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Announcing 2011 Season Stats and Leagues

Having spent most of last weekend pouring in 2011 season stats, I am happy to announce as of October 5 the new stats have been added to the Pennant Chase database (a new record I believe).

This means any active teams drafting in Favorite Teams leagues can already take advantage of the 2011 stats. Any private/custom leagues can import 2011 players.

Starting this weekend (October 8), Auto Leagues using 2010 stats will gradually start to be migrated into 2011 leagues. Once a 2010 Auto League ends, all players will be removed and replaced with 2011 players. Their league stats will be reset, but any team championships will remain. Keeper Leagues are TBD - my hope is to keep any players signed to contracts on the teams they currently reside.

As always, let me know any discrepancies you find with the stats. The biggest issue we seem to have is certain players showing a dramatically older age, typically because they have the same name as a player from earlier in baseball history. I can fix this pretty easily once identified.

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