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Sheets blanks Asgard with 4-0 shutout

Asgard is hoping not to see Ben Sheets again for a long while. Sheets went the distance, leading Eternia to a 4-0 victory. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

P. O'Neill, Battle Cats .3503 HR6 RBI
B. McCann, Battle Cats .3531 HR5 RBI
C. Jones, Odinsons .2782 HR3 RBI
E. Davis, Odinsons .3331 HR3 RBI
M. Kemp, Battle Cats .2501 HR3 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Helton, Odinsons 1 for 17 (.059)
F. Thomas, Battle Cats 2 for 20 (.100)
M. Holliday, Battle Cats 3 for 18 (.167)
C. Ripken, Odinsons 1 for 16 (.063)
G. Sheffield, Battle Cats 2 for 16 (.125)

Leaders: HR

M. McGwire, Dodgers 58
E. Davis, Odinsons 47
S. Sosa, Reds 47
G. Stanton, Devil Dawgs 47
F. Thomas, Battle Cats 46

Leaders: SO

C. Sale, Battle Cats 289
P. Martinez, Crawfords 262
C. Kershaw, Crawfords 256
L. Giolito, Pandas 247
J. Santana, Dodgers 243

Year 2 Award Winners

MVP: Pedro Guerrero(Pandas)
Cy Young: Chad Green(Pandas)

Silver Sluggers:

C- Mike Piazza(Reds)
1B- Carlos Delgado(Lug Nuts)
2B- Chuck Knoblauch(Reds)
3B- Mike Schmidt(Scooters)
SS- Derek Jeter(Warlocks)
LF- Barry Bonds(Odinson)
CF- Pedro Guerrero(Pandas)
RF- Christian Yelich(Benders)
DH- Frank Thomas(Battle Cats)

Gold Gloves:

C- Yadier Molina(Odinsons)
1B- Paul Goldschmidt(Rip Tides)
2B- Ben Zobrist(Battle Cats)
3B- Adrian Beltre(Dodgers)
SS- Cal Ripken(Dragons)
LF- Ichiro(Scooters)
CF- Andre Dawson(Benders)
RF- Cody Bellinger(Dodgers)

LVP- Jim Rice(Dragons)
Cy Yuk- David Cone(Warlocks)

Stone Gloves:

C- Carlos Santana(Scooters)
1B- Carlos Delgado(Lug Nuts)
2B- Steve Sax(Lug Nuts)
3B- Paul Molitor(Battle Cats)
SS- Howard Johnson(Reds)
LF- Kevin Mitchell(Rip Tides)
CF- Reggie Jackson(Lug Nuts)
RF- Tim Salmon(Pandas)

No Bat Awards:

C- Miguel Montero(Dragons)
1B- Adrian Gonzalez(Odinsons)
2B- Matt Carpenter(Rip Tides)
3B- Adrian Beltre(Dodgers)
SS- Cal Ripken(Dragons)
LF- Matt Holliday(Reds)
CF- Jim Rice(Dragons)
RF- Paul O'Neill(Devil Dawgs)
DH- Jason Bay(Pandas)

Year 1 Award

MVP: Barry Bonds(Odinsons)
Cy Young: Pedro Martinez(Rip Tides)

Silver Sluggers:

C- Mike Piazza(Giants)
1B- Jeff Bagwell(Pandas)
2B- Jeff Kent(Benders)
3B- Alex Bregman(Warlocks)
SS- Cal Ripken(Sluggers)
LF- Barry Bonds(Odinson)
CF- Rickey Henderson(Warlocks)
RF- Manny Ramirez(Predators)
DH- Mark McGwire(Dodgers)

Gold Gloves:

C- Gary Carter(Warlocks)
1B- Paul Goldschmidt(Rip Tides)
2B- Robinson Cano(Sluggers)
3B- Adrian Beltre
SS- Cal Ripken(Sluggers)
LF- Mookie Betts(Scooters)
CF- Ken Griffey Jr(Dodgers)
RF- Cody Bellinger(Dodgers)

LVP- Mark Loretta(Scooters)
Cy Yuk- Luis Sevrino(Tiger Kings)

Stone Gloves:

C- Jorge Posada(Pandas)
1B- Prince Fielder(Odinsons)
2B- Daniel Murphy(Warlocks)
3B- Miguel Cabrera(Tiger Kings)
SS- Xander Bogaerts(Tiger Kings)
LF- Tony Gwynn(Tiger Kings)
CF- Tim Raines(Odinsons)
RF- Reggie Jackson(Tiger Kings)

No Bat Awards:

C- Ivan Rodriguez(Scooters)
1B- Eddie Murray(Sluggers)
2B- Mark Loretta(Scooters)
3B- Nolan Arenado(Odinsons)
SS- Francisco Lindor(Scooters)
LF- Dave Winfield(Battle Cats)
CF- Kenny Lofton(Scooters)
RF- Ichiro(Scooters)
DH- Edgar Martinez(Tiger Kings)

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