1960-1969 Championships

1961 - Todd Menzies

1962 - Brian Geary

1963 Top Rookies
1. Pete Rose
2. Ray Culp
3. Rusty Staub
4. Al Weiss
5. Tommy Harper


World Series
Chris Gorr 7
Todd Menzies 7
Brett Myles 3
Shad Coppock 2
Kirk Bragg 1
Travis Corbin 1
Colton Adams 1
Tom Geary 1
Brian Geary 0
Max Boehler 0

Chris Gorr 3,554
Todd Menzies 3,529
Kirk Bragg 3,375
Brett Myles 3,240
Colton Adams 2,956
Brian Geary 2,838
Shad Coppock 2,352
Travis Corbin 1,785
Max Boehler 1,715
Tom Geary 1,128

Chris Gorr 21
Kirk Bragg 20
Todd Menzies 20
Brett Myles 15
Travis Corbin 14
Colton Adams 14
Shad Coppock 14
Max Boehler 10
Brian Geary 9
Tom Geary 5

Kirk Bragg 2
Colton Adams 1
Brian Geary 1
Max Boehler 1

Kirk Bragg 7
Chris Gorr 7
Todd Menzies 7
Shad Coppock 5
Colton Adams 4
Max Boehler 2
Brett Myles 2
Brian Geary 1
Travis Corbin 0
Tom Geary 0

Chris Gorr 10
Kirk Bragg 8
Brett Myles 5
Todd Menzies 3
Colton Adams 3
Brian Geary 2
Shad Coppock 2
Travis Corbin 1
Max Boehler 1
Tom Geary 0

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2002 Year of the Halos is ready to begin

After one of the longest snail drafts ever, we are ready to go for 2002 and see who can dethrone Mr. of luck and by the way 2002 was the best year ever!

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6/26/2020All-Star Selectionsshadcoppock
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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6/30/2020 Player Claimed
Albie Pearson claimed on waivers by North Texas Judys
6/30/2020 Player Dropped
Bobby Del Greco dropped by North Texas Judys
6/28/2020 Trade
Wally Post to Branson Beer Can Birds
Jim Landis to Elkhorn Rebels
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7/14/2020 Armstrong Not Fixed!Warrior
I have Curry right now and my team went 33-7 grabbed the 1st seed and won 2 games to enter the finals so 35-7 right now.

This is the only time I have ever had Curry but still I feel confident in saying it is shooting a lay-up with Curry,a contested lay-up but still a lay-up.

Curry is the best player in the draft that is for sure! I have not studied all the scrubs so I do not know how many scrubs with freakish stats there are. I draft 5 and never auto-pick or sub so I have never used any of the scrubs with the fake stats and do not plan to.
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