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What is eOBP and why have ranks changed??

I am getting a lot of questions about what's going on with player rank. The quick answer is (as you can read below) defense has been added to rank. To make it more clear why a player is ranked the way he is, today I'm adding oR and dR to show how a player breaks out on offense vs. defense. You can also still see the player's rank on certain stats on their Player Card under their Real Stats.

Does this impact No Drops? YES. The No Drop list has changed a bit. If for some reason you no longer want a player you signed because his rank changed and it would impact who you are offered in the next season Quick Draft, message me.

Does this impact how my player will perform? NO. The player's stats are the same. He's still going to hit the same and field the same (keep in mind, there's luck involved!). Also keep in mind, Auto Leagues have started using Pitcher's HR Allowed so power is going to start going down a bit in Auto Leagues, but this is not due to rank.

There are a couple changes to the site today, and I want to explain them together because they are related.

First off, defense has been added as a factor in Rank. How much of a factor can be tweaked over time, but as I was adding it in, it did not make sense to me to make defense an overwhelming factor. The change was enough to make guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Charlie Gehringer more valuable, while not having them out-rank Babe Ruth.

But Ozzie Smith only went from a one-rank to a nine-rank, which is not going to materially change the way people look at Ozzie Smith.

There's no easy answer to this, but it's something that can be tweaked over time - it's at least a start toward getting defense into the awareness of more owners.

Since rank is not just about offense anymore, eOBP has been added to the players' real-stats table. Estimated-OBP is just a way to show users a guess at what the impact of the league's competition is having on the player's real stats. My hope was Rank would do this for new users to the site, but it really has not. When new users come to me asking why their players don't perform to their real stats, eOBP will be an easier thing to point them to.

Rank and eOBP answer two different questions. Rank is meant to answer the question: "How good is this player relative to other players in the league?" While eOBP answers the question: "How much worse should I expect my player to perform from his real stats based on how good the competition in this league is?"

Veteran PC users probably won't need to pay a lot of attention to eOBP, but it's quite valuable if you're in a lot of Custom Leagues with a variety of player pools. I always found it difficult to understand how a unique player-pool might impact my players. This will help shed some light.

Commissioners can also adjust the "target OBP" in Adjust Stat Levels and actually see how their adjustment is changing the eOBP of their players. This to me is much clearer than the confusing "Do you have a real-life pool or mix across eras" question that used to be on the Adjust Stat Levels page.

Keep in mind, players are not going to necessarily hit their eOBP. As we know, lots of factors are involved - luck, ballparks, slump busters, On Fire, dWAR... etc.

As always, hit me up with any questions on the boards or in feedback.

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