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Explaining the changes to the Quick Draft

By now several of you have noticed the changes to the Quick Draft. I want to quickly explain the what and the why:

1. The Quick Draft will now do a better job of offering the same amount of players from each "level" to every team that drafts. In other words, every team will get a shot at three "elite" hitters, three "second-tier" hitters, and on so on. The same applies to pitchers.

2. The Quick Draft will account for any keepers (finally!). So let's say you kept a #2 starter - you will be offered a #1 and then a #3.

3. The Quick Draft will mix in more players from a range of ranks during each round.

Okay, so WHY were these changes made?

1. The biggest improvement is that in keeper leagues, you can now keep any player and it won't "steal" your best picks in the Quick Draft. For example, if you decided to retain a mid-tier hitter, you won't lose a shot at an elite top-ranked hitter like you did before. The same goes for pitchers.

2. The distribution will now allow teams that draft later in the draft to get the same degree of talent that the early drafting teams did. Of course, it is still going to be true that drafting late will be harder, because you're picking from a smaller group of players who remain, but it shouldn't be as dire as it was before.

3. By mixing ranks each round, there are going to be more interesting choices to be made at times, especially when it comes to defense. You can bypass higher ranked players for lower-ranked players who have strong defense if you choose.

4. The other advantage to mixing ranks each round is that it ensures the first teams to draft won't get to hand-pick the absolute best talent. Instead of the first team seeing 24 of the best hitters, they are only going to see about 9-12, which is a big difference.

As always, reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

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