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Another milestone - new mobile apps are live

I'm excited to announce we finally have new mobile apps up on the Apple and Google Play stores! Just search for PennantChase and you should find it. It may take a few weeks for the app to appear under keywords like "sim baseball"... because of this, I am going to try out some ad campaigns to drive more users to the apps (and thus to the website).

The app itself isn't much different from the last version, but the old version was busted and outdated. Drop downs had stopped working, logins had stopped working, etc.

Now that the redesign and apps are complete, I am hoping to put more resources into driving more people to the site so we can fill leagues faster and keep having the robust community that PennantChase has become known for.

And there's more on the way - waivers is almost complete. And, well, my big pet project I cannot discuss at this time, it's going to take a while to complete, but I'm excited about it. All in all, with the recent improvements, I'm excited for PC's future!

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