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Welcome to Reduced Ads Week!

This month marks Pennant Chase?s 14th Anniversary. Speaking of the 14th, Valentine?s Day is, of course, on the 14th. So to celebrate my love for the donors of this site, I?m running a week of reduced ads for all donors.

But there?s another reason for doing this. I?m trying to assess the impact of losing ad revenue if I were to start offering an ad-free (or reduced-ad) version of the site. The hope would be that removing ads might raise the number of donors and thus make it economically feasible.

There?s a lot I still want to do on Pennant Chase - finish football, build baseball engine 2.0, and a slew of other fun ideas (not to mention all the great suggestions you folks send me). But as more gets added to the site, expenses tend to climb. This site isn?t a simple blog - there?s a fair chunk of infrastructure to pay for to keep this going - which is why ads have been so critical.

I?ll let you know how the experiment goes. In the meantime, take this quick survey or drop me a line if you?re intrigued or passionate about an ?ad-free? experience, and of course enjoy this reduced-ads week if you are a donor!

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