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Ideas for rebooting this league

What I've always wanted to do is run a league more like real-life... In other words, permanent rosters with a rookie draft each year. Free agency would have to be a part of it somehow. But I also would love to keep the history and players from this league.

With the new rank changes, the existing contracts don't make sense. So I would start with a re-draft (but each team could retain a few franchise players).

Here are my thoughts:

1) Every team keeps 3 players from current roster
2) We would run a snake daily draft to distribute other players
3) Mid-season we would open up a rookie draft where each team would get four rookies
4) Rookies must be signed to a 4-year contract
5) Teams would have a minor league roster so they can keep rookies for a while - ages could vary from 18-22.
6) Post-season we would open up a "free agent" draft to mimic free agency where the team with the most available cash would draft first
7) Rookies would probably be a mix of real and fiction - switch to varied progression so we'd have a set number of "Superstars", "All-Stars" etc.

These are just some of my ideas. Would love to hear what everyone thinks.

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