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10/23 - Trophy granyed and ring request sent - DONE
10/23 - Compiled stats and game results cleared - DONE
10/23 - Trades and drops turned on - DONE
10/24 - Draft order posted - DONE
10/24 - Progression run - DONE
10/24 - New players imported to free agent pool - DONE
10/24 - Pre-ranking for draft turned on - DONE
10/24 - Rule flexibilities for the season posted - DONE
10/26 - Deadline to submit choice for import player from your team 8:00pm est - DONE
10/28 - Rookie draft 8:00pm est (live draft, pre-rank if you cant make it) - DONE
10/30 - Deadline to reduce rosters to 25 8:00pm est - DONE
11/01 - Supplemental draft 8:00pm est -
11/02 - Manual waivers run around 8:00 am est and 8:00pm est -
11/02 - Deadline to submit position changes an secondary position changes to UT 8:00pm est -
11/02 - Deadline to submit any pitcher conversion requests 8:00pm est -
11/03 - Season to start around 8:00am est -


This is a historical stats league. The league will begin using teams’ rosters from the 1920 MLB season. Because roster numbers are tight, we will cut the bottom team from each league (making leagues of 7 rather than 8). The players from the cut teams will be available in an initial draft, which will go worst to first based on team strength, thus also allowing us to balance out the initial roster strength. Most importantly, this will help ensure we have enough players on each team, and especially the PC minimum 9 pitchers, which some teams could not meet with their actual rosters. This is, however, bad new for the fine city of Philadelphia as the Phillies and Athletics were the basement dwellers in 1920, so we will have no teams from Philly in the league. In future seasons, any new players who joined the majors and meet the league stat minimums will be imported to the FA pool for a rookie draft during the offseason. This “alternative reality” should help ensure a competitive league and allow owners to build their teams strategically.

All of the details can be found in the rules.

Thanks for joining!


SLA - RP Charley Root
DET - OF Heinie Manush
SLN - SS Les Bell
WAS - SP Firpo Marberry
CHC - 2B George Grantham
NYY - OF Harvey Hendrick
NYG - SS Travis Jackson
BOS - RP Les Howe
BRO - 3B Bill McCarren
BSN -SP Larry Benton
PIT - OK Kiki Cuyler
CLE - SP Joe Shaute
CHW - RP Ted Lyons

Rule Flexibilities for 1923

-adjusted import minimums: of RP - 15 IP, SP - 40 IP and hitters - 40 AB
-max roster size 25
-injuries limited to 5 days
-teams may change one player ranked under 30’s secondary position to UT

Draft Order

1. Senators
2. White Sox
3. Robbins
4. Indians
5. Cardinals
6. Red Sox
7. Tigers
8. Cubs
9. Yankees
10. Reds
11. Pirates
12. Braves
13. Browns
14. Giants

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10/31/2020 "Change Stats" on player?markphip
Yes and it can be a great way to dial-in the team you want to build. For example, maybe you draft Hank Greenberg but want him at 1B. He has a great season where he played 1B. Or maybe you value defense highly, I do. Babe Ruth's 1923 season is as good as his 1921 but his defense was much better. Or maybe you want Honus Wagner to play SS not OF?

If you change stats on a player after you draft and before the season starts, note if you drop out you cannot immediately redraft. So make sure you change the stats back before dropping out.

If you change stats and then sign a player to a contract they are locked into that season while on the contract.

Finally there is a point in the season, maybe Game 100? After which you can no longer change the stats.
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