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Pennant Chase User Content Policy

I am writing this post so I have a single place to inform everyone of the user content policy of Pennant Chase. User content is anything a user posts on the website, including board posts, chat messages, private messages, team names, logos, etc.

Global Board Content
Board content is the most visible and controversial. A few things to note:

  1. I am not always able to remove content immediately. Please message me if you see something that needs to be removed.

  2. Hate speech, bullying or bigotry is not allowed.

  3. This is a private website, so free speech does not apply here. I choose to keep the boards free of drama as best I can. Nobody cares if you disagree with that, so respectfully, accept it or find a new site.

  4. I try to keep politics off as best I can. I do not discriminate based on ideology. If you perceive a bias, I am sorry about that, but again, nobody cares. This is a free site that I offer so people can have fun and talk sports, not politics.

  5. Some areas are gray. If a topic crosses sports and politics and remains civil, I usually let it go. But certain responses might get deleted if they veer into political or opinionated pieces.

  6. Please note, discussions about competing websites or products is also not allowed.

Private Message & Chat Content
I don't regularly monitor private messages. If someone is bothering you, please inform me. You can also block users. Anyone who bullies or harasses another user is subject to removal.

Team Content
It's hard to police team names and logos. I do my best to remove offensive team names and logos if people inform me. The system will automatically filter out some offensive terms.

Thanks for helping keep Pennant Chase a place we can have fun and escape reality for a few hours each day!

Logged in users can send feedback via the feedback form or make a comment on the public board.