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Why some ads will start showing at bottom of your screen

If you'd rather watch a video on this subject, please check out this YouTube video.

Ads - we all hate them. But we must have them on PC to keep this website going. We have a mere 77 active donors. We have over 14,000 people who have registered for PC, and thousands of people who are active every month. That means half of 1% (or 0.5%) of people donate to the website. (Note, I will continue to strive for reduced ads for donors, but as you can see, we have very few donors.)

That's how critical ad revenue is. It's highly unlikely this website could survive with a subscription model unless I charged really high prices to a small group of people who could afford it.

PC has always shown far fewer ads than most websites. Try visiting any blog or news site these days and let me know how many ads clutter your screen. And the ad landscape is changing... advertisers are not paying for ads unless they are viewable on your screen. Because of this, PC has really been struggling to maintain revenue.

This is why I have to start experimenting with one small banner at the bottom of the screen. When the bottom banner shows, I will remove the top banner, so you're not losing any screen real estate. What is mildly annoying is that that the ad overlaps content.

But there are benefits to the bottom-screen ad:

1. They are less prone to viruses
2. They can be closed, which means you get the full screen real estate if you're spending a lot of time on a specific page
3. They don't push content down like top banners do, which gives you more valuable content at the top of the page.

It's really important everyone embrace some ads, and everyone keep PC off Ad Blockers, especially if you enjoy this site, and enjoy the fact that it's free. This is my only means of keeping things going.

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