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Yep, another post about ads

Yeah, I know - ads are not anybody's favorite subject. As anyone who has been around this site for a while knows, ads are something we just have to deal with to keep this highly complex and growing website free. Ads account for over 90% of the revenue - even with the uptick in donations during the pandemic, ads are still the overwhelming reason why I can keep this site running. And even though a lot of people recently have donated, we still have hundreds upon hundreds of people who desire the site to be free and count on it remaining free. And without those people, our leagues would be pretty empty.

But, I am always trying to explore ways to make ads less of a burden. One of the new widgets you are going to see will broadcast impressive accomplishments across PennantChase, while also interspersing ads. I am trying this widget as a way to make ads more valuable and entertaining for everyone. If something like this were to turn out to be successful, it could potentially replace other annoying ads, thus reducing the total number of ads we have to deal with.

You're also going to see some cases (on desktop) of video ads that will shrink into the corner. I know these are probably going to be seen as really annoying, so I am going to test them out on a limited basis, just to see if they provide any value. (In a perfect world, I would be able to show each user maybe just a few video ads and then never have to show any more ads during that visit! But again, this is all experimental.)

I know it's an annoying subject, but I hope you'll understand the importance. As always, reach out to me with any questions or concerns. (I know you will!)

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