS Mike Aviles $2/3=$6 OrIoles
3B Alex Liddi $6/10=$60 Mets
3B Justin Turner $4/7=$28 Mariners
3B Eric Chavez $2/1=$2 Athletics
OF Mark Trumbo $6/7=$42 Athletics
OF Mike Baxter $2/2=$4 Pirates
OF Drew Stubbs $2/2=$4 Athletics
OF Gregor Blanco $1/2=$2 Cardinals
OF Ezequez Carrero $3/8=$24 Cardinals
OF Aaron Chambers $1/4=$4 Cardinals
OF Tony Campana $2/8=$16 Angels
OF Peter Bourjos $1/4=$4 Mets

SP Roy Halladay $1/3=$3 Dodgers
SP Tim Hudson $1/2=$4 Dodgers
SP Dallas Kuechel $2/3=$6 Pirates
SP Zack Britton $2/3=$6 Pirates
SP Hishasi Iwakuma $2/2=$4 Pirates
SP Zack Mcallister $2/8=$16 Athletics
SP Brad Peacock $5/8=$40 Reds
SP Bud Norris $10/3=$30 Reds
SP CJ Wilson $1/1-$1 Cardinals
SP Ryan Vogelsong $1/1=$1 Cardinals
SP Adam Wainwright $1/2=$2 Mariners
SP SP Scott Kazmir $3/5=$15 Oriloes
SP Hector Noesi $3/5=$15 Mariners
SP Andrew Werner $1/10=410 Mets
SP Casey Kelly $1/10=$10 Mets

RP RP Tyler Robertson 49/8=$72 Mets
Vinnie Pestano $10/6=$60 Tigers
RP franklin Morales 41/3=$3 orioles
RP Mariano Rivera $1/1=$1 Oriloes
RP Eric O'Flaherty $1/2=$2 Pirates
RP Pedro Strop $1/2=$2 Pirates
RP Mike Schwiner $4/5=$20 Cardinals
RP Kyle Mcpherson $3/7=$21 Mets
RP Alex Wood $2/10=$20 Athletics
RP Chris Perez $1/4=$4 Athletics
RP Seth Maness $1/2=$2 Mariners

Welcome to the 2012 MLB league

Top 20 teams of 2012 are in league.

2012 league will be a contract league with contracts,budgets,chat box bidding,and imports at the end of season.See rules for more details.

Please pick your favorite team in chat box.

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9/16/2021New leagueOldBobcat
I am starting a new custom league based on the 1969 season. If you are looking for an additional league to join, please consider this to be your personal invitation.

The league is entitled "1969 Professional baseball" and should be listed under Custom leagues. If you do not see it, the league ID is 1636.
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9/19/2021 Trade
Shawn Tolleson to Oakland Athletics
Ted Lilly to Los Angeles Dodgers
Evan Scribner to Los Angeles Dodgers
9/17/2021 Player Signed
Franklin Morales picked up by Boston Red Sox
9/15/2021 Player Dropped
Daniel Bard dropped by Boston Red Sox
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9/22/2021 Best of the Best Fav Teams Leagsheikyerboudi
We may have another opening - please contact me or raiderbill.
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