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Lyle Arnold

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    5,805 - 4,928 (.541 PCT)
    (#42 of 27057) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    82,861 - 79,651 (.510 PCT)
    (#56 of 27057) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 340
    (#89 of 27057)
  • Rings: 55
    (#130 of 27057)
  • MVPs: 84 (#74 of 27057)
    CYs: 59 (#120 of 27057)

Custom League Stats

  • W-L All Time
    1,231 - 1,612 (.433 PCT)
    (#1090 of 27057) in Wins
  • Rings: 0

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Auto League Trophy Case

South Dakota Snappers

Best of 2016

Ohio Deckers

Ruthian Era

Buffalo Wings


Buffalo Wings


Encino Earthquakes

Ruthian Era

Bluffton Pirates

Best of 2000s

Isreal Prophets

Best of 2000s

Texas Tornadoes

All-Time Japan Greats

Missouri Mules


Texas Tornadoes

All-Time Japan Greats

Minnesota Yasureyabetchas

Best of 2000s

Michigan Buckeyes

Best of 1986

Kentucky Headhunters

Deadball Era

Massachusetts Minutemen

Best of 2021

Montana Grizzly’s


Yellowstone Jelly Bears

Best of 2021

Compo Beach Crushers

Best of 2010s

Sussex Southpaws

All-Time Greats

Sandlot Beasts

Best of 1990s

Wayne County War Mongers

Best of 2000s

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Custom League Trophy Case

No items yet.

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Barry Bonds (Prophets)

MVP - Auto League 1425 Best of 2000s

Walter Johnson (Old schoolers)

Cy - Auto League 363 Deadball Era

Kyle Hendricks (Snappers)

Cy - Auto League 89 Best of 2016

Jimmie Foxx (Deckers)

MVP - Auto League 1232 Ruthian Era

Clayton Kershaw (Away)

Cy - Auto League 260 Best of 2023

Cody Bellinger (Caveman)

MVP - Best of 2010s

Pedro Martinez (Prophets)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Jeff Bagwell (Juicing)

MVP - Best of 1990s

Aubrey Huff (Phillies)

MVP - Best of 2008

Justin Verlander (Dumbos)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Randy Johnson (Swashbucklers)

Cy - Best of 1990s

Jacob deGrom (Pork Bellies)

Cy - All-Time Greats

J.J. Putz (Yasureyabetchas)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Steve Rogers (Convicts)

Cy - Best of 1970s

Carl Yastrzemski (Convicts)

MVP - Best of 1970s

Mike Scott (Broncos)

Cy - Best of 1980s

Barry Bonds (Pirates)

MVP - Best of 2000s

Ryan Howard (Wagner for HOF)

MVP - Best of 2000s

Derek Lowe (Prophets)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Anthony Rizzo (Snappers)

MVP - Best of 2016

Rich Gannon (Vikings)

MVP - Best of 2000s

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