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Alex Cruz

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    4,133 - 3,467 (.544 PCT)
    (#88 of 27154) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    50,090 - 45,967 (.521 PCT)
    (#118 of 27154) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 245
    (#135 of 27154)
  • Rings: 31
    (#234 of 27154)
  • MVPs: 33 (#209 of 27154)
    CYs: 39 (#195 of 27154)

Custom League Stats

  • W-L All Time
    6 - 21 (.222 PCT)
    (#4289 of 27154) in Wins
  • Rings: 0

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Auto League Trophy Case

Montana Yellowstone

Best of 2011

Georgia Swingmen

Best of 2010s

Vermont Ducks

Best of 2000s

Toppling Goliaths

Best of 2010s

Nard Dogs

Best of 2022

Red Right Hands

Best of 2000s

Vineland Valkyrie

Random Players

Nard Dogs

Best of 2022

Akron Black Keys

Best of 2010s

Team Ninja

Best of 1990s

Montreal Moon Hippies

Best of 2000s

Nard Dogs

Best of 2022

Bartonsville Pumas

Best of 2010s

The Orange Newt

Best of 2022

Charleston Shoe Thieves


New York Mets

Best of 2021

Nard Dogs

Best of 2021

West Blvd Blues

Best of 2021


Favorite Teams


Favorite Teams

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Custom League Trophy Case

No items yet.

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Pedro Martinez (Flying Monkey's)

Cy - Auto League 1211 Best of 2000s

Bill Risley (Tide)

Cy - Auto League 110 Best of 1990s

Jeff Hoffman (Dogs)

Cy - Auto League 458 Best of 2023

Brad Boxberger (Archers of Love)

Cy - Auto League 517 Best of 2014

Randy Johnson (Marauders)

Cy - Auto League 614 Best of 2002

Johan Santana (Sluggers)

Cy - Auto League 645 Best of 2008

Rhys Hoskins (Swingmen)

MVP - Best of 2010s

Davis Schneider (Newt)

MVP - Best of 2023

Freddie Freeman (Dogs)

MVP - Best of 2023

Zack Greinke (Flying Monkey's)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Ryan Helsley (Newt)

Cy - Best of 2022

Sergio Romo (Sluggers)

Cy - Best of 2008

Ricky Romero (Yellowstone)

Cy - Best of 2011

Jacob deGrom (Swingmen)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Russ Springer (Pointers)

Cy - Best of 2007

Pedro Martinez (Right Hands)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Jason Motte (Yellowstone)

Cy - Best of 2011

Carlos Beltran (Yellowstone)

MVP - Best of 2011

Manny Ramirez (Valkyrie)

MVP - Random Players

Matt Carpenter (Dogs)

MVP - Best of 2022

LeBron James (Heat)

MVP - The Good and the Ugly Basketba..

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