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Latest site update includes auto tweets and draft notices

Wanted to let you know of some interesting website updates that went live yesterday.
  1. Automatic Tweets of Award Winners and Champions: Your triumphs on Pennant Chase will now be tweeted for all the world to see. Every award and league champ will be tweeted by pennantchase. (This is for Auto Leagues only.) It's an interesting way to see which players are winning awards and who is winning championships.

  2. Draft notices on My League List: Your My League List page will alert you when a league is drafting. This should help prevent folks from missing an important draft and losing their spot in a Keeper League, for example. I know I have missed the email notices or forgotten to draft before, only to lose some sweet keepers. This should help prevent that, at least for those who are regularly active on the site.

  3. More Bullpen Rankings: A few of you have noted you can't set priority for more than 5 bullpen pitchers. Some teams have a deeper pen that they'd like to be able to rank, so you can now rank up to 8.

Logged in users can send feedback via the feedback form or make a comment on the public board.