Major League Baseball 2021


Welcome to Major League Baseball 2021!

When you join, there's a few things you should do:

1) The most important thing to do in this league - read the rules. The rules in this league are very complex, as they try to model after the real life MLB as much as possible. Be sure to message pianoman with any questions.

2) Take a look at your team's roster! Players with "Injured" tags cannot play in the majors until the day noted in their player card. If you play them, the player will be immediately removed from your roster - consider it the player quitting the team since you played them while they were injured!

3) Be sure to request each of the following if applicable - please send in 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞:
- Position change (look at rules for details)
- If a player plays a position in real life, you can get their position changed without any cost since their position should be that which they play in real life.
- Select your players for ATC (look at rules for details)
- You can choose to request 3 players to switch them to any potential you'd like before Spring Training or after the season if over, so if you'd like to choose them now, you can.
- Also let either pianoman or jimmcoy know if there are any players missing from your team's roster and we will import them for you.
- Also feel free to send if you think a player on your team should be switched to a different stat year because it better represents who they are as a player. *NOTE* You cannot request a switch for a player after you have traded for them obviously for logistical reasons concerning trade value and thought process.

*NOTE* Players signed after 2/27/2021 in real life will not be included on teams rosters since that was after Spring Training began and we will be starting our league at Spring Training, and at that time, the player signed was still a Free Agent. Players with little to no Major League experience that are on the 40 man roster will not be included either.

3) If you'd like to extend a player, you can begin negotiating whenever you like, whether that's right now, or later in the season. Send extension offers to pianoman, who will negotiate on behalf of the player and will also consult JimMcCoy and/or BaltimoreHopeful when negotiating. Players that just signed with your team on one year deals cannot be re-signed until after the season is over. Contract extensions WILL count towards this year's budget.

4) Begin scouting out free agents you like, FA process will begin once all 30 owners are joined.

5) Await the beginning of Spring Training of Major League Baseball 2021!

**NOTE/REMINDER** Tier II Prospects (look at player card, they should have Tier II Prospect in their player card and also a "real life prospect" tag) CANNOT play in the regular season until they are 22 years old or older UNLESS they get specific commish approval with any of the following reasons:
- they are projected to actually play in the majors this year in real life
- once ST is over, if the player simmed well, they can get a shot at big league play

This only applies for 20 and 21 year olds. 17, 18, and 19 year olds will not play in the majors unless they are 80+ rank.

League Chat Box


⭐️Top Stories⭐️

𝐍𝐄𝐖 𝐅𝐀𝐂𝐄𝐒 𝐈𝐍 𝐍𝐄𝐖 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄𝐒: πŒπ‹π π„πƒπˆπ“πˆπŽπ
Well, it's certainly been a whirlwind of an offseason, and it's time to get down on the big stories of this season - new faces in new places. Below are a list of the top players in the MLB that have traveled to a new city, to start over, with a new organization.

SS Francisco Lindor, New York Mets
This of course is the big story of the offseason - the blockbuster trade of Francisco Lindor to the New York Mets, and now his 10 year, 300M dollar extension. The Big Apple has a new star, and Mets fans are hoping this is their year.

3B Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals
First Paul Goldschmidt, now Nolan Arenado. This Cardinals organization has pulled off some great moves, and they're hoping it'll pay off in the form of a playoff spot.

SP Yu Darvish, SP Blake Snell, San Diego Padres
These two get a joint category - both star starters acquired via trade to bolster the Padres to what they hope will be a championship winning season.

1B Freddie Freeman, San Diego Padres
Another blockbuster move for the quickly rising western superpower (not the Dodgers) to pick up a reigning MVP and hopefully a piece that can help them to possibly push for a division title.

C Salvador Perez, Toronto Blue Jays
It's gonna take a lot to take over the East for the Toronto Blue Jays, but the pieces are settling into place, and Salvador Perez can certainly be one of those pieces.

3B Josh Donaldson and SP Kenta Maeda, Milwaukee Brewers
Both of these starts acquired in a blockbuster trade from the Twins puts the Brew Crew in a much better position to make a run at the playoffs this season and even possibly win the division.

π’ππ‘πˆππ† π“π‘π€πˆππˆππ† π“πŽ 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐎𝐍 π“πˆπŒπ„
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the MLB is set to start Spring Training on time this year.

Each team will play 28 games in either Florida or Arizona, playing each team in their respective league once at home and once away. Games will start on February 28th for all teams besides the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Mets, who will start on March 1st.

πŽπ™π”ππ€ π“πŽ πƒπŽπƒπ†π„π‘π’ 𝐈𝐍 ππ‹πŽπ‚πŠππ”π’π“π„π‘ 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐄
Marcell Ozuna, 30, who recently signed to a 5 year extension with the Braves, has now been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers alongside RP A.J. Minter for young SP Julio Urias, RP Caleb Fergusen, and RP Blake Trienen, and some pocket change as well (trainers).

Ozuna, after the trade was confirmed, held a press conference alongside the Dodgers, simply stating that he is "excited and thrilled to bring what he has to the table in LA."

Ozuna joins the star outfield of the Dodgers alongside Mookie Betts, Chris Taylor, and A.J. Pollock. Ozuna will most likely serve as the DH as he did in 2020 with the Braves, becoming the first player to win the NL Outstanding DH award.

πƒπ€π•πˆπƒ ππ‘πˆπ‚π„ 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐃 π“πŽ πŒπ€π‘π‹πˆππ’
With Trevor Bauer added to the astonishingly good rotation of the Dodgers, there is pretty much no room for SP David Price, who is still signed for this season and the next at 32 million dollars, and with the amount of money the Dodgers have spent, is just a weight on their spending. Price was sent to the Miami Marlins for RP Ross Detwiler.

Price, 32, is trailing off and near the end of his career, and is "disappointed he could not play for a contender [Dodgers]" but will "play for any team that sees me for what my potential is for this season."

Ramirez blasts off, leads Spiders to win

Jose Ramirez blasted 2 homers, lifting the Spiders to a 6-2 win over New York. | Box

Huge night for Cronenworth carries Padres to victory

Jake Cronenworth was on his game, knocking in 3 runs in San Diego's 7-2 victory over the Reds. Cronenworth also had 3 hits in the game. | Box

Smyly baffles Padres, Reds win

Drew Smyly struckout 8 San Diego batters in a 3-0 win for the Reds. | Box

Mancini powers Spiders to win over Yankees

Trey Mancini blasted 2 homers, lifting the Spiders to a 4-3 win over New York. Shane Bieber struckout 12 New York batters in the contest. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

T. Mancini, Spiders .3894 HR8 RBI
J. Ramirez, Spiders .4503 HR5 RBI
F. Freeman, Padres .5002 HR6 RBI
M. Trout, Angels .3752 HR7 RBI
J. Cronenworth, Padres .3572 HR6 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Freeman, Spiders 6 for 22 (.273)
A. Judge, Yankees 0 for 15 (.000)
K. Farmer, Reds 6 for 21 (.286)
J. Votto, Reds 5 for 23 (.217)
T. d'Arnaud, Padres 3 for 16 (.188)

Leaders: HR

C. Cron, Rockies 68
J. Winker, Reds 63
R. Tellez, Blue Jays 63
M. Trout, Angels 58
W. Smith, Dodgers 56

Leaders: SO

S. Bieber, Spiders 328
Z. Plesac, Spiders 290
D. Lamet, Padres 275
A. Nola, Phillies 274
D. Bundy, Angels 272

Play Offs

Ready for some playoffs!!

The play-in wild card games will be simmed Wed, June 9th:
NL - Mets at Dodgers = Dodgers win AL - Rays at Blue Jays = Rays win
1st Rd Play-Offs: Thursday, June 10th:
Reds at Phillies - Reds win 4-3
Dodgers at Padres - Padres win 4-2
Angels at Spiders - Spiders win 4-3
Rays at Yankees - Yankees win 4-2
2nd Rd Play-Offs: Monday, June 14th
NL -
Reds at Padres
AL -
Spiders at Yankees

Free Agency Hub

Bids of highest interest to the player are listed along with some details on how they feel, the type of contract they were offered. Some players revealed more than others. Players are organized by position.

β€’ C Matt Wieters - 3 year, 3M dollar offer from MIN ($1/2 years) - ACCEPTED
β€’ C Rene Rivera - 1 year, 3M dollar offer ($3/0 years) - ACCEPTED

β€’ 1B Jedd Gyorko - 3 year, 15M dollar offer from KC ($5/2 years) - ACCEPTED
β€’ 1B Edwin Encarnacion - 2 year, 16M dollar offer from MIN ($8/1 year) - ACCEPTED
β€’ 1B Daniel Murphy - 1 year, 7M dollar offer from CLE ($7/0 years) - ACCEPTED

β€’ 2B Eric Sogard - 27M dollar offer ($9/2 years)

β€’ 3B Maikel Franco - 1 year, 4M year, 8M dollar offer from MIN ($4/1 year) ACCEPPTED

β€’ OF Jackie Bradley Jr. - 5 year, 120M dollar offer from CLE ($24/4 years) - ACCEPTED
β€’ OF Ryan Braun - 1 year, 1M dollar offer ($1/0 year)
β€’ OF Yasiel Puig - 4 year, 36M offer from STL ($9/3 years) - ACCEPTED
β€’ OF Yoenis Cespedes - 3 year, 24M dollar offer from MIN ($8/2 years) - ACCEPTED
β€’ OF Jose Osuna - 3 year, 6M dollar offer from WSH ($2/2 years) - ACCEPTED

β€’ RP Roberto Osuna - 11 year, 220M dollar offer from MIN ($20/10 years) - ACCEPTED
β€’ RP David Robertson - 2 year, 40M dollar offer from MIN ($20/1 year) - ACCEPTED
β€’ RP Trevor Cahill - 2 year, 14M dollar offer from MIL ($7/1 year) - ACCEPTED
β€’ RP Shane Greene - 2 year, 10M dollar offer from MIL ($5/1) - ACCEPTED

β€’ SP Brad Peacock - 2 year, 20M dollar offer from MIN ($10/1 year) - ACCEPTED
β€’ SP Jake Odorizzi - 3 year, 30M dollar offer from WSH ($10/2 years) - ACCEPTED


OF Jackie Bradley Jr. - looking for anywhere from a 1 year to 4 year deal worth at least 12M per year
1B Edwin Encarnacion - looking for a 1 or 2 year deal worth at least 10M per year
OF Yoenis Cespedes - looking for a 1 or 2 year deal worth at least 8M per year
3B Maikel Franco - looking for a 1, 2, or 3 year deal worth at least 4M per year
RP Roberto Osuna - looking for either a 1, 2, or 3 year deal worth at least 5M per year, or a 5-6 year deal worth at least 11M per year.
SP Jake Odorizzi - looking for a 1, 2, or 3 year deal worth at least 10M per year
SP Brad Peacock - looking for a 1 or 2 year deal worth at least 10M per year

All other FAs are open to any type of offer.

πŸ“ƒLeague ScheduleπŸ“ƒ

Free Agency Fully Opens

Spring Training Begins!

Opening Day!!

MLB Trade Center

*Check trade block for more players*

🚨Los Angeles Dodgers🚨
β€’ Looking to deal: Check Trade Block for players
β€’ Looking for: Big bat at 1B, dominant RPs

🚨Houston Astros🚨
β€’ Looking to deal: SP Justin Verlander, RP Brooks Raley, RP Pedro Baez

🚨Atlanta Braves🚨
β€’ Looking to deal: Everyone over the age of 25

🚨Texas Rangers🚨
β€’ Looking for: ATC tickets, prospects

🚨Minnesota Twins🚨
β€’ Looking to deal: check trade block

Advanced Training Camp Hub

βœ… Atlanta Braves - traded to NYM
βœ… Miami Marlins - SP Max Meyer (1.31 WHIP-1.21 WHIP), 2B Jazz Chisholm (.275 AVG-.290 AVG), OF Connor Scott (.277 AVG-.292 AVG)
βœ… New York Mets - SP Noah Syndergaard (1.15 WHIP-0.95 WHIP), SP Carlos Carrasco (1.22 WHIP-1.02 WHIP), SP Jacob deGrom (0.96 WHIP-0.86 WHIP), OF Michael Conforto (21 HR-29 HR), 1B Pete Alonso (.260 AVG-.290 AVG), OF Brandon Nimmo (.289-.319 AVG), SS Francisco Lindor (25-35 SB, .277-.292 AVG), IF Jeff McNeil (.318-.348 AVG), CL Edwin Diaz (1.11-0.91 WHIP), SP Marcus Stroman (1.18-0.98 WHIP), SP Matthew Allan (1.25-1.15 WHIP)
βœ… Philadelphia Phillies - SP Aaron Nola (1.01 WHIP-0.91 WHIP), SS Didi Gregorious (0.1 dWAR-0.25 dWAR), 1B Rhys Hoskins (.248 AVG-.263 AVG)
βœ… Washington Nationals - OF Victor Robles (.255 AVG-.270 AVG), SP Patrick Corbin (1.17 WHIP-1.07 WHIP), 2B Luis Garcia (-0.47 dWAR-0.32 dWAR)
βœ… Chicago Cubs - OF Brennen Davis (23 HR-27 HR), 2B Chase Strumpf (21 HR-25 HR), C Miguel Amaya (23-27 HR)
βœ… Cincinnati Reds - SP Nick Lodolo (1.19 WHIP - 0.99 WHIP), C Tyler Stephenson (0.2 dWAR - 0.35 dWAR)
βœ… Milwaukee Brewers - SP Adrian Houser (1.24-1.14 WHIP), SS Trea Turner (13-17 HR), OF Byron Buxton (.257-.272 AVG) | 2B/INF Keston Hiura to 1B/INF Keston Hiura
βœ… Pittsburgh Pirates - 3B Ke'Bryan Hayes (24-28 HR), SP Quinn Priester (1.25-1.15 WHIP), SP Cody Bolton (1.25 WHIP-1.15 WHIP)
βœ… St. Louis Cardinals - OF Harrison Bader (.235 AVG-.250 AVG), SS Paul deJong (.241 AVG-.256 AVG), SP Adam Wainwright (1.12 WHIP-1.02 WHIP)
βœ… Arizona Diamondbacks - 2B/OF Ketel Marte (.297 AVG-.312 AVG), SP Zac Gallen (1.07 WHIP-0.97 WHIP), SP Corbin Martin (84-94 Stamina)
Colorado Rockies
βœ… Los Angeles Dodgers - SP Dustin May (1.04 WHIP-0.94 WHIP), C Will Smith (36 HR-40 HR), OF DJ Peters (0.01 dWAR-0.16 dWAR)
βœ… San Diego Padres - SP Snell (1.16 WHIP-1.06 WHIP), SP Fried (1.05-0.95 WHIP), SS Swanson (1.43-1.58 dWAR)
San Francisco Giants
βœ… Baltimore Orioles - C Adley Ruschman (.280-.295 AVG), SP DL Hall (80-90 stamina), SP Grayson Rodriguez (1.29-1.19 WHIP)
βœ… Boston Red Sox - SP Garrett Richards (1.29-1.19 WHIP)
βœ… New York Yankees - traded to NYM
βœ… Tampa Bay Rays - SS Franco (dwar), 3B Lowe (dwar), SP Baz (whip)
βœ… Toronto Blue Jays - SP Nate Pearson (1.19 WHIP-0.99 WHIP), SP Hyun-jin Ryu (1.21 WHIP-1.11 WHIP) | SS/INF Marcus Semien to 2B/INF Marcus Semien
Chicago White Sox
βœ… Cleveland Spiders - SP Daniel Espino (1.24 WHIP-1.14 WHIP), SS Andres Gimenez (0.53 dWAR-0.68 dWAR), SS Tyler Freeman (.306 AVG-.321 AVG)
βœ… Detroit Tigers - traded to NYM
βœ… Kansas City Royals - SP Asa Lacy (1.17 WHIP-0.97 WHIP), SS Bobby Witt. Jr (.270 AVG - .285 AVG)
βœ… Minnesota Twins - SP Jose Berrios (1.23 WHIP-1.13 WHIP), OF Garrett Mitchell (0.89 dWAR-1.04 dWAR), 2B Luis Arraez (4-8 HR)
βœ… Houston Astros - SP Forrest Whitley (1.32-1.12 WHIP), RP Bryan Abreu (1.17 WHIP-1.07 WHIP)
βœ… Los Angeles Angels - traded to NYM
βœ… Oakland Athletics - traded to NYM
βœ… Seattle Mariners - SP Justin Dunn (1.32 WHIP-1.12 WHIP), SP Justus Sheffield (1.29 WHIP-1.19 WHIP), SP Nick Margevicius (1.24-1.04 WHIP), SP Logan Gilbert (1.18-1.08 WHIP)
βœ… Texas Rangers - traded to SEA

Batting crown in '21? Here are 10 predictions

Sure, the batting average has lost some of its luster over the years as new metrics took center stage amid a big data revolution in baseball. But it's still there, still useful, and if you ask a Major League hitter, he'll tell you that winning a batting average crown is a tremendous achievement.

Now that 2020 is in the books, with the Yankees' DJ LeMahieu winning his second career batting average title and Juan Soto winning his first, who will take home the crown in each league this year? We had five writers take a shot at guessing who will lead each league in batting average when it's all said and done in '21 -- here are their picks:


DJ LeMahieu -- INF, Yankees
2019 BA: .327 / ’20 BA: .364

Over the past five seasons, no one has a higher batting average (minimum 2,500 plate appearances) than LeMahieu’s .320 (Jose Altuve is second, at .318). And lest you chalk that up to Coors Field, no one has a higher batting average since he left Colorado either -- LeMahieu hit .336 from 2019-20 with the Yanks (min. 1,000 plate appearances).

LeMahieu finished fourth in AL MVP voting in 2019 and third last season. His production at the plate is no fluke, and makes intuitive sense given he doesn’t have to deal with the difficult adjustment to breaking balls when coming down from altitude during road trips with the Rockies. LeMahieu has always been a spray hitter, particularly to the opposite field, and you couldn’t ask for a better ballpark for that type of hitter than Yankee Stadium … well, maybe Coors.

-- Manny Randhawa

Anthony Rendon -- 3B, Angels
2019 BA: .319 / β€˜20 BA: .286

Last season marked the first time in four years that Rendon didn’t hit over .300, as a 4-for-39 (.103) start with his new club dragged down his final numbers. The 30-year-old closed out the year on a 50-for-150 (.333) run, however, finishing with a .286 average overall.

Rendon has a strong grasp of the strike zone, and when he swings at a pitch, he typically makes contact. Last season, the veteran had a 96th-percentile whiff rate and a 93rd-percentile strikeout rate, numbers that were in line with his past performance. But it’s not just his ability to put bat to ball that makes him such a threat. Rendon makes quality contact and can drive the ball to all fields, so shifting against him really isn’t a viable option. He also walks a ton (16.4% in 2020), which makes the challenge of hitting for a high average a bit easier. Add it all up, and Year 2 in SoCal is looking mighty bright for the 30-year-old.

-- Thomas Harrigan

Luis Arraez -- UTIL, Twins
2019 BA: .334 / β€˜20 BA: .321

In stark contrast to teammates such as Nelson Cruz and Miguel SanΓ³, Arraez does not hit the ball with a ton of authority, ranking near the bottom of MLB over the past two seasons with a 24.8% hard-hit rate and 3.0% barrel rate. But there’s more than one path to big league success, and Arraez is exceptionally adept in a few other areas. Most notably, just about nobody in today’s whiff-heavy game is better at avoiding swings and misses or strikeouts. And while Arraez doesn’t hit a lot of rockets, he sprays the ball around the field and does so with ideal launch angle. Of the more than 200 hitters with at least 350 batted balls since 2019, Freddie Freeman ranks first in the rate of contact in the β€œsweet spot” of 8-32 degrees. Mike Trout is third. The guy in between them? Arraez (42.0%).

Put that all together, and Arraez is one of four players to hit at least .320 in both of the past two seasons (minimum 100 at-bats in each). Only LeMahieu has a higher total average in that span. There’s a reason why both ZiPS and Steamer project Arraez to lead the Majors in that category in 2021.

-- Andrew Simon

Alex Bregman -- 3B, Astros
2019 BA: .296 / β€˜20 BA: .242

Bregman is going to have a monster bounceback year, and part of that will be blowing past the .300 mark for the first time to win his first career batting title. Basically every projection system sees Bregman returning to an MVP level in 2021, which makes perfect sense, because he's one of the most complete hitters in the game. He drives the ball in the air consistently. He makes tons of contact. He doesn't chase bad pitches. He rarely strikes out. All those qualities are going to come together and it's going to be a perfect storm for Bregman this season.

-- David Adler

Tim Anderson -- SS, White Sox
2019 BA: .335 / β€˜20 BA: .322

Anderson led the Majors in batting average in 2019, becoming the first White Sox player to do that since Luke Appling in 1936. Those are the only two times a White Sox batter has led the Majors in average, but it feels like Anderson will do it again someday, and soon. His expected batting average, based on quality of contact, was almost the same from 2019 to 2020, and was 90th percentile or better in both years. That tells us that even if his contact wasn’t necessarily reflective of an average as high as .335, he wasn’t just getting lucky hits, either.

The White Sox shortstop is second among all qualified hitters in the last two seasons combined with a .331 batting average, trailing only DJ LeMahieu. Over the past two seasons, he’s also cut down on strikeouts compared to his first few years in the Majors, and continues to hit all pitch types well. Expect him to join Appling as White Sox with multiple batting titles, but find himself all alone among those in franchise history leading MLB twice. I thought about contact-hitting teammate Nick Madrigal here, too -- and it feels like his time is coming, soon.

-- Sarah Langs


Juan Soto -- RF, Nationals
2019 BA: .282 / β€˜20 BA: .351

There’s a reason I took Soto with my first pick in the Top 25 Under 25 Draft. There are plenty of outstanding young players in the game right now, but there’s only one Juan Soto -- the player whose ZiPS comp for 2021 is literally Ted Williams. He’s the best hitter in baseball right now, so I was thrilled to get the chance to take him No. 1 here, to lead the Majors in hitting, too.

Soto was second in the Majors in batting average in 2020 behind LeMahieu, winning the NL batting title. Only three players in the Modern Era (since 1900) won a batting title at a younger age than Soto’s 21 years, 338 days on the last day of the season: 1996 Alex Rodriguez, 1955 Al Kaline and Ty Cobb, twice, in 1907-08. This is the echelon Soto is already in, so a second batting title -- and leading the Majors this time, too -- feels like it’ll happen very soon.

Soto wasn’t just second in average, he was also second in xBA among qualified hitters, at .332. Sure, that’s lower than .351, but that tells us that he was making stellar contact -- the type we can expect to see for years to come.

-- Sarah Langs

Corey Seager -- SS, Dodgers
2019 BA: .272 / β€˜20 BA: .307

You could see Seager's big year in 2020 coming from a mile away ... and 2021 is going to be even bigger. The Dodgers shortstop sprays hard contact all over the field. Last year, 22% of his swings produced a hard-hit ball (exit velocity of 95 mph or higher), which was second in the Majors to Fernando Tatis Jr. A high rate of hard contact per swing means a hitter is combining quality of contact and quantity of contact -- hitting the ball hard, and hitting the ball a lot. It's the best of both worlds. That's why Seager's expected batting average for 2020 was .326, even higher than his actual batting average (.307) and third-best among qualified hitters behind Freddie Freeman and Juan Soto. Seager's going to keep raking in 2021.

-- David Adler

Freddie Freeman -- 1B, Padres
2019 BA: .295 / β€˜20 BA: .341

It’s a little surprising that Freeman hasn’t already won an NL batting title, right? He finished third in both 2013 (.319) and β€˜18 (.309), then second during his MVP-winning β€˜20 campaign, behind only Soto. A .295 career hitter, Freeman has reached at least that mark in five straight seasons. That admirable consistency makes him a comfortable pick here. Freeman is a near-lock to at least be in the mix.

There’s really nothing Freeman does not do well at the plate. He’s greatly improved his contact rate and strikeout rate over the past several seasons, to the point where he ranked in the 91st percentile in lowest K-rate in the shortened 2020 season. He makes hard contact frequently, and nobody is better at driving the ball in the launch angle β€œsweet spot” -- Freeman is among the MLB leaders in that category on an annual basis.

-- Andrew Simon

Mookie Betts -- RF, Dodgers
2019 BA: .295 / β€˜20 BA: .292

There’s nothing on a baseball field that Betts doesn’t do at a high level, and that includes hitting for average. The superstar outfielder won a batting title for the Red Sox with a .346 mark in 2018, the year he was the AL MVP, and his lifetime average is slightly north of .300.

Betts rarely swings and misses, especially on pitches in the strike zone. His 93.3% contact rate on in-zone swings ranked third in the Majors last season, and his overall 86.2% contact rate was sixth highest. Betts also has proven to be one of the game’s best at consistently producing quality contact, with a 24.6% hard-hit + sweet-spot rate over the past three seasons -- tied for the fourth-highest figure in the Majors during that span.

With Betts firmly in his prime at age 28, would anyone really be surprised if he hit .330? Or .340? Or even .350? I think he’s shown that pretty much anything is possible at this point.

-- Thomas Harrigan

Jeff McNeil -- 2B, Mets
2019 BA: .318 / β€˜20 BA: .311

Since 2018, when McNeil made his MLB debut, no National League hitter with a minimum of 900 at-bats owns a higher batting average than his .319. While he’s not necessarily the first guy you think of when predicting batting average champs, he’s been consistent -- he hit .329 in 63 games in 2018, .318 in 133 games in ’19, and .311 in 52 games last year.

With another season on his resume and the excitement of a bolstered lineup with the addition of Francisco Lindor, McNeil may be in for more than just consistency in 2021 -- perhaps even a career-high batting average, which would place him in the thick of the NL batting title race.

-- Manny Randhawa

David Adler is a reporter for based in New York. Follow him on Twitter at @_dadler.

Thomas Harrigan is a reporter for Follow him on Twitter @HarriganMLB.

Sarah Langs is a reporter/editor for based in New York. Follow her on Twitter @SlangsOnSports.

Andrew Simon is a research analyst for Follow him on Twitter @AndrewSimonMLB.

Manny Randhawa is a reporter for based in Denver. Follow him on Twitter at @MannyOnMLB.

Traded ATC/OTC/Cash

3 ATC Tickets from DET to NYM
3 ATC tickets from ATL to NYM
3 ATC tickets from LAA to NYM
3 ATC tickets from NYY to NYM
3 ATC tickets from OAK to NYM
3 ATC tickets from TEX to SEA
2 ATC tickets from BOS to NYM
LAD Superstar ticket to ATL
NYY Superstar ticket to NYM
LAD All-Star ticket to MIA
SD All-Star ticket to KC
MIL All-Star ticket to WSH
TOR All-Star ticket ticket to CHC
NYM All-Star ticket to OAK
ATL Flat ticket to LAD
KC Flat ticket to TOR
MIN Flat ticket to MIL
OAK Flat ticket to NYM
$5M from SEA to ATL
projected $5M from KC to SD*

3 ATC tickets from STL to DET thru NYM
2 ATC tickets from LAA to BOS thru NYM
1 ATC ticket from LAA to NYM
1 ATC ticket from NYM to STL
1 ATC ticket from NYY to NYM
LAD Superstar ticket to ATL
NYY Superstar ticket to NYM
MIL Superstar ticket to MIN
NYM All-Star ticket to OAK
ATL Flat ticket to KC
MIN Flat ticket to MIL
OAK Flat ticket to NYM
projected $5M from KC to SD*

3 ATC tickets from NYM to ATL
1 ATC ticket from MIL to MIN
LAD Superstar ticket to ATL
NYY Superstar ticket to NYM
KC Superstar ticket to ATL
NYM All-Star Ticket to OAK
MIL All-Star ticket to WSH
OAK Flat ticket to NYM
projected $5M from KC to SD*

Permanent potential change from WSH to TEX

*KC sends $15M to SD to use over the course of 3 years, so it is not final yet how much of that 15 million will be used each year.

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6/14/2021Spiders @ YankeesWatch  Box
6/14/2021Reds @ PadresWatch  Box
6/14/2021Reds @ PadresWatch  Box
6/14/2021Spiders @ YankeesWatch  Box
6/12/2021Reds @ PhilliesWatch  Box
6/12/2021Angels @ SpidersWatch  Box
6/12/2021Rays @ YankeesWatch  Box
6/12/2021Dodgers @ PadresWatch  Box
6/12/2021Angels @ SpidersWatch  Box
6/12/2021Reds @ PhilliesWatch  Box
6/11/2021Phillies @ RedsWatch  Box
6/11/2021Spiders @ AngelsWatch  Box
6/11/2021Padres @ DodgersWatch  Box
6/11/2021Yankees @ RaysWatch  Box
6/11/2021Padres @ DodgersWatch  Box

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5/19/2021All-Star SelectionsJimMcCoy
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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6/10/2021 Player Placed On Trade Block
James McCann placed on trade block by New York Mets
6/10/2021 Player Placed On Trade Block
Chris Martin placed on trade block by New York Mets
6/10/2021 Player Placed On Trade Block
Matt Chapman placed on trade block by New York Mets
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6/14/2021 Dead Sandboxesjimgriddy
Its main use is a human litter box.
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