Just A Bit Outside - Season 13

Alternate All-Stars

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Brad Hawpe of the Brewers was one of the extra All-Stars named by the Commish.
Each Season, 8 extra All-Stars are named by the Commish, 4 from each division. Here are the choices for this year:

Topps Division
George Dumont - SP (Senators)
Vida Blue - SP (A's)
Ty Cobb - OF (Tigers)
Reggie Smith - OF (Red Sox)

Fleer Division
Brad Hawpe - OF (Brewers)
Mark Prior - SP (Cubs)
Andruw Jones - OF (Braves)
Gary Carter - C (Expos)

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Hawpe powers Brewers to win over Red Sox

Brad Hawpe blasted 2 homers, lifting the Brewers to a 7-5 win over 1977 Boston. Ben Sheets struckout 8 1977 Boston batters in the contest. | Box

Nash blanks 2003 Houston with 2-0 shutout

2003 Houston is hoping not to see Jim Nash again for a long while. Nash went the distance, leading 1979 Oakland to a 2-0 victory. | Box

Dumont's 9-K performance not enough

George Dumont whiffed 9 batters, but the Brewers managed to beat the Senators, 2-1. | Box

Lynn unloads, Red Sox still lose

Fred Lynn blasted 2 homers, but it wasn't enough to lift the Red Sox over the Braves. 2001 Atlanta won by a score of 6-5. Deion Sanders of the Braves had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Goossen blasts off, leads Mets to win

Greg Goossen blasted 2 homers, lifting the Mets to a 4-2 win over 1986 Montreal. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

G. Goossen, Mets .4674 HR7 RBI
A. Griffin, Cubs .5003 HR8 RBI
D. Gossett, Blue Jays .3534 HR6 RBI
J. Dye, Braves .8333 HR7 RBI
T. Martinez, Mets .3532 HR8 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

G. Goslin, Senators 5 for 23 (.217)
H. Heilmann, Tigers 2 for 19 (.105)
L. Moseby, Blue Jays 1 for 19 (.053)
J. Judge, Senators 1 for 17 (.059)
M. Phillips, Mets 2 for 17 (.118)

Leaders: SLG

G. Tenace, Athletics .858
B. Ruth, Yankees .794
J. Moses, Red Sox .762
B. Hawpe, Brewers .758
G. Bell, Blue Jays .747

Leaders: H/9

G. Dumont, Senators 6.3
M. Wohlers, Braves 6.7
A. Russell, Blue Jays 6.7
D. Vance, Astros 6.8
H. Courtney, Athletics 7.1

List of Players Jumping Seasons

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In this league, players can "jump" to a better season (some restrictions may apply)
List of Teams' Choices for Players Jumping Seasons

Season 12 Off-Season (current)
Montreal Expos - Eddie Murray (2, 1993-1995), Andres Galarraga (2, 1987-1989)

Season 11 Off-Season
Oakland A's - John Henry Johnson (2, 1978-1980), Dwayne Murphy (2, 1978-1980), Dave Revering (2, 1978-1980) done
Chicago Cubs - Anthony Rizzo (2, 2012-2014), DJ LeMahieu (2, 2013-2015), Travis Wood (1, 2012-2013) done
Washington Senators - Goose Goslin (2, 1922-1924) done
Toronto Blue Jays - Duane Ward (2, 1988-1990), Muddy Ruel (2, 1919-1921) done
Milwaukee Brewers - Mike Adams (4, 2004-2008), Scott Podsednik (1, 2004-2005), Matt Wise (1, 2004-2005) done
Atlanta Braves - Reggie Sanders (1, 2000-2001), Jose Hernandez (1, 2001-2002), Brian Jordan (2, 1999-2001) done
Montreal Expos - Hubie Brooks (1, 1985-1986) done
Boston Red Sox - Butch Hobson (1, 1976-1977) done

Season 10 Off-Season
New York Yankees - Jack Fournier (3, 1918-1921) done
Montreal Expos - Terry Francona (1, 1992-1993), Eddie Murray (2, 1991-1993), Barry Bonds (1, 2001-2002) done
Toronto Blue Jays - David Wells (2, 1987-1989), Fred McGriff (1, 1987-1988) done
Colorado Rockies - Octavio Dotel (1, 2010-2011), Huston Street (1, 2009-2010) done
Atlanta Braves - Bret Boone (2, 1999-2001), Jose Hernandez (2, 1999-2001) done
Chicago Cubs - DJ LeMahieu (2, 2011-2013), Heinie Manush (2, 1932-1934), Dexter Fowler (1, 2011-2012) done
Boston Red Sox - Jim Rice (2, 1976-1978) done
Washington Senators - Goose Goslin (1, 1921-1922), Bing Miller (1, 1921-1922), Sam Rice (1, 1920-1921) done
Detroit Tigers - Marty Kavanagh (1, 1914-1915), Harry Heilmann (2, 1914-1916), Harry Coveleski (2, 1914-1916) done

Season 9 Off-Season
New York Mets - Brent Strom (3, 1972-1975) done
New York Yankees - Kevin Mitchell (2, 1987-1989) done
Atlanta Braves - Russ Springer (1, 1998-1999), Jermaine Dye (1, 1998-1999) done
Washington Senators - Sam Rice (1, 1919-1920), Jack Lelivelt (1, 1911-1912), Charlie Jamieson (3, 1917-1920) done
Colorado Rockies - Carlos Gonzalez (1, 2009-2010), Rafael Betancourt (2, 2009-2011) done
Boston Red Sox - Jim Rice (2, 1974-1976) done
Toronto Blue Jays - Manuel Lee (1, 1986-1987), Kelly Gruber (2, 1986-1988), Tony Fernandez (1, 1984-1985) done
Chicago Cubs - Andrew Cashner (3, 2010-2013), Carlos Zambrano (1, 2004-2005), Dexter Fowler (2, 2009-2011) done
Houston Astros - Mike Hampton (2, 1997-1999) done

Season 8 Off-Season
New York Mets - Rich Folkers (1, 1973-1974), Jon Matlack (2, 1972-1974) - done
Chicago Cubs - Heinie Manush (2, 1930-1932), Ted Lilly (2, 2007-2009), Buzz Capra (2, 1972-1974) - done
Houston Astros - Randy Johnson (1, 1998-1999), Mike Hampton (2, 1995-1997), Craig Biggio (2, 1993-1995) - done
Toronto Blue Jays - Cecil Fielder (2, 1985-1987), Tom Henke (2, 1985-1987), Amos Otis (2, 1969-1971) - done
Washington Senators - Val Picinich (1, 1918-1919, Hal Janvrin (1, 1919-1920), Charlie Jamieson (2, 1915-1917) - done
Boston Red Sox - Carl Yastrzemski (2, 1965-1967), Dwight Evans (1, 1974-1975, Cecil Cooper (2, 1973-1975) - done
New York Yankees - Jimmy Key (2, 1985-1987) - done
Detroit Tigers - Donie Bush (2, 1908-1910), Charlie Deal (2, 1912-1914), Taylor Buchholz (1, 2007-2008) - done
Atlanta Braves - Kevin Millwood (2, 1997-1999), Jermaine Dye (2, 1996-1998), Rance Mulliniks (1, 1982-1983) - done
Colorado Rockies - Ubaldo Jimenez (1, 2009-2010) - done

Season 7 Off-Season
New York Mets - Ken Singleton (1, 1972-1973), Jon Matlack (1, 1971-1972), Rich Folkers (3*, 1970-1973)-done
Detroit Tigers - Paddy Bauman (2, 1911-1913)-done
Chicago Cubs - Joe Nathan (1, 2005-2006), Mike Fontenot (1, 2007-2008)-done
Washington Senators - Sam Rice (2, 1917-1919), Patsy Gharrity (1, 1916-1917), Mike Menosky (3*, 1917-1920)-done
Atlanta Braves - Eddie Perez (2, 1996-1998), Andruw Jones (2, 1996-1998, Juan Berenguer (2, 1981-1983)-done
Toronto Blue Jays - Lloyd Moseby (2, 1982-1984), Jimmy Key (1, 1984-1985), Cal Ripken (2, 1989-1991)-done
Houston Astros - Craig Biggio (2, 1991-1993), Mike Hampton (1, 1994-1995)
Boston Red Sox - Dwight Evans (2, 1972-1974), Ben Oglivie (2, 1972-1974), Rico Petrocelli (2, 1967-1969)
Colorado Rockies - Ubaldo Jimenez (2, 2007-2009)

* = jumped more than 2 seasons due to missing a season(s) in real life (see League Rules for more details)

Weird Progression Fact for this League


Hey owners. GrumpyOldMan just sent me a question about one of his players not progressing after progressions were run. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but I eventually remembered that Jeo set this league up slightly different than other leagues that I've been in. The difference is that most Custom Leagues double the stats of players with low ABs and IPs until they get to a reasonably high number. This ensures two things - that all players receive progressions, and that there aren't really big progressions for players.

The reason for this is that progressions only work for players with a minimum of 100 At Bats and 20 Innings Pitched in their real stats. So if you have players with less ABs/IPs than that, they will not have progressed, and they will never progress. They will, however, regress just like everyone else when they reach the age of regression (34 in this league).

The other thing that happens (this isn't anywhere on the site but just from my own experience) is that players who ARE above the minimums, but just barely, like 123 ABs or 26 IPs for example will often get much bigger progressions than players with really high ABs and IPs. At least that's what it seems like to me.

This matters a lot in terms of who you trade for, who you draft, and which players you decide to jump seasons for. For an example, I traded for Frank Gilhooley a few seasons ago. He was very young and had good stats. I thought to myself that I was getting a great deal, but didn't realize that he wouldn't progress at all because he had low stats. Argh!!! Last season, I tried something with him that I'm not sure will be a benefit but we'll see. I chose Gilhooley as one of my players to jump seasons with, only in this case, he got quite a bit worse when he made the jump. BUT, he now has enough ABs to progress, and he's still pretty young. It will take a while to see if this was worthwhile. Anyway, just thought I'd pass this info along to everyone so that we're all on the same page (especially the new owners, I'm guessing the original owners have figured this out by now). I'm thinking I should put something about this on the rules page so that it's really clear for everyone. Since most of you are in quite a few other leagues, it's sometimes hard to remember all the differences.

Thanks for the question, Grumpy. If anyone sees anything else that isn't clear and should be in the rules, let me know. I always want to run leagues that are fair for everyone that joins and where there's good parity and everyone has a decent chance to succeed.
From your New Commish (still learning)

Chosen Franchises

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1967 Athletics 62-99 .385
1967 Mets 61-101 .377
1911 Senators 64-90 .416
1991 Astros 65-97 .401
1965 Red Sox 62-100 .383
1977 Blue Jays 54-107 .335
1904 Tigers 62-90 .408
1990 Braves 65-97 .401
2002 Cubs 67-95 .414
1976 Expos 55-107 .340
2004 Rockies 68-94 .420 (switched to 2004 Brewers for Season 12)
1913 Yankees 57-94 .377

Welcome to Just A Bit Outside

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In pursuit of the Bob Uecker trophy
Welcome to Just A Bit Outside. You're mission should you accept take a franchise from 1901-2005 with a winning pct of .425 or less and guide them to the top. Upon joining place franchise choice in chat box. Please check to make sure franchise isn't already chosen. Ill import your team after you've chosen. Good luck!

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Juan Berenguer picked up by 1916 Detroit Tigers
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Matt Garza dropped by 1916 Detroit Tigers
5/15/2022 Player Signed
Matt Garza picked up by 1916 Detroit Tigers
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5/18/2022Mobile App Updategbacci
The new baseball app has gotten approved for iOS - functionally it's not much different, but it feels like it runs more smoothly (at least it does for me on my iPhone).

I did vastly improve and simplify the sign-up process on the app since it was sort of clunky on the old version.

(One bummer for donors - Paypal has seemed to stop working on the app, so only Stripe donations work.)

If you have your apps set to auto-update, it will probably be pushed to you in the next week or so. Or, you can go update it on your own. If you just LOVE the current one, I suppose there is no harm in keeping it as is.

Android fans, stay tuned - hope to make some progress there in the coming days/weeks.

You can really use either sport's app, the idea was to make one for each to appeal to the fans of each sport - the only difference is you can't get to other sports' leaderboards and FAQs, etc. but you can get to your leagues on either one.

I still think the browser is going to be the best performance for the site, but the app is there as an option and sometimes it's nice to have things contained without distractions.

As always, positive reviews help if you are so inclined!
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