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Survey results, basketball and more free leagues!

Thanks to the nearly 400 of you who took the June survey - there is a lot to cover in this update!

To celebrate the launch of sim basketball leagues, everyone gets 5 more free leagues and donors get 10 more! The first trial Basketball Auto Leagues are now open. Anyone interested in a custom basketball league can donate per usual, or reach out to me if you?re interested in running a league but don?t have the funds.

Okay now to some interesting survey results. Here are the snippets:

  1. I had no freakin? idea so many people were enthusiastic about a football version of PC.

  2. I was also surprised so few people were interested in basketball.

  3. There was a fair amount of enthusiasm for an RPG-type game, with more people wanting to be a GM (75%) than an on-field player (50%).

  4. It was fairly split between people wanting an RPG to be a single-player or multi-player experience.

  5. While there were a few disgruntled people (as to be expected), I would say over 95% of responses were incredibly positive, and many of you said a lot of really nice things, so thank you!

  6. While there were some common themes in the wish-list section, and even some popular wishes I had not heard before (like the desire for a Hall of Fame for Custom Leagues), overall, almost everyone had a different ?wish? - which goes to show, there?s a lot that could be added, but there are no silver-bullet enhancements that will satisfy a large number of people at once

  7. Users are much more open to paying for an ad-free experience than they were five years ago. About 50% were open to it. Five years ago it was probably less than 15%.

Alright, so what does all this feedback mean??

  1. There may simply not be a big audience for sim basketball. Or, those people are out there but I just have to find them and market to them. Those of you who didn't love Hoops Playground might want to give the real game a try since it's quite different. I personally have been surprised how much I?ve enjoyed the basketball sim myself. I always used to think ?baseball is the only game that can sim based off stats? but I think basketball works surprisingly well. You definitely need to draft more of a TEAM and not just star players, because you need players who excel on the boards and on defense as much as you need scorers, but that feels true to life.

  2. The overwhelming interest in football definitely surprised me a bit. I have to seriously consider a roadmap to launch it.

  3. The response to RPG ideas was a little more positive than I was expecting, so that was interesting. It makes sense people liked the GM idea more than the on-field player idea since PC is really all about owning/managing a team.

  4. It seems like an ad-free option is worth offering, although maybe not a huge priority for most. It's also iffy if people would truly pay enough for it to make up for the loss of the ads.

Thanks to so many of you for your feedback, this was by far the most active survey I?ve seen. I look forward to the continued improvement of the PC experience!

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