Lyle Arnold

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    4,234 - 3,662 (.536 PCT)
    (#76 of 21954) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    60,942 - 59,827 (.505 PCT)
    (#64 of 21954) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 225
    (#106 of 21954)
  • Rings: 40
    (#153 of 21954)
  • MVPs: 63 (#89 of 21954)
    CYs: 38 (#156 of 21954)

Custom League Stats

  • W-L All Time
    1,134 - 1,542 (.424 PCT)
    (#1006 of 21954) in Wins
  • Rings: 0

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Auto League Trophy Case

Yellowstone Jelly Bears

Best of 2021

Compo Beach Crushers

Best of 2010s

Sussex Southpaws

All-Time Greats

Sandlot Beasts

Best of 1990s

Wayne County War Mongers

Best of 2000s

Capitaland Crushers

All-Time Greats


Favorite Teams

Tombstone SixShooters

All-Time Greats

Boston Valentines

All-Time Greats

Dayton Dragons

All-Time Greats

Carolina Mudcats

Best of 2000s

Tombstone Cowboys


Fresno Fonzies

All-Time Greats

Acme Roadrunners

Best of 1980s

Canton Bulldogs

Deadball Era

Okie State Cowbpokes

Deadball Era

P-Town All-Stars

Best of 1980s

St. Louis Jets

Best of 1970s

Vernon Hills Cougars


Ridgemont Right-Sides

All-Time Greats

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Custom League Trophy Case

No items yet.

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Sean Doolittle (Bad Tax)

Cy - All-Time Greats

Pedro Martinez (Flashbacks)

Cy - Best of 1990s

Troy Percival (Crusaders)

Cy - Best of 1990s

Fernando Tatis Jr. (Jelly Bears)

MVP - Best of 2021

Kal Daniels (Indians)

MVP - Best of 1980s

Freddie Freeman (Jelly Bears)

MVP - Best of 2020

Jose Ramirez (Jelly Bears)

MVP - Best of 2020

Shane Bieber (Mysteries)

Cy - Best of 2020

Troy Percival (Rockers)

Cy - Best of 1990s

Joey Votto (Cows)

MVP - Random Players

Barry Bonds (Chuckleheads)

MVP - 1970-Present

Mike Trout (Quetzals)

MVP - Best of 2019

Ron Davis (Myprntsrbst)

Cy - Best of 1980s

Cody Bellinger (Killer Hornets)

MVP - Best of 2019

Bill Joyce (Nvrland Pirates)

MVP - Deadball Era

Rickey Henderson (Elephants)

MVP - Favorite Teams

Kazuto Tsuruoka (Reds)

MVP - All-Time Japan Greats

Babe Ruth (Red Bulls)

MVP - Ruthian Era

Cy Blanton (Red Bulls)

Cy - Ruthian Era

Barry Bonds (War Mongers)

MVP - Best of 2000s

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