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Waivers now available in custom leagues, coming to auto leagues

Early this week I informed all league commissioners that waivers was now available as an option, and soon it will be standard in Auto Leagues. This feature allows leagues to enforce a waiver process before any team can claim a free agent. When an owner attempts to sign a player, he will be directed to create a claim for the player. If his roster is full, he will have to select a player to drop if the claim is successful.

Custom leagues can decide how many players each team could acquire (up to 10) during each waiver cycle, which happens after each set of sims. Commissioners also have three options for the waiver order: standings, strength or custom. Standings probably makes most sense during a season, but in the early stages of a season a commissioner might want to use team strength, or base the order off other rules and make a custom order.

Commissioners can also manually trigger a waiver cycle via the Commissioner Tools. This could be handy if you're trying to create a fair way to complete rosters before a season starts, but keep in mind, the Supplemental Draft is a bit more robust because you can have the CPU select players for a team. That doesn't happen with waivers.

For Auto Leagues, this will eliminate the unpopular "Day 3" Supplemental Draft and the "Day 6" free-for-all. I am open to hearing ideas on how best to implement this, but here are my thoughts:

  1. Teams will draft 23 players like they do today

  2. Once a league starts, teams can create waiver claims (instead of ranking players for the supplemental draft as they do today).

  3. Nothing would happen after the first game, but after the second game, teams would be able to add one player via waivers after each game of the season. This would give every team 16 hours to rank players for the first round of waivers, but even if you miss the first round, you're only missing out on one player instead of three, as is the case today with the Supplemental Draft.

  4. Waiver order would be determined by team strength for the first 10 days of the season, and then be based on standings for the remainder of the season.

  5. Drops would be turned on after the second round of waivers (after Day 3). At that point most teams would have 25 players. The two minor league spots would also become available.

  6. Free Agency would turn off during the playoffs, same as it does today.

I hope to start rolling waivers in Auto Leagues soon, so send me any thoughts!

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