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Opening Day = Annual pledge to help promote PennantChase!

Hello fellow PC'ers! I know a lot of you love this site, and the start of the baseball season is always a great time to encourage a few clicks of promotion!

Some of the best leads we get come from GM Games - please up-vote PC on the following pages!



You can also rate the game on our Facebook page:


Another great help, if you have the iOS app, is to rate the iOS app if you have not already:


The Android app is something I am hoping to revisit this year, but you can also rate that one if you have it (I know it just redirects to the web version):


Thanks so much for your support. It's been a wild past few years with the launch of Hoops Playground and the Basketball Sim, Player Scramble, Ad-Reduced and Ad-Free versions for donors, and lots of other little enhancements, plus a lot of great progress on Football. (I feel good about Football launching sometime this year.) I have so many goals for the future too - beyond all the great suggestions I've gotten from all of you, I'd really like to vastly improve the GM side of the game with contracts, trading draft picks, and stuff like that. We're also going to need refreshes of the mobile apps, because they are starting to age out of app-store compliance.

Happy Opening Day!

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