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A quick update on small enhancements and the mobile app

Quick update on some small improvements and (finally) a new mobile app!

More donation options
I know this isn?t exactly the most thrilling new feature (hey look more ways to give me money!!) but over the years many people have asked for an alternative to PayPal. I?m happy to say you can now donate right here on Pennantchase with your card and not have to leave the website. We process the charge through Stripe so it?s extremely safe and secure.

I?m excited about this because it costs significant money to run PC, and ad revenue is highly unreliable. Ads also suck, as we all know, but they are a necessarily evil to keep this site free for so many people. That said, if I can manage to increase the number of donors I could start significantly reducing ads for donors, or maybe even removing them altogether.

Box score navigation
Another long asked-for improvement was the ability to quickly toggle through box scores. Now at the top of the screen on any box score you can quickly navigate backward and forward for either team.

Update coming to mobile apps
As most of you know, our mobile app was pretty busted on iOS and Android. The app was removed from the App Store on both platforms. I have a new developer working on an updated version and hope to be rolling this out by early May at the latest.

Most of you already know the site works great on your mobile browser, so the app isn?t essential. But the app is a really important marketing vehicle - many new users find Pennantchase via the App Store. I?m exited to get the new app live and drive some new people to this awesome baseball community.

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