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Criteria used for Major League movie themed awards

Rick Vaughn trophy - Highest BB per 9 IP
Pedro Cerrano πŸ† - Highest total combined HR plus K
Roger Dorn πŸ†- Most errors committed
Jake Taylor πŸ†- Best overall performance by a Catcher over the age of 28. Minimum AB 250
Eddie Harris Crafty veteran trophy. Best performance by pitcher over age of 30 with less than 5.0 K per 9. Minimum IP 100

Other custom πŸ† criteria
Vulture πŸ† Most Wins by a RP
Lee Sweetland πŸ† Most losses by a SP
George McBride πŸ† Lowest Batting average by position player with qualifying AB.

Chosen Franchises

1967 Athletics 62-99 .385
1967 Mets 61-101 .377
1911 Senators 64-90 .416
1991 Astros 65-97 .401
1965 Red Sox 62-100 .383
1977 Blue Jays 54-107 .335
1904 Tigers 62-90 .408
1990 Braves 65-97 .401
2002 Cubs 67-95 .414
1976 Expos 55-107 .340
2004 Rockies 68-94 .420
1913 Yankees 57-94 .377

Welcome to Just A Bit Outside

In pursuit of the Bob Uecker trophy
Welcome to Just A Bit Outside. You're mission should you accept take a franchise from 1901-2005 with a winning pct of .425 or less and guide them to the top. Upon joining place franchise choice in chat box. Please check to make sure franchise isn't already chosen. Ill import your team after you've chosen. Good luck!

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4/2/2020Athletics @ CubsWatch  Box
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4/2/2020Cubs @ AthleticsWatch  Box
4/2/2020Cubs @ AthleticsWatch  Box
4/2/2020Athletics @ CubsWatch  Box
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Round 1 of the playoffs are set up. All teams have been granted 3 days off. Playoffs will start in the AM tomorrow.
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3/15/2020 Player Signed
Bill McKechnie picked up by 1908 Detroit Tigers
3/15/2020 Player Dropped
Bill Coughlin dropped by 1908 Detroit Tigers
3/14/2020 Player Dropped
Babe Borton dropped by 1913 New York Yankees
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4/5/2020 Recaps?yankeebb
Yes it’s always funny when it says pitcher X struck out 8 but the other team managed to win 15-3. It’s random/automated.
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