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League Rules
The Commish will own a team

Upon joining the league choose a Major League Team
You will also be assigned as owner of that teams corresponding affiliate AAA team.

1. General Information
-League Progression Levels are F to U to C to A to S
-Players that reach 99-100 rank will have their potential changed to F
-Players peak at the age of 28 and begin to decline at the age of 33
-Players can be signed for up to 10 years at a time
-Players under contract can only be released by paying out the remainder of their contract. Please advise the Commissioner if you intend to use this option to free up a roster spot.
-Major and Minor League Team Rosters are set at 26. You have no minor league slots on these teams
-You can trade anything, including cash, draft picks, players and affiliate points.
-Trades do not have to be fair. They only need to have a benefit for each team. Any owner that feels a trade does not meet this expectation is able to raise the issue with the Commissioners. The Commissioners will investigate any complaints regarding trades
-During the offseason, check your stadium dimensions and make any changes required for both teams. You may not change the team names, however. Once the season starts editing will be locked
-Ties for records and any other issues will be broken by run differential. This includes draft order.

2. Schedule
-Day 1- Season Start
-Scouting- Periodically throughout season
-Day 90- All Star Break (DP)
-Game 120- Trade Deadline
-Game 120- Rosters Expand (Rosters will expand to 30 to allow players from the minors to be called up for evaluation and to support in a postseason run. (This is the only time a tagged prospect can be on the major league roster without losing their tagged status)
-Around Day 144- Minor League Season Ends (Major league sims pause for Minor league playoffs)
-Game 162- End of regular season (Stat boosts and progression upgrade requests due)
-Playoffs begin (once playoffs begin players on rookie contracts must be returned to minor league rosters)
-End of World Series- Offseason Begins
-Budgets Due
-Free Agency Period
-New Season

3. Scouting
-Major League Teams are always looking to get an edge over the other teams and find diamonds in the rough
-Your team can invest in its scouting department to fund trips to locations around the globe to look at talent. During each season, player talent exhibitions will be advertised around the globe. $5 Million will buy your scouts an invitation to attend all talent exhibitions during the season.
-Generally, there are 2-3 exhibitions a year. Scouts that attend the exhibition will be free to bid on any of the players
-To bid, teams will send the Commish a secret bid. Highest bid will win the player. Bidding is just to earn the right to negotiate with the player.
-For example: Bidding on a hot prospect goes like this:
---Tigers bid $5
---Yankees bid $7.
-The Yankees would win the rights to the player and would be free to offer either a major league contract or a Rookie Contract if the player is 24 or younger

4. All Star Break
-All stars will be selected by PC
-Double Progression- only teams with over $200 (consider changing the amount) of their recurring budget allocated to their minor league team qualify for DP
-Only players on rookie contracts that are rank 80 and under qualify for DP
-Ranks of 81+ and players not on rookie contracts do not qualify for DP
-During the all star break, the commissioner will open up the minor league space of the affiliate team
-Before requesting DP, move all eligible players to the minor league space of your affiliate team
-After DP has been done, move players back to major league roster
-Note- you will get an error when moving your players to the minor league space because you will have less than the minimum players. Simply pick up players from free agency and then drop those players after DP

5. Stat boosts
-Each minor league team can assign a stat boost to 1 pitcher and 1 hitter every season
-Stat boost can be requested at any time during the season
-Any player under 70 rank is eligible for a stat boost, regardless of if they are on a rookie contract or not
-Teams can choose from 1 of the following Stat Boosts:
---Speed (more SB and 3B)
---Power (more HR and 2B)
---Average (more H and BBs)
---Finesse (less K's, better DWAR and more EN)
---Power (more K's)
---Control (less BB's)
---Movement (less H's)
---Endurance (more stamina)

6. Minor league perks (change the amounts of $)
-How much RECURRING BUDGET you assign to your minor league team will affect how your minor league players are progressed (This scale is based on Recurring Budget Split, Saved cash is NOT counted):
---Less than $100
------F Progression of all your Minor League Players
------1 Upgrade to U per season
-----U Progression of all your Minor League Players
-----1 Upgrade to C per season
-----Progression for players based on individual potential rating
-----1 Upgrade to S per season
-----C Progression of all your Minor League Players
-----Double Progression on tagged rookies
-----S Progression of all your minor league players
-----Double Progression on tagged rookies
-----2 Upgrades to C per season
-----1 Upgrade to S per season
---All Progression upgrades are only for players on rookie contracts

7. Minor League Playoffs
-We will use the Arizona League Playoff Procedures
-8 teams will qualify
-The first and second half winners of the four divisions qualify
-First half ends at the all star break
-If the same team wins both halves, then the next best overall season record becomes the second division qualifier.
-The best 2 overall records get first round byes.
-All match-ups are single elimination.
-There will be no wild cards in the Minor League Championships. Top teams will play each other in 1 game series.
-Minor League Champion Bonus:
---The Franchise that wins the Minor League Championship gets an added bonus of a free pick of a prospect before the Rookie Draft starts

8. Major League Playoffs
-There will be 2 divisional winners and 2 Wild Cards for each League
-In the event of a tie for a division winner there will be a 1 game playoff
---Home field will be awarded to the team with the best run differential
-A Day off will be granted at the start of each series and for travelling between cities.
-Wild card teams will play 1 game playoff
-Winner will play 2nd seed in 7 game 2nd round series
-Winner of second round will play 1st seed in 7 game pennant round
-Winner of pennant round advances to 7 game world series

9. Budgets
-Team Budgets renew each season. Any cash not spent is rolled over to the next season allowing teams to save for the future
-Every offseason you must message the Commish how much budget you would like assigned for each team. You can only change the split of your recurring budgets for you and your affiliate during the off-season
-In the event a Major League team goes over budget during the season, they will be given 3 days to remedy the situation. If after that time the team is still over budget the Commissioner will choose players to auction off to bring the team under budget. Teams are allowed to go over budget during the off-season but must be back under budget by opening day
-In the event a Minor League team goes over budget at any time they will immediately forfeit the season and finish last. Never let your Minor League team go over budget! Plan accordingly and split your total budget well
-Tanking is not a cool way to play. But not illegal. However, there are ramifications to a team that purposely tanks. If a complaint is made to the Commissioner that a team may be tanking, then the Commissioner will investigate. If a team is found to be purposely losing games they will be hit with a financial loss which is meant to simulate the loss of fan support for an obvious attempt to lose. That financial loss will be determined by the Commissioner but will be a loss of cash by 10 to 30%...which could also trigger an over budget issue….which could also trigger losing players to cover that loss as well. So….Tank if you must, but know the consequences if others complain....or you get caught!
-You can earn extra cash for your team or your affiliate in the following ways (consider changing it):
---$5 for a player on your Major or Minor league team winning the Cy Young. (one time bonus)
---$5 for a player on your Major or Minor league team winning the MVP. (one time bonus)
---$5 for your Major or Minor league team having a winning record. (one time bonus)
---$5 for your Major or Minor league team finishing in the post season. (permanent increase to your recurring budget)
---10% Cash Bonus if both Major and Minor League team finish in the post season. (one time bonus)
---$10 for your Major or Minor league team winning the league championship. (permanent increase to your recurring budget)
---20% Cash Bonus if both Major and Minor League team win the league championship. (one time bonus)
-Luxury Tax: Any Major league team that has more than $300 million payroll (not budget) in any season will be liable for a 10% luxury tax which will be deducted and split between the last place Major League teams. If a team has not planned for this tax it could cause the team to go over budget.

10. Free Agency
-At the end of each season there will be a period of free agency.
-During this time teams can send in their offers for any free agent that is in the free agent pool
-Offers are to be sent to the Commissioner via Blind Auction
-Highest total contract value will win the player
-For example: 2 bids on Alex Rodriguez could look like this…
---3B Alex Rodriguez $20/5 years = $100 Million Bid
---3B Alex Rodriguez $17/6 years = $102 Million Bid
-Despite being less per year, the second bid would win because it is of higher total value

11. Draft
-After the Free Agency period has ended the league will run the Rookie Draft
-This will be a 3 round draft
-Draft order will be from worst major league regular season record to best
-Rookies will be drafted by the Minor League Affiliate team.
-At the completion of the Rookie Draft, Free Agency will be opened and Major and Minor league teams will be able to fill out their rosters for the next season.

12. Rookie Contracts
-Players selected from the Rookie Draft or picked up in Free Agency that are 24 years of age or younger qualify for a rookie prospect tag and a Rookie Contract of $2 per year until they are 24
-Message the Commish to place these contracts for you
-To clarify, these contracts are only until prospects are 24 or they enter the major leagues. Once they turn 25 or are on a major league roster (not during the expanded roster period) they must be signed to either a PC contract or a club control contract
-Options for major league contracts:
---The Player signs a normal PC contract that the owner negotiates with the player:
---The Player signs a $6/4 year club control contract. At the end of a club control contract the player becomes a Free Agent (less years?).
---The Player signs a Club control incremental contract for UP TO 10 years, initially at $8 but increases by $2 for every year they are signed for.

13. Affiliate Points
-Most Major League teams do not own their AAA Affiliates. As a result, the AAA teams have to negotiate agreements every 2 years with whichever Major League team they choose to be affiliated with. Some Minor League teams choose to change affiliates every 2 years when agreements expire. Others stay committed to working with the same Major League team for years. It is in the Major League Clubs best interest to keep the Minor League team happy as a great investment is made into the Minor League Club so that they can feed players to them
-If a Minor League club chooses to switch affiliations the Major League Club stands to lose the players they have been paying to develop in the Minors with the team…AND a new Major League club could reap all the clubs rewards as a result
-The Minor League teams cash will be transferred back to the original team to be distributed with their new affiliate team.
-In this league, you earn points to keep your Affiliate team happy
-Affiliate points are secret and will be maintained by the Commish and each team.
-Each Team starts with 5 Affiliate Points
-You gain points the following ways:
---Major League Team has a winning record = +2 points
---Minor League Team has a winning record = +1 point
---Major League Team makes the Postseason = +2 points
---Minor League Team makes the Postseason = +1 point
---Major and Minor League team both makes the Post Season = Bonus 2 points
---Major League Team wins the Championship = + 2 points
---Minor League Team wins the Championship = + 2 points
---Major or Minor league team has 3 or more All-Stars = + 1 point
---Major or Minor League team has MVP or CY = + 1 point
-You lose Affiliate points the following ways:
---Major League Team has a losing record = - 1 point
---Minor League Team has a losing record = - 1 point
---Major League Team finishes last = - 2 points
---Minor League Team finishes last = - 2 points

14. Affiliate Challenges
-During each season 12 random private messages will be sent to major league owners that will provide opportunities to privately earn bonus affiliate points
-How Commish will decide who gets a message:
---3 times throughout the season the Random Generator will select 4 numbers that will correspond to team names
---If your team number comes up in the random generator you will receive a private message of a problem to solve for your minor league team
---If you choose to help you will earn secret bonus affiliate points
---The league will only know which teams received a message, and will not know what the message said or if you chose to help
---To keep fairness, teams can only be selected once per season

15. Affiliate Renegotiations
-Every 2 years teams must negotiate with the Affiliate clubs in order to maintain their current Affiliate or to claim a different Affiliate
-If a team wishes to renew their current Affiliate they message the Commish to request to maintain the same Affiliation
-If an owner chooses to attempt to negotiate for a new Affiliate they message the Commish and explain which Affiliate they would like to steal
-A team that wishes to challenge for a new Affiliate will have their Affiliate points matched against the other team. The team with the most Affiliate points wins the new Affiliate. After a successful challenge the winning team loses their Affiliate points they wagered against the other team
-The Process looks like this:
-Round 1 (24 hours for this Round):
---Teams wishing to maintain their current affiliates or to challenge for a different affiliate must message that to the Commish (If no message is received it will be assumed that they do not wish to change affiliates)
---If multiple teams wish to challenge for the same affiliate, then the team with the most affiliate points will have the right to make the official challenge
---The teams that did not have enough affiliate points to challenge will be notified so they can choose to challenge for a different affiliate
-Round 2:
---Those teams that chose to challenge for a different affiliate will have their affiliate points matched up against the team they wish to challenge for
---The winning team will get the affiliate and lose all the affiliate points they used to challenge.
---For example:
-----Tigers have 8 affiliate points and challenge the Yankees
-----The Yankees have 6 affiliate points
-----The Tigers would win the affiliate and lose 7 affiliate points and keep 1.
-----The Yankees would keep all 6 and be assigned a different affiliate
-Round 3:
---Those teams that lost their affiliate will be assigned an affiliate by the Commish
---The losing team does not lose any affiliate points and gets to keep all their current points.
-Teams that challenge for a new affiliate must be careful as they will put themselves in a position to be challenged again in 2 years if they are low on points after the points spent to challenge!

16. Current Organizations and Affiliations (cut the list in halve)
-Baltimore Orioles and the Norfolk Tide
-Boston Red Sox and the Pawtucket Red Sox
-Chicago White Sox and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs
-Cleveland Indians and the Columbus Clippers
-Detroit Tigers and the Memphis Red Birds
-Houston Astros and the Round Rock Express
-Kansas City Royals and the Omaha Storm Chasers
-Los Angeles Angels and the Salt Lake Bees
-Minnesota Twins and the Rochester Vikings
-New York Yankees and the Scranton Rail Riders
-Oakland Athletics and the Las Vegas Aviators
-Seattle Mariners and the Louisville Bats
-Tampa Bay Rays and the Durham Bulls
-Texas Rangers and the Nashville Sounds
-Toronto Bluejays and the Buffalo Bisons
-Arizona Diamondbacks and the Fresno Grizzlies
-Atlanta Braves and the Gwinnett Stripers
-Chicago Cubs and the Iowa Cubbies
-Cincinnati Reds and the Charlotte Knights
-Colorado Rockies and the Albuquerque Isotopes
-Los Angeles Dodgers and the Oklahoma City Dodgers
-Miami Marlins and the Wichita Wind Surge
-Milwaukee Brewers and the San Antonio Missions
-New York Mets and the Syracuse Mets
-Philadelphia Phillies and the Reno Aces
-Pittsburgh Pirates and the Indianapolis Indians
-San Diego Padres and the El Paso Chihuahuas
-San Francisco Giants and the Sacramento River Cats
-St. Louis Cardinals and the Toledo Mud Hens
-Washington Nationals and the Tacoma Rainiers

Season 10

Hey all,
I have deleted 7 teams and their minor league affiliates. Those players were saved on the Prospect Team. I will re-use them down the track.

It is also my plan to introduce those teams back into play as new franchises. This process will happen slowly as I find owners willing to take on an expansion club. Clubs that were deleted and be re-introduced down the track are: Twins, Yankees, Braves, Marlins, Pirates, Cardinals and Rockies. (Minor league affiliates: Vikings, Mudhens, Rail Riders, Stripers, Indians, Wind Surge, Isotopes

First Half Post Season Qualifiers in the Minor Leagues $5 Perm Cap + 2 AP
Iron Pigs, Bats, Storm Chasers, Grizzlies
Second Half Post Season Qualifiers in the Minor Leagues $5 Perm Cap + 2 AP
Bulls, Rainiers, Clippers, Knights

Bats vs Clippers = Clippers Win
Pigs vs Bulls =Pigs Win
Grizzlies vs Raniers = Grizzlies Win
Storm Chasers vs Knights = Storm Chaser Win

Clippers vs Pigs Pigs
Grizzlies vs Storm Chasers= Storm Chasers

Pigs vs Storm Chasers= Storm chaser win and champs

Affiliate Challenges

The Reds have challenged for the Indianapolis Indians and won the Challenge. The Reds take over the Indians and the Pirates now control the Knights.

DRAFT Order and Team Budgets Season 9

Saved Cash/Recurring Budget
Athletics 279/305, Mets 1347/310, Angels 425/310, Bluejays 470/300, Brewers 445/300, Rangers 585/300, Braves 328/350, RedSox 469/310, Giants 220/305, Twins 412/305, Rockies 200/300, Dodgers 322/315, Pirates 39/300, Yankees 190/300, Cubs 56/310, Astros 313/310, Nationals 160/310, Padres 188/305, Diamondbacks 388/330, Orioles 353/300, Cardinals 133/315, Phillies 430/320, WhiteSox 321/330, Royals 561/310, Marlins 282/310, Indians 431/350, Mariners 459/330, Tigers 409/320, Rays 262/360, Reds 145/345

Affiliate Problems

Teams that have received a request to help their affiliate below:
If they are successful helping their affiliate they could earn 1-3 affiliate points.
12 teams are randomly chosen throughout each season.
Season 8:

Traded Draft Picks (3 Rounds a season) Can trade up to 2 seasons in advance.

WhiteSox take Yankess Season 7 Round 1 draft pick

Current Scouting Opportunities (3 opportunities per season)

Rumour has it...
3B Chuck Holman is available for pick-up. Indians pay $100
RP Dennis Kalbfus is looking at making the jump to MLB Mariners pay $50
SP Doug Casimiro has just located himself to America looking to play some baseball. Rangers pay $40

Contact the Commish to make a bid on any of the players via message. Bidding closes June 3 6pm CST.

Teams that paid for scouting reports for season 10
Bluejays, Orioles, Astros, Athletics, Mets, Royals, Mariners

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Thank you!
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