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Leaders Lead The Way

Qualifying Bids Position Players

Max contract length is 5yrs!!
Bids open at 10am eastern Monday
Bids close at 10pm eastern Tuesday
Final blind bids due 10pm eastern Wed.

Top 4 bids get to place a single blind bid


Ken Odea $8/6/$2=$78(White Sox)✅

Glenn Myatt $6/4yrs=$24(Indians)✅

First Basemen

Chubby Dean $3/5/0=$15(Tigers)✅

Don Hurst $6/3/$2= $24(White Sox)✅

Eddie Onslow $1/5yrs=$5(Orioles)✅

Second Basemen

Klein, Lou
5/yr. 5 Yr. $25(Jets)

Rennie Stennet $1/6yrs=$6(Indians)✅

Third Basemen

Andy Carey $4/5/0=$20(Tigers)✅

Red Rollings $8/4/0=$32(Tigers)✅

Brooks Robinson $5/5=$25(Rattlers)✅


Sandy Alomar $1/5yrs=$5(Orioles)✅

Ron Hansen $1/5yrs=$5(Orioles)✅

Terry Turner $1/1yr=$1(Pirates)✅


Gary Carter $4/5/0=$20(Tigers)✅

Chet Lemon $8/5/0=$40(Tigers)✅

Mitchell Page 5/Yr. 4 Yr. $20(Jets)✅

Luzinski, Greg
6/Yr. 5 Yr. $30(Jets)

Lonnie Smith $10/5/$4= $90(White Sox)✅

Dave Parker $10/4/$3= $58(White Sox)✅

Steve Kemp $10/5/$4=$90(White Sox)✅

Hack Wilson $10/2yrs=$20(Indians)✅

Thad Bosley $1/5yrs=$5(Orioles)✅

Billy North $1/5yrs=$5(Pirates)✅

Claudell Washington $1/6yrs=$6(Indians)✅

Rico Carty $3/3 years = $9(Phillies)✅

Bidding Format

Please use the following format as it will make it easier for me to update accurately and quickly.

Position first name last name $$/yrs/raise=$$

Example: SP Joe Mays $2/2/0=$4(no raise)
Example: SP Joe Mays $2/2/2=$6(with raise)

If including a raise remember to do the math correctly

Max contract length is 5yrs!!


Schedule is subject to change

Thur 11/14-->FA bidding pitchers opens@10am eastern
Fri 11/15-->FA bidding pitchers closes@10pm eastern
Sat 11/16-->final blind bids pitchers due by 10pm eastern
Sun 11/17-->prepare for FA bidding hitters
Mon 11/18-->FA bidding for hitters opens@10am eastern
Tues 11/19-->FA bidding for hitters closes@10pm eastern
Wed 11/20-->final blind bids hitters due by 10pm eastern
Thur 11/21-->prepare rosters for regular season
Fri 11/22-->prepare rosters for regular season
Sat 11/23-->prepare rosters for regular season
Sun 11/24-->prepare rosters for regular season
Mon 11/25-->regular season starts(tba)


Welcome to Leaders Lead The Way!! This league will be fun and unique. Can you be the leader of all?

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Blind Bids pitchers

Starting Pitchers

Ed Reulbach

$17/3/$2=$57(White Sox)

Bobby Bolin

$11/yr 5 yrs - $55(Jets)✅

Relief Pitchers

Dale MAthewson
$8/5/2= $60(White Sox)✅

Dooley Womack
$5/2/3= $13(White Sox)

Qualifying Bids Pitchers

Top 4 bids after 36hrs will get 8hrs to place 1 blind bid with the commisioner.

Bids open at 10am eastern Thur
Bids close at 10pm eastern Fri
Blind bids due 10pm eastern Sat

Max contract length is 5yrs!'

Starting Pitchers

Walter Johnson

Ed Reulbach
$15/3/$5= $60(White Sox)

Joe Presko $15/4/0=$60(Winds)✅

Bolin, Bobby
5/yr 5 Yrs $25(Jets)✅

Collins, Ray 4/yr 3 Yrs $12(Jets)✅

Ellsworth, Dick 3/yr 5 Yrs $15(Jets)✅

Denny Lemaster $5/5=$25(Rattlers)✅

Dennis Bennett $5/5=$25(Rattlers)✅

Relief Pitchers

Warren Bogle $1/5yrs=$5(Orioles)✅

Jon Warden $1/5yrs=$5(Orioles)✅

Ed Sukla $1/5yrs=$5(Orioles)✅

Dooley Womack
$5/2/3= $13(White Sox)

Dale MAthewson
$8/5/2= $60(White Sox)✅

Gene Brabender $10/5/0=$50(Tigers)✅

Reniff, Hal 4/yr 5 Yrs $20(Jets)✅

Davidson, Ted 4/yr 4 Yrs $16(Jets)✅

Dennis Higgins $5/5=$25(Rattlers)✅

Mike Marshall $3/5yrs=$15(Rangers)✅

Horacio Pina $3/5yrs=$15(Rangers)✅

Gary Neibauer $1/4yrs=$4(Pirates)✅

Leaders Cup Champions


Cleveland Indians(1)(2)(5)(7)(8)
Cinncinnati Red Devils(3)
Pittsburgh Pirates(4)(6)
Seattle Pilots(9)

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